God said:

Money is one of the many flimsy illusions in the world. It is taken seriously, and yet it is a trick of the mind. Money is like the Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone pretends that these rectangles of paper and circular coins have great value. Money is bowed down to. It is even called the almighty dollar. Crimes have even been committed in the name of this paper and metal.

Yes, at the present time, money is needed in the world in exchange for goods. And yet this is only an agreed-upon mirage, beloveds. Money offers a certain security, yet you can’t count on it. There has to be a greater security than money, and, fortunately, there is.

Real security comes true awareness. Yes, from Me and from Me within you. Insecurity comes from less than that. Sense of insecurity and sense of security both come from your belief system and all the thoughts you’ve accrued.

I cannot prove to you, beloveds, the great security that is yours, yet you do already know that money comes and goes and that its value fluctuates according to one thing or another. It is common knowledge that money can’t buy you happiness. The security that monetary wealth can give is false. I understand how it is that you accept false security in lieu of the golden bullion within you. A dime means a great deal when you don’t know you have ten dollars in your pocket.

I know you say there is a lot you will do when you have money. You say a lot of things will change. You will fulfill all your desires, and then you will do great things for the world, and then you will help the poor.

Beloveds, practice being wealthy now. Fulfill your desires, do great things, and help the poor. Learn generosity at the same time as you feel what it’s like to drive the new car of your choice and live in the house of your dreams. Feel it. Have the joy. Have the joy, and you may not need the new car and the mansion. Have enough joy, and you may no longer need to buy those things that you like to think will bring you great happiness and security.

For everything you buy, beloveds, you buy a dream, and with everything you buy, a rider of responsibility comes along with it. You think you will be more carefree when you have lots of money. The fact is you are carefree now. Try loving the life you have now. Money is a powerful distraction, beloveds. Too much or too little can distract you from noticing greater.

I do not belittle your need for cash. I want you to have it. I even want you to have a lot of it, why not? I also want you to know that your life does not depend upon it. Your life depends upon other things than money.
In the relative world, money has its place, and yet it only goes so far. Depend upon yourself more than money. Otherwise, you wait for something outside you to happen.

Despite all your talk, you may push money away.

Have the idea that you really do not need it so much. With that idea, you may find it true that you do not need money so much. Know your wealth now. Have more dependency upon yourself and less upon your spending habits. Money is not the answer to all your prayers.

Live in your heart as if you have great wealth now. Get away from worry. Give as much attention to giving money as you do to making money. Carry a different tune. Feel joy. Money does not come first, beloveds. Loving and giving do.

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Dear Gloria, Everyone

Dear Gloria,

Everyone pretends that these rectangles of paper and circular coins have great value..

do you know that that's exactely how I felt when I was a kid, and still feel ? Reading this description of money brought me really back to my childhood. :p

A part from this, I really thank you / God for this Heavenletter, Money is one of the most terrible illusions I think, it's terrible if you haven't enough and it's terrible if you have it and you want more and more. ;)

Many many thanks dear Angel, hugs and love


Hi This one so true today

Hi This one so true today and speaking from experience wish I had been more loving and generous when I had money, and I guess i got greedy to and spent unwisely, and brought the wrong things when i had money when i could earn money

...Life is for learning and even though i now have no money i know God answers prayers I know he will provide just as he provides for the little birds does he not promise that we are worth more than they, and i think this is somekind of disciplining that I have to learn to be sensible with money and learn to give to others when i have to share all the things i have..

.God has given me talents to use to go and earn my daily bread in one way or another to be content and at peace with God is all we need... all will be well, we pray and believe.... and sometimes this is not easy sometimes we have to dig deep... Into the well, but once in a while we strike oil, and find that we have Love in our hearts to give...

In this world there are people a lot worse of than me i have a roof over my head, and clothes to wear and food to eat.. I have everything i need and even if that should all disappear in the blinking of an eye... God will be right there for me... and you to. Luv Daisy

All at once, I am comforted,

All at once,
I am comforted, contented, excitedly joyous and yet deeply at peace
with the message that this Heaven Letter contains.

If we all kept the essence of this message in mind every day,
how much more Heavenly Bliss we would experience and share..!

your 'heavenly friend' Rod

Expressing Divine Love and Peace
To All People Everywhere


:thumbup: IN THE IMAGE OF GOD !!!!

Our problem is we keep trying to put the "cart before the horse". We say "when I have......then I can", we forget how we really are (in the image and likeness of God) and so forget that we have to BE before we can have.

2 Heaveletter Haikus for

2 Heaveletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said to feel it
Give attention to the joy
Loving and feeling

God said Beloveds
Try loving the life you have
Live in your heart now

Love, Light and Aloha!