Dancer in the King's Court

God said:

Disappointments come because your life, as you see it in your mind, is going in one direction, and then the direction veers, and you are there with your mouth agape, aghast that a direction changed, as if you believed that direction in life must continue as it started or restarted a moment or a day or a year ago. But current life is movement, and movements move, and directions change.

You feel someone or something let you down, but nothing happened except that a direction changed. You counted on one thing, and now you can count on it no longer.

Do not feel beleaguered because steps are made. You really do not want to march in place.

Alight with joy into the space where you are now.

Being disappointed is trying to hold back life. You know better than to try to control life, and yet that is what you do.

Instead of wasting energy in trying to control, accept with joy the twists and turns of life. It is quite a story, isn't it, how life moves. You cannot predict today, and you cannot restructure yesterday. Bob along with life. It does not have to play out as you thought it would.

It is not a terrible thing for life to skip around and move in ways you did not predict.

It is like when you go to a yard sale, and you see something you want, but someone buys it before you do. You do not keep that object in your mind and bemoan its loss. You saw it. You enjoyed it. And now it went somewhere else. Nothing depended upon your having it. Now it moves out from your sight and now you let it go from your mind.

And now someone who said yes yesterday says no today, and what is the difference. What is your life dependent upon? Surely not the in's and out's. Surely not what someone else decides or doesn't. Life is more than a sketch it makes on any particular day.

There is something in you that wants life to be a finished product, a stationary thing. You don't want it to move or slide. But moving and sliding are the nature of relative life, and if you think life must be fixed in time and space, then you will often be disappointed.

Nothing has to stay as it is.

Other people will change their minds. It is the nature of the mind to change. It moves quickly. Except you want other people to move along to your cadence and not to their own.

You want to be the caller at the square dance. But yet you learn again and again that everyone dances as he wills.

Watch the swirling, how it goes back and forth and around, and, while you observe, dance your dance. There is room on the dance floor for everyone to move as they will, and another's steps do not have to affect yours so much.

Someone walks up to you today, and tomorrow they twirl away. What of great significance has really happened? Are you not still you? Are you not still a dancer in the King's court? Are you not still My beloved?

You thought you were going to dance a waltz, but it turned out to be a tango instead. You thought someone was going to dance this dance with you. You had them written in your card, but instead they choose to sit this one out or venture forth with another partner. What has changed? What does it matter? Are your arms really empty?

You expected a certain message to be delivered to you today. Instead a different message came. Be open to the messages that arrive. See what they say. You may be receiving today an answer to your prayers in a different dress from what you had thought. Should you object?