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Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic

A place to share information about the nature of creation.

As an introduction to the subject some information what this is all about. There is some field which describes reality how we know it. Some name it Quantum Field, Rupert Sheldrake named it morphogenetic fields. Find more information about the morphogenetic fields here..

This field was known in anscient times as well but one a more subconscious level. The believe was, that there is a kind of live energy. Names for this energy are Chi, Aether, Orgon and others.

A lot of system exist, to enhance the flow of this live energy in a human system. For example meditaion, zen practices, Thai Chi, Qui Gong and others. Gregorian chantings are a example from the western hemisphere. In fact sound is an easy way to change the flow of the live energy in a human system. I have created such a sound field. You can download it here.. Longer version here.

A person to mention here as well is Wilhelm Reich who scientifically proved the existence of this live energy. Find more information here. He also build devices to accumulate this energy. Orgon accumulators. There are other devices as well like tachion plates and this kind of stuff. Other ways to enhance the flow of live energy exist as well. Think about holy water for example.

So why did I say that this is a more subconscious level? Cause it is missing an essential part of how reality is created:


A good describtion about the relation of thoughts and reality is given in "What the bleep do we know?" (Click for more information).

This might be enough to introduce the subject. But not without giving a example of thoughts in action:

Heavenletters. They are thoughts transferred to text. Vibrations so to say. And if readers read them they come in sync with this vibrations and interact with them. They might feel a sensation of upliftment. There might be triggers, uncovering hidden memories. And more experiences. Just go to
Heavenletters Comments and you will find a lot of examples, how the "heavenletter thoughts" interact with it's readers.

Gloria clearly decided to bring this heavenletter thoughts to earth, into this human consciousness field, to bring heaven to earth. She is a conscious creator of reality.

Be invited to discuss this subject in detail!

Much Love and Light


Create Your Day(SM) - An Invitation To Open Your Mind

Excerpt from DVD: Ramtha: Create Your Day(SM) - An Invitation To Open
Your Mind from Mark Vicente, director of What The Bleep Do We Know!?

Indeed, I have been asked to teach to you what it means to create your
day. It seems that that one little teaching has become the rage. Well,
it should be. It should have always been the rage. Waking up every
single morning is a gift, don't you know? Life is a gift. Create your
day, what does that mean? And who is creating it? Did it ever occur to
you that oftentimes you give permission for life to do to you what you
complain about or are overjoyed with at the end of the day? Creating,
well, creating is a privilege. It goes along with being a divine
person. Divinity gets to create and that is why you want to know how
to do it, because you are a divine entity.

So how would the day be without you? What do you think? How would the
day be if you had the knowledge that you knew that what you said
mattered, that indeed it literally was the framework of how reality
would compose itself? Now what would you do if you knew how to do
that? Well, so does it work? Well, when was the last time you tried
it? How about tomorrow morning? How about instead of just getting up,
you got up and you paused and you said, "What do I want this day to be
like," and indeed you voiced something. The first thing you say, you
know, you never believe. You are just testing it. It is the third
thing you say that will be important and it will be the third thing
that will bring about its manifestation in the day. And, lo and
Behold, in the evening if you are aware of it, you will go, "Oh, my
goodness, I had a fabulous day. I was really aware. I was really aware
that this day was happening because of me." Well, it was.

So do our thoughts matter? Indeed they do. They are the constructs of
reality. What is a thought? Well, a thought is a frozen moment of a
stream of consciousness that the brain processes and puts into a
package called a neuron and then is added to by associative memory. So
then you have a thought and you say, "Does this thought have meaning
and power?" It does, because a thought is actually a structure in
which reality is patterned by. It is the architecture of reality
actually. So when you create your day you are composing it in thought,
and as you observe the thought it becomes the form in which reality
itself molds. So the adventures of the day are really based upon your

Now there is a lot of evidence in science that gives some credence to
this, and you don't have to be a scientist in order to say simple
words that are just definitions for procedures in science. But there
is a tree of science called quantum physics - brilliant name - and why
should it be important to you? Because it is the one level of
mathematical study of the subatomic world that actually includes your
opinion. That is why it should matter to you. Well, what does that
mean? It means indeed that there is an Observer, and that Observer -
which happens to be you - that whatever you observe, that reality
becomes accordingly. And in quantum physics it simply is that whoever
is observing the quantum field with whatever expectation that indeed
that field performs that expectation.

