More Than the Frame

God said:

You apologize for your body. You are ashamed of it. You change it all you can. How you feel about your body betokens a lot of how you feel about life.

Although your body is really not you, you nevertheless feel its restrictions. You move in it. It goes with you. You go with it. You feel imprisoned in it. At the same time as you disdain, you adore.

Often it is only your body that is seen, and often that is all you see in others. How diminished you feel when that is the case! You feel diminished because it is untruth. The body has nothing to do with the size of you.

Even when you die, you feel embarrassed to leave your body around, as if you are littering. There is such longing in the Human heart to be bodyless. I am not saying longing to die, but longing to be unhampered by a physical form. You do know density when you see it.

The light that is truly you has been formed into a body. The body is easily seen, but the light is not always seen.

Your body gets in the way. It gets tired. It gets hungry. It has to be taken care of. A lot of work goes into maintaining the Human form.

That is the Human condition. You have bodies. You are the turtle who carries his shell with him.

And yet you chose this existence.

And you carry out your purpose. But the body is not your purpose.

Exercise your body. Feed it well. Be not ashamed of it. Be not proud of it. Do not let it hold you back from great things. You must know that you extend far beyond your Human form, that the body is illusion, and is incidental to your bearing.

The physical is only physical.

It is light shaped. It is light contracted. It is light as if it had physical form.

And yet you were meant to have it.

Consider it your conveyance. Your chariot. It will wear out. That's all right. It is not essential. No more than you have to keep the path you walk on do you have to keep to this physical form. It is but a shadow of you. It is something you use for a while and then cast aside.

It is most important to you and yet of no importance at all. It is a vehicle. The one who rides in it is of importance.

The Human body is an invention. It is a conventional thing. But the inventor matters more than what has been invented. The use of the invention matters more. There is great purpose in your being on earth in a Human body. Travel well.

When you bear in mind that your existence is truly in light, you rise to greater heights. Your step is lighter. You begin to embrace the extent of you. When you are aware that you are more that the frame you are presently housed in, you encompass the universe. Your head and heart know the circumference of the universe and reach it. You reach everywhere.

The universe becomes your home. You are not a stranger to the galaxies. You have blessed every star. You have touched every point of the universe. You have circuited the whole of creation and landed in the one form of your body called by a certain name. But you are not your name. You have a greater name than the one you go by. I whispered your name long ago, and you answered.