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Love's Perfect Embrace

Not only are we held within love's perfect embrace
We are simultaneously set free
And since we are this self-same love
Let us be with and let be

mike :)

.. and since we are this

.. and since we are this self-same love.... from beyond time and space my joyfull heart, my gratitude and love, dearly embrace your beautiful heart and being.
All my love

thanks Berit...definately

thanks Berit...definately needing every ounce of love such as yours as of late...i feel kinda heavy, forgetful, with a low vibration, so though love begins within, i love soaking in, soaking up, the beautful nurturing heart love shared on this site...mike:)

Brother Miguelito! Take off

Brother Miguelito!
Take off your load. Feel free to write what's bothering you. We will all listen to you with great love & understanding.

Love from your family in Greece,


thanks Maria...nice to hear

thanks Maria...nice to hear from u :) my load, as u say, can be best summed up in a few different ways by an old verse in a song by the Kinks that goes..."should i stay or should i go now, if i go there will be trouble, if i stay it will be double, should i stay or should i go" ...i, like us all in varying degrees, tend to get caught up in drama...everything starts and moves from this moment of now, lived honestly, with integrity and, i guess, whether i stay or go isn't important compared to how i stay or how i go...much love, your bro...miguel :)

Dearest and sweet Mike,

Dearest and sweet Mike, surely how we lead our lifes is important. Also to stay or not is important. sometimes it's not easy to connect to our own heart or to understand what's really the matter or what we'd like to do. I think it's like clouds covering the sun, so sometimes we don't remember we are the sun and just see clouds. Try to shift your position sometimes and see the drama from a different point of view. You already know it's a drama, others maybe don't know it and take their role too seriously.
You are such a beautil soul, dear Mike, you have a beautiful loving heart, you are love, light and joy and my love reaches you and embrace you dearly, you are God's most beloved child (and poet), you are indeed God's sun.

All my love

(Milan, Italy)

Dearest Mike, a small

Dearest Mike, a small reminder for you:

Heavenletter # 2368 Published on: May 20, 2007
There is the tendency to see yourselves as marauders on Earth rather than the suns you are. See yourself as you are. Distance yourself a little from yourself, and you will see. If anything is urgent, it is urgent that you see yourself as a bright star on Earth, for your thoughts and deeds arise from your perception. Let’s get your perception closer to Truth.
Beloveds, it has taken you great effort not to blaze forth your light. You have put forth much energy into being a “mere” human being when you are an amazing Human Being. Do not be misled. Do not mislead yourself. Do not mislead the world. Do not let the world mislead you. You are a star in the firmament of Heaven. That you have been dropped into a body and shipped to Earth does not take away from your light except in your perception. Change your perception.

All my love

(Milan, Italy)

Hey, Miguelito! I liked

Hey, Miguelito! :big

I liked Berit's answer. He's an excellent healer of the heart. God bless you, Berit!

Look, angel Michael. I know how you feel. I've been there. It's a tacky and sticky situation. My english is not perfect but neither the solution you're looking for is! :big

Energy needs speed. Life is a speedy current. You've got to make a choice. You can't stay stuck for long. Either you make a choice now or life kicks your butt tomorrow. Sorry, for my english. It's not perfect. Neither the solution you're looking for is! :big I've said that again but I did this on purpose to stress this point to you.

Miguelito mio, pro's and con's exist in either way. There is no perfection, no absence of fault in life. You have to choose! Don't procrastinate there on the edge of the pool! Dive or someone will push you!

In a Kryon's book, I have read this one : If you choose way A, instead of way B, soon you'll meet a road sign showing the way to road B.

I don't mean to twist your arm to make a choice. You are free to choose. But are you free? No, you are bound to fear. Something frightens you. Can you face it? Maybe the thing you evade the most is your biggest teacher. Is this too theoretical?I hope not because I truly believe that we our power ends where our fear begins, so we'd better face the fear.

What does your heart say? What does your common sense say? Maybe you should combine these two and come to a decision.

You know, Mike, we,humans, are a very lazy species. We love our comfort, no matter how hell it may be.We forget that the higher the price is the more worthy a task is.

I hope I helped a little to clear the fog. Be in the here and the now , Mike and stay connected to the Source of joy! Smile and you will become lighter like Mary Poppins.

Love from Greece,

Mary Poppins :big

Maria, dear angel, Berit is

Maria, dear angel, Berit is woman's name, just to let you know... :big
thanks for your beautiful reply to Miguelito (how lovely!) :Rolleyes: , you brought us
lot and lot of food for thought, I agree with what you said.

What I am hearing from all parts in these days is this here you have written:

"Be in the here and the now , Mike and stay connected to the Source of joy!"

All my love to you most beautiful Mary Poppins !!

(Milan, Italy)

Thank you so much, Berit!

Thank you so much, Berit! I'm so sorry for changing your sex! I thought you were a boy...Ops! :big

Love from Athens,


boy, you're a straight

boy, you're a straight talker's tempting for me to find some kind of counterpoint to words like that but they are very true...and yet truth in this world is relative too...yes, i've not moved to a different job or published my writings possibly, probably from fear or laziness and yet i also don't put much attention unto the specifics of the if life is like being in a restaraunt and i'm really not ordering much, i'll stay stuck as it were, depending on perception...for we are always renewed and our steps but represent the aliveness already within...i am a sharer at heart...i appreciate your heart and comments..everyone has details to deal with or as u say, they will deal with us...mine has to do with a wonderful woman i've been married to for many years who i've always loved but never felt in love this brings up similar lightworkers, we're here to love all equally and in this sense we are In Love With All-and yet there's this codependent, needy, attached to, running from human love that's call can be very strong...spiritual love and human love are intertwined and yet for me often feel as two separate things, especially with romantic love...this is all most likely too much info but you asked me to open up and for good or bad i'm really good at there are issues but perhaps in silence i'll arrive at the Essence, which is what i probably need...also, what's so wrong with change? with moving in different directions? it could be the healthiest thing to do for both parties...hmmm i think i stop there...basically baring myself for all to see...but that's cool...just me being me...much love...mike

Honesty is so refreshing,

Honesty is so refreshing, Mike. I love it every time.



What you're facing now,

What you're facing now, Mike, has SO much in common with my case and I guess with thousands of Lightworkers these days of change, that is why I can't help but to poke my greek nose into your life.

Now, can you, please, put something on? I can't see you naked. :big I'm joking. Naked as you are, Mike - by the way, congratulations for being so open! We have nothing to fear and hide here. We are a family- , so, I repeat...naked as you are, empty of your problems and judgements and predicaments, who are you Mike? Are you all these loads?

No, your identity is greater than them! Your thoughts, feelings and actions affect not only this planet but a whole new universe that is about to be born. That important you are for the unfoldment of God's plans! The pricks that grew in your garden are only your past creations. You hate them, they don't