Fabulous, isn't it? Frustrating to scientists because this field
belongs to everybody. Everyone affects the field. So what is the
field? It is small matter, you know, small matter, below atomic-level
matter, but that is where we have a cause occurring that creates an
effect and the effect is matter being built upon itself, that finally
we have a whole picture that within our reality we can actually
recognize. So what did we do? We were an Observer. We observed how we
wanted a day to happen. In the small world we are the Observer that
focused the day into being, into its becoming.

Quantum physics is important to you because it is the one science that
is on your side about your abilities. And so is everything we think
made manifest? Absolutely. Well, then why don't I know that my
thinking is being made absolute? It has, every single day. It never
occurred to you to create your day, so your day was always whatever
you perceived it was going to do to you. Now you are about to do to
it. So what then should you do with this science? Well, you should
study more about it. You should learn how important you are within the
realm of all matter and that whatever you think indeed does matter and
that it matters in the way that it affects your life every day.

So why was that catchy little phrase used in What the Bleep? Because
students in this school are taught that they are divine people and
that to let life happen to you would be irresponsible, but to create
the way life happens to you is indeed a divine right that every
student here learns to have. The greatest position we never want to
find ourselves in is being a victim of anything. It is all right to be
surprised and charmed by the measure of which we can create but it is
quite a different story that the end of the day that we have regret
and hurt feelings and that somehow we are injured by the day. The last
thing we want to become in life is a victim.

And in this school the way that we get on and make life much more
beautiful is that we learn that if we take responsibility of how the
day is going to happen, that at the end of the day we are enjoying the
results of that experience instead of wailing that we didn't know any
better. So it is the act of responsibility and it is being the
Observer in quantum mechanics that no matter what you think, it is
going to manifest. So why not construct thoughts that would create a
day that would bring splendor and beauty and ingeniousness and
wellness and joy or whatever other adventure you would like to have?
So the idea in What the Bleep is that we would never allow ourselves
to become a victim ever again, because once we are in the knowledge
then we want to make life happen rather than allowing it to happen to us.

So, you know, in learning this about this message, it is quite unique
to this school and quite unique to these students. And are there
students who don't create their day? Absolutely. There are Christians
who don't pray every day, only use what they believe in until they get
into trouble. And why would you want to not create your day? Do you
not have enough knowledge? Indeed do you not have enough wonder? Do
you not have enough desire to see a day, or are you afraid that if you
start it, it won't happen and then you won't believe in yourself yet
again? I say to you, give it a try. Now that is where they learned it,
right here. So do you have to belong to this school to create your
day? No, you only have to want to, and it is as simple as that. And
what do you want to create? Is there anything too large? Well, create
only those things that are in the realm of your acceptance. Don't
create things you can't accept, because then you are not going to be
willing to live them when they appear in your life. Got it?

It is really, really, really wonderful to think about ourselves as an
eternal being because no one has ever figured out yet how to destroy
the quantum field. In fact they have never had a thought big enough to
turn in on itself to destroy itself. That is quite impossible. So we
can rest assured that we are an eternal being and that the quantum
field or the kingdom of heaven or states of being will continue in
spite of our ignorance. And when we know that, then we will say,
"Well, so what should I believe in?" Yourself. And do you have enough
to believe in yourself? Every day. And how do we know every day that
what you believe in is going to work? You have just got to live it to
find it out.

So I rather like the idea that if we can't destroy the quantum field,
then there is something in that that says that we are indestructible
as well. The quantum field will always have an Observer. And I think
we should think of ourselves in those terms and be relative to it.

But if you want to be free and you want to love yourself and you want
to look forward to every day and then every year and then indeed every
decade, and then you could perceive yourself beyond death - it is
actually possible you don't even have to die - then you would start to
create your day and then you would be unburdened by worship. The
greatest worship we can have for God is to live like one, and indeed
the greatest gift we have is not what can God give us but to celebrate
that we are alive every day - it is the greatest gift you have - and
that you are afforded imagination, a brain to process it, and a life
in which to explore it in. We have no boundaries to our greatness or
indeed our goodness. Our worst is behind us. Our greatest discovery is
in front of us.

So let me tell you something about all of those wannabes. Be yourself.
Say, "All this ritual I did this morning, it was only necessary to get
me to believe something." Well, why don't you dispense with it and
just create the day you want and then according to quantum physics, if
you are that Observer you are going to get that day. And if it was the
third thing, well, what are you going to do about tomorrow? You are
going to be all jazzed about tomorrow and then when it becomes
magical, you will start seeing your life and your future specific in
realms that are truly wonderful, inspiring.

