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"I love Heavenletters! The one today stayed with me all day. I returned to think about it a lot more. Beautiful gift."

Lynne Lara, Seattle, Washington
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Lynne Lara

I was a client of Lynne Lara. She helped me get sober 24 years ago. She and God saved my life. I am trying to find her and this is her! Please help me contact her. My name is Ann Marie McKinley. I live in Bend Oregon. 541-948-2278. Thank you for your help!

Dear Ann, I forwarded you

Dear Ann,

I forwarded you note to Lara the minute I saw your note. Now she has all your details. She will, of course, want to get back in touch with you.

Lynne has been a great friend to Heavenletters as well.

God bless you, sweetheart.

Love, Gloria

P.S. How did you come across Heavenletters?

Continuing the

Continuing the saga....

Lynne and Ann connected last night. By some miracle, Lynn who lives in Seattle, happened to be in Bend, Oregon, for a few days, just where Ann lives! All is well.

A Miracle Indeed!

Gloria, when you say, "by some miracle" that Lynne and I re-connected, you have no idea.

I had back surgery a year ago. The doctors had me on a strong narcotic for maintenance pain meds.

On January 19, 2013, about a month heart became very very heavy. It felt like something or someone was pushing me to believe I could go off of the pain meds, even though I would endure chronic daily pain if I did.

I had become distant from God due to the narcotics, so I did not feel it could be God telling me to stop. But within two days, for whatever reason, I decided I would taper down and go off of my pain meds.

These were dark and desperate hours for me. The physical pain, not to mention the emotional, was unbearable and I felt I could not turn to God because I had let him down.

About two weeks ago, as I tapered down my pain doses, I decided it was not worth living if I had to be in that much pain everyday. But, during those dark moments, Lynne Lara kept coming to my mind. Everything she had taught me when I got sober from alcohol 23.5 yrs ago came to my heart and mind. I knew she used to live in Seattle Washington, but I had not talked to her in 23 years, so I did not know how I was ever going to find her. My heart sank as I searched for her with no avail.

Finally, I found her picture on Heavenly Letters. I decided to write you Gloria and ask for your help in finding Lynne.

After I wrote you, I bowed down on my knees and prayed to God to show me why I was still down here on this earth. Meanwhile, the pain and anxiety was taking over my life without the pain meds. I decided I no longer could take the pain.

I went to work that day believing I would never find Lynne, who had counseled me into sobriety and gave me my life back in 1989. Here are the miracles:

At 7:00 that night the phone rang. It was Lynne. She remembered me and I cried as I told her how much I had missed her all of these years. She said... Unbelievably, I am in Bend right now! I have been here for 7 days.

I said, "Lynne, I have been off of my pain meds completely for 7 days!

She also said she had been thinking about me so strongly about a month earlier.....At that point I knew the day. The day a month ago that my heart was heavy telling me to let go of my pain meds, that they could destroy my life if I let them. Now, finding Lynne, was like God was telling me....I am here, have faith.

This is what I wrote to Lynne in an email yesterday:

Lynne, you have no idea what a life changing event last night was for me. I prayed to God yesterday morning that he give me a sign that I was supposed to be down here on earth. Never in life has God answered my cries and prayers for help so quickly. Lynne, throughout the years I have always felt a connection to you. How God made you such an angel and spoke to me through you is truly a miracle. Nothing short. I will never lose track of you again. I am going to write a letter to Heavenly Letters. The world needs to know how God works among us. Lynne, you are my gift, wrapped in a person, from God. Love Annie

I feel not alone anymore. I feel I can talk to God again. And I feel so grateful to Heavenly Letters for bringing such a priceless woman back into my life. She brought God with her. No matter what, all will be fine now.


Ann Marie

And, Annie, I so wanted you

And, Annie, I so wanted you to write back! And you did! You came back to tell us what happened and to say thank you.

Now I want to request two things of you, if I may.

I would love to have a photo of you, an informal candid photo, and your okay to post it, on the Godwriting blog, Heaven News, Reader Comments -- and I don't know where else! -- with some of your words. Is this okay? Please send photo as an attachment, if you will.

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I want you to be reading this!

A thousand blessings,