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Mauro's Birthday

Many moons ago our planet was blessed by the arrival of an amazing soul. I'll tell you a little about him...

I was blessed with an introduction to this gentleman over 2 years ago when he applied for a position in the company I work in. Now he is one of the most important members of our team, involved in work that he himself does not yet realise the powerful effect it is and will be having in our world. I too have little clue! But I do know that I am very grateful for Muaro's presence and that if I had to choose a team to work with, Mauro would be an unhesitant 100% certain choice. I can picture his expression now, "Quien yo?". Which means, "Who me?" in Spanish.

He's a very unassuming, quiet chap who gets on with his tasks in an organised way, bringing in originality and creativity to our projects. Much of this site is a result of Mauro's actions. You must have seen his drawings featured in Heaven Comics.

There are many things that Mauro does, which I am touched by. One thing I remember was him telling me about when he used to go fishing. He said he managed to catch a few fish. I asked him how did he prepare them and he said that he threw them back because he felt sorry for them. Over and above everything, Heart holds the highest place to me. Mauro is a man of Heart.

Happy birthday dude!

Mauro's Birthday

Beloved Mauro, happy happy

Beloved Mauro, happy happy birthday. You are such a valuable asset to Mojah Media and Khanyi Media and Heavenletters. If I were talented like Santhan, I would make you a beautiful card too. His card is extraordinarily beautiful. He thought of everything, including a rainbow.

If I were as talented as you and could draw and make a comic strip like yours, I would. I don't even know how to attach one of your great comics here, and I would if I could. All your comic strips are my favorites.

(Everyone, click Heavenletter Forums on the right margin, and open up Mauro's comics. Mauro is also known as Yacu. )

Meanwhile, beloved Mauro, I will tell you about the comic strip I would make if I knew how.

The first scene would be of Santhan beaming in delight as he tells you how wonderful you are.

In the next box, he presents you with a pin that says Wonderful Employee of the Year.

Next box or two shows your birthday party in full swing. The mountainous birthday cake. And it shows you at your party extra big.

The next box shows the next day when you are back at work. It shows all the balloons bedraggled. You are smaller in this box, for this is the morning after.

The last box shows Santhan putting tall piles of new work on your desk.

Is that too subtle?

Happy happy birthday, Mauro.

Thank you for everything.

God bless you.

With love,


P.S. How about a photo of you, dear Mauro?

Ghee, your comic idea is


Ghee, your comic idea is close home to the truth! Thats why its so funny.

It would be exactly like that with us. One day of celebration and relaxation and the next day back to work.

Here's a pic of Mauro, cos he won't post it himself. Maybe some of the Heaven ladies may be interested to know that Mauro is a bachelor!

Mauro Yacuzzi

Senor, we could have a fund

Senor, we could have a fund raiser, something like a Mauro auction or Mauro raffle! All proceeds to go to the Motor Home trip. Mauro wouldn't object, would he?

Hmm, perhaps we need to consider your creating a new Cosmic Quick Introductions section of the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum devoted to Spiritual Singles. We could call it something like: Matches Made in Heavenletters!

Feliz cumpeaños Mauro! Me

Feliz cumpeaños Mauro!

Me encantan tus dibujos y el humor que contienen. Pues, que tengas mucha felicidad y alegría en tu vida!

Mi mejores deseos y abrazos,

Dearest Mauro, HAPPY

Dearest Mauro,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR !!!! I hope you will spend a wonderful days and receive lots of wonderful heavenly gifts !!!!!!
Many many thanks for all the wonderful things you do for Heavenletters, I love your comics !

Love, blessings and big big hugs to you !!!! :big :Rolleyes: :thumbup:







ENGIN :wub:

PS: I've loved the picture, I should say that you are a very goooood looking bachelor :big

Dear Mauro, Tanti auguri!

Dear Mauro,

Tanti auguri! Paljon onnea! Happy Birthday! And Happy Every Day!
And thank you for everything you are doing to spread God's words in all the world!


Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Mauro, will you have a

Mauro, will you have a birthday every day? It has been so much fun.


gracias y felicitaciones por el humor, la paciencia, el morfi, los chistes, la sabiduría, la solucion a mi burrez informatica, y por la pilita para mi reproductor de mp3.
saludos y salud.

thanks and congratulations on your humour, patience, cooking, jokes, wisdom, help to my informatic ignorance, and the little battery for my mp3 player.
greeting and cheers.

Pablo V.