Many-Splendored You!

God said:

Beloved, yes, there are times in life when you do well to stand up front and take the podium. This isn’t the picture you had of yourself. You may have appeared to yourself and to others like mild-mannered Clark Kent and not at all like Superman. You don’t have to be Superman, yet you may have to come into your own even when independence isn’t your favorite thing.

How I see you, however, is, of course, closer to the truth of you. Will you grant Me this? If I say you are powerful, even all powerful, will you think about what I say?

You have perhaps long held an image of yourself as a cute little kitty cat. Life, however, may demand that you sit up straight and start seeing yourself as a wild tiger rather than the cute kitty cat you think you stand for.

How many of My children raise your hand at this moment wondering if I am referring to you?

It isn’t that you have to regain your power as if you wrote off your power and never claimed it and never desired to be powerful. The time may come when life doesn’t leave it up to how you feel. Life stands before you and tells you straightaway to get up and dance. Life tells you that the time has come when you can no longer be so casual and free-fall about your life. You grew up as a wallflower. Suddenly, now, you are thrown on stage.

Everyone is to grow up. You are an adult now. You may no longer be able to rest on your laurels. And, yes, don't accept guilt-trips for yourself or anyone, not at all.

Guilt and despair aren’t cloaks for My children to wear. Guilt and its brothers aren’t noble and are not closets for anyone to hide in. Guilt isn’t to save your hide. Poor you isn’t to be your refrain. Blame is not a word to lean on. You are an adult now. You are now responsible for yourself. My children all have that from which they grow. And all grow. Do not be shy about what lengths you are to grow to. Have you not always wanted to stand taller? Now, stand taller. You may always have taller legs than you thought possible.

I understand you would be so grateful to fall back on Me. Nevertheless, life may require that you walk up front.

Sit up straight. Stand tall. Come into your calling. Your parents and your siblings may have pictured you as nothing but a shrinking violet. I see you as self-proclaimed. Whatever you are called on to do, you will do, and you will do well. You are not to make little of yourself.

Remember the confidence I hold in you. You are My promise to the world, and My promises come true. You are not lily-livered. You are strong and bold. Know this for a fact.

It may be time for you to come in out of the rain and come out of the shadows and to start revealing your Self to yourself. Simply, you may have been caught in a spot. So, when you feel cold, find a sweater or jacket or coat to put on. You are not to leave yourself out in the cold.

Beloved, fairy tales are based on truth and do come true.

At the same time, when you are waiting to catch a bus, it makes sense to wait near a bus stop.


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