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Loving you always...

I am loving you always. I am loving your friends and family and neighbors...and I am loving even those people that you might not like. I am loving everyone.


I am loving YOU always

I am loving YOU always sweetest Jimi. All of God's children, all of God's creation, every ant and every cloud and every physical and non physical expression and experience. All of us are ONE LOVE, ever were and for ever shall be. My God, that's really great isn't it ?

Much love and boundless joy

Yes...and it is fun too! it

Yes...and it is fun too! it is so fun to love so much. that is what I will do all for today. I am going to saw and nail and paint too but I can love as i do this...can I not? Yes..; just be the exquisite flower of love that you are sharing your nectar will those near and those far...cause the scent of the nectar goes everywhere....sweet flower berit and sweet flowers of you ALL. I am in love with you all, Jimi. ps Am I crazy? No! I have never been more sane...I am just in love...a love that thankfully will not go away! JIMI AND GOD