You know, you are supposed to be here. You are supposed to be a part
of life. We would clearly miss you if you weren't here. You are a part
of this concept. Indeed you make up this time. When you change, you
send a shock wave through this time that brings hope to everybody. And
won't it be nice when people start giving up that mean old God and
they start trading in their crystals, they start forgetting about the
way things ought to be and start designing them to the best of your
ability. Experience is relative to you. It is your life. It is your
dream to experience. And won't it be wonderful when you in your day
and someone says to you, because you have created this shock wave,
"What is it about you that seems to always be magical and wonderful?"
and you can look at them and say, "Did you ever think about creating
your day?"

Thank you. So be that.
- Ramtha

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Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic

It is beautiful what you write, dear Adrachin. Breath-taking. I can see you are thinking a lot. Everything you have said is well-said.

Except I am puzzled. Beloved, but I am not a conscious creator of reality. I am not involved at all. I am, at best, unconscious.

With love and blessings,


Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic

Dear my dear Gloria,

conscious or unconscious but one thing is for sure, you ARE a creator or so to say co-creator of this reality. Humans are transmitters and receivers. So to say oscillating circuits right within the energy field of ALL THAT IS. There is no way to get out of this.

But there is a choice which frequency to adjust. You have choosen ALL THAT IS directly. You have choosen to adjust to the Source. And so you are vibrating in the frequency of ALL THAT IS emanating this frequency into the world.

Might sound technical but it is a simple cosmic law.

And the frequency of ALL THAT IS.......



In Love

Your technical assistant


Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic

Dear my dear Adrachin,

Somehow divine messages come through, and I do send them out with the help of great people like you. No argument there!

But what is this? You call yourself a technical assistant? An assistant?!!! The administrator of the forum and a tremendous resource for Heavenletters is hardly assistant. Assistant to God, okay, I’ll accept that!

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic

Dear my dear Gloria,

Assistant to God, okay, I’ll accept that!

We are all assistants of God. He has send us out into the time to expand the creation. That's why we are co-creators. That's why we are here.

We are here to fulfill Gods mission.

All the time is his time. The time of ALL THAT IS. You know it and I know it. And we are known in time. Cause time is ALL THAT IS.

The words, you receive and give to the world are pur gold. You can do that, cause you are centered in the middle of the heart. In the middle of ALL THAT IS.

LOVE is the answer.

LOVE ist the beginning.

LOVE is the end.

And LOVE is all in between.



Timeless. Infinite.

Creation expands. So we are assistants of the CREATOR. GOD.

All of what I have said now applies to all humans. There is no difference. Cause we are all ALL THAT IS.

Assistants. Of ALL THAT IS.

Right now we are assisting the earth. A great being. She, the earth, is a living being. And we are here to help this great being to transmute into an other realm.

There is nothing wrong to akzept, that we are co-creators. It's better to know it. Cause then LOVE can flow unhindered.

Much Love and Light


Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic

Yes, I hear you. And yet…

I believe God says what you are saying and says it all the time, dear friend. I have just been proofing Heavenletters for e-book #14, and just came across #1390, The Subject of Love, which says:

“Your heart cannot move from Mine. All effort on Earth is perhaps to prove you can. Your ego wants to be King of the Universe when you are already anointed My heir. If you are My heir what are you but royal? But you are really only the Heir Apparent because you have already been bequeathed the Kingdom. I gave it to you. It sings in your heart.

“Look within your heart, and you will find I am here. There is no there for me to be. But for the sake of speech, We say I am here, there, and everywhere. There is no place where I am not. There is no place where you are not, for We are in tandem, when we go along with the idea that We are Two becoming One. Truly there I”You look for yourself everywhere in the name of seeking Me. You seek Me when all the while you are seeking yourself. For some inexplicable reason, you have decided it is better to chase after Me than to share the throne. You rather like seeing yourself off-center when you sit with Me squarely. Yet you prefer to be confused right now rather than to own up to Our Oneship.

"It does not take away from your humility for you to confess Our Oneness. Confess, you are My love. Confess, you love Me. Confess, you are My love extant. You and I are one Universe of Love. Love is not manifold. Love is One. You and I are One beloved magnificent Self. If We were Two, We could say We embrace. Embraced, We are One, indissoluble in Truth, and the Truth is Love. Accept Our Oneness of Love. Admit to the Wholeness of Oneness. Wave Me into your heart where I have ever been. Acknowledge My Presence, for it is yours. You are My love. You cannot be anything else. There is nothing for you to be but My love. You receive My love and you give it. In the Oneness of Our love, We are reciprocal. There is no one to give love to, and there is no one to receive it from. One is One, and there is no twain to meet. If meet there be, We meet in your heart for it is full of My love for you which is the same as to say love for Myself. I love. There is no object. Only subject. Only Oneness. Only love. One. I. "

Is this what you are saying? Adrachin, I receive what God says with the fullness of heart. And yet it is not easy for me to accept when I hear it from an individual.

