God said:

Surely you don’t think you are meant for suffering in whatever form suffering may appear to you at one time or another. When you feel in the doldrums, don’t add insult to injury. Now it’s about time to get your head on straight once and for all. Detach from the concept of having to hold on to all you hold onto. The Truth is you have to let go.

I know very well you would not destine the whole population to unmitigated suffering. Even you know enough to know that happiness also exists and is happily bestowed.

Sure, that suffering seems to exist is undisputed. The idea that unhappiness is all you have the right to claim is pure slipping the wool over your own eyes. You are made for Happiness. Never would I claim Happiness for Me and for Myself alone and leave you high and dry.

If We are One, and I say We ARE One, then Happiness is to be shared right and left.

If anyone declares that suffering is your due, it is likely you, Beloveds. Well, of course, someone may have taught suffering to you first hand. Certainly, now it is you who sets up the equipment for suffering. You even see it coming. You look out for it.

No longer keep looking for suffering. Keep your eyes open for all the Goodness in the world, for Goodness and Happiness are My Will for you day by day, instant by instant. Of course, Goodness and Happiness are My Will for you.

You tend to have a different expectation. Don’t ever say that suffering is My expectation for you. Never. My Vision goes far beyond suffering.

Because you interpret loss as suffering, you suffer. If you could know non-attachment rather than loss, what would you suffer? You set up all these Earth rules and regulations. You believe in them. Don’t believe in your own propaganda.

You believe that Love is lost and found, found and lost, and, so, you go around in circles. To go around the Merry-Go-Round is fun, but that’s as far as going around in circles goes.

Children look forward with joy to every day. This is how it is supposed to be. If you consider this to be True, move forward without further ado. Anticipate Joy every day. Draw Joy to you with My blessings.

Not all the weeping in the world has a clue to how Life is supposed to be. Crying isn’t meant to be the bulk of your Life, yet you persist in crying. In fact, everyone knows the meaning of having a Good Cry.

In fact, you can’t have a Singular Joy. Joy is a non-count noun. Joy to the World. Not this kind of Joy and that Kind of Joy. Joy is Joy. For the Life of Me, Joy isn’t ego-prompting. Joy isn’t broken into pieces this way and that way.

Note I said that Love isn’t ego-prompting. The word Love has four letters, yet notice how the word Love has an extended name. In fact, Love is a word without ending. Lovvvvvvvvvvvv. However, you may see Love as a temporary word when Love requires no words at all.

Love doesn’t have to have sound go along with it. Of course, Love is fortified with music, much like the rustle of leaves in a tree. The Truth is that Love is never absent. Love absent isn’t a feat capable of being enacted, not in a million years.

You, however, invent the absence of Love every day. You see Love absent backwards and forwards. You may be well-able to see darkness where there is light. In fact, you are good at this. Of course, you have it all backwards.