If I may, I would like to say more where I personally come from. Not to convince you or anyone, but to say what I feel. And please know that much of what I’m going to say has nothing to do with what you have said, but are issues that I carry within me.

My experience is that I am an onlooker. A very privileged one, but an onlooker. I also know that this privilege is for everyone.

I have a low tolerance for some things. When I hear a healer for example say: “I healed so and so…” I am uncomfortable. I don’t deny the healing. For me, it is one thing to say, “Someone is healed” and another to say, “I healed.” Or to even say, “God and I healed” – that doesn’t feel right to me. “God healed” – that feels right to me.

In my case, I cannot in all honesty say: “God and I co-wrote a Heavenletter today.” I can say, “I somehow miraculously heard words from God, and I wrote them down.” Every day, I shake my head in disbelief, in gratitude and in awe that God’s beautiful words come through my computer.

I admire Samuel Morse, the inventor of the wireless. His first words on the teletype were: “What hath God wrought?” Oh, that feels right to me.

Krishna, in the Baghavad Gita, says: “Oh, Arjuna, be thou the instrument.” An American Indian prayer reads: “Let me be like a hollow reed.” These expressions feel right to me. To say I co-create with God does not.

Many years ago a friend said to me glibly, “We’re all God.” My eyes glazed over. I didn’t know what she was talking about, and I didn’t think she did either.

Please know that these are not decisions I consciously make. It’s noticing what I feel, just the way I find out I don’t like certain foods. It’s my experience. I don’t say there’s a right or wrong, or that someone else should like or dislike what I do.

Certain expressions turn me off. Co-creator is one of them. Another is Unconditional Love. These words are said so much that they feel like just words to me. They may have full meaning to someone else, but apparently not to me.

When God in Heavenletters speaks of “part and parcel love,” I know what He means. When He says “all-embracing love,” I understand. When He says, “love without a target” I understand.

When God says He is fully within everyone, I understand.

When God says that we create the world with our thoughts, I understand.

What God says feels real to me.

When Christ said, “My Father and I are One,” I understand.

That Christ is within each of us, I understand. And I accept all this.

So these are my thoughts that your beautiful words evoke, and I thank you.

I have read that there are two paths to God. One is the intellect, and one is the heart.

I don’t have a clue to the intellect, and I am just learning the heart.

With love and blessings,


Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic

Dear my dear Gloria,

I bow my head in front of you. This are so beautiful words just flowing into my heart.

What a blessing to know you.

You are a master of words. And I agree with what you have said about heeling. And I agree about the co-creator thing. This was just for you to get you moving.

The essenze of what we discussed so far is humbleness.

This is when the ego shuts down and the human is just a vessel for ALL THAT IS.


A kind of meditation.

When going into meditation, time stops to exist. I was out of time today. A wonderful day. Sun, wind, clouds, a mystery day. The earth. This beautiful being, which serves ALL THAT IS.

What a mirakle. We are on earth. With a body and mind and soul.

Would be a good time to say thank you now.

Thank you GOD.

Blessings and much Love and Light


Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic

Dearest Gloria,

you say that being co-creators with God doesn't feel right to you. But then you also say, "When God says that we create the world with our thoughts, I understand." - Well, I think that's all that co-creation is about.
We create with our thoughts, so we co-create with God - very simply put.

Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic

Dearest Paula,
It is the word. I cannot relate to the word. It is bandied about so. This is a personal thing that I am expressing. I am not trying to sell my point of view to anyone.
It simply is not a word I feel comfortable to use. To me, it is like a canned word. Sort of like a platitude. I see and hear the word used a lot, and I feel often without substance behind it. It’s easy to say co-create. It is easy to say: “I’m a co-creator with God.” It’s in style to say it. To my mind, it is often just repeated, mouthed, and I find it hard for me to find the meaning and truth behind the words when someone says them.   
I guess some of what I feel is that the expression is sometimes used too easily and sort of like the final word.
For whatever reason, it is easy for me to accept “My Father and I are One.” When Christ said it, he knew whereof he spoke.
At the same time, I would feel presumptuous to say that. I can’t say it.
God bless you, dear Paula.
With love, Gloria  

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Dearest Gloria,

you say that being co-creators with God doesn't feel right to you. But then you also say, "When God says that we create the world with our thoughts, I understand." - Well, I think that's all that co-creation is about.
We create with our thoughts, so we co-create with God - very simply put.

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming.
Love is the Answer.

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Bernie Siegel sent the following quote which fits what we're talking about so well:

i am he whom i love, he whom love is.
we are two spirits dwelling in one body,
if thou seest me, thou seest him;
and if thou seest him, thou seest us both.


I think it's beautiful, and I love it.


Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic



This is a spiritual order and a spiritual liability.

The ONE that IS is in ALL THAT IS. And so we are.

Simple truth. Invinit truth.

Expantion is, what it is all about.

We are part of the ONENESS, which is ALL THAT IS.

Expanding ALL THAT IS.

Just go into your haert and you will see it, feel it, hear it:



And we are part of it.

Everyone of us is called to fulfil the order. Cause we are ALL THAT IS.

No way out, no way in.

Anyone here who does not know what infinitude means?

The call was send out a long time ago. And now it is manifesting. Heaven on

Through the body of ALL THAT IS which is we.

Truth and wisdome is you. Cause you are ALL THAT IS. Expanding live.
Never-ending live!

Received from ONENESS 24.05.2006.


The Smoky God

Everyone studying metaphysiks should know about the true geography of the earth. Here you can read about it.

Much Love and Light


Chi, &quot;The Force&quot;, Spirit

Dear Adrachin Thank you for your info; it is very interesting. Saw the "Bleep" movie, loved it because it says, don't be so sure you know what is. I do know this, God is real, and we can also get divine God thoughts from reading many books, some of which I found to be The Bhagavad Gita (from India), Science and Health and a key to the Scriptures, and a Course In Miracles. Just thought I'd mention these as fine additions to a metaphysical library.
Love always.

Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic

Dear Margaret.
THANK YOU!  for sending these messages to me.  I haven't been able to establish the habit of checking out these various new sites for readers of Heavenletters, and it is good to be reminded of all that I am missing by not perusing them daily.  
Caught up as I am, right now, in trying to finish my "memoirs" ... I seem to run out of time for other things each day.  But the words "Metaphyic" and "Quantum Physic" in your subject line make me feel I've missed something important.  Just think!  I could have spent all of yesterday reading what Heavenletters readers had to say on those subjects, rather than researching Hegel's Philosophy of Right for five hours!  Choices!  Choices!!
I will deeply appreciate your continuing to send me excerpts now and then, of this and other sites you find especially meaningful.  I value being reminded of the books you've found helpful and realize I don't know exactly where my copies of Science & Health and the Course In Miracles are right now, having just moved into a new apartment on May 1st.   That adds two important items to my list of "Must Find!"
One important find last week was my portable CD player with Gloria's Heavenletter CD intact.  
Louise G. Smith
Friday Harbor, WA

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Dear Adrachin: Thank you for your info; it is very interesting. Saw the "Bleep" movie, loved it because it says, don't be so sure you know what is. I do know this, God is real, and we can also get divine God thoughts from reading many books, some of which I found to be: The Bhagavad Gita (from India), Science and Health and a key to the Scriptures, and a Course In Miracles. Just thought I'd mention these as fine additions to a metaphysical library.
Love always.

The Creators' Blessings to you,
Margaret, Moderator

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sound fields for changing energy flow

I read your post of 5/16 about all this quantum physics stuff & I tried both of your links, the regular & long version & both are currently dead.I would be interested in downloading your file.:)
Love prevails.
I have all I need. I have no complaints whatsoever.


Metaphysic - the nature of creation - Quantum Physic

hi dear Jennine

now it is to be found

the server was "ill"
and adrachin worked all day today to repair it...
if you click the long version
lean back and get relaxed
meditate with it

the one infinite love


A Course In Miracles says you are God's creation, perfect, innocent, and other good things. Darwin's notes were and are only theory, and although there is some good in it, you can't leave out A Higher POwer.

All Life Is Ever Evolving

The main thing about Darwin's theory is the discovery of evolution as a concept. I dare say it is that which entered into the consciousness of humankind, at that time.

The way I understand this life is that although we are presently walking around in physical bodies, we and everything that shares this life with us is on a pathway of evolution onto ever higher levels of consciousness. Life on Earth is a place of learning and a school of mysteries. In past ages, God has been considered to be its Great Mystery. But the unravelling of what and who we are, to me is the greater mystery by far. Not for nothing has it been said: ‘Children of Earth know yourselves, and you shall know God and the Universe.’ But before we can make any progress in our search, we first need to discover and unravel who and what we truly are. One of the finest tools for doing this, to my mind, is astrology.

With love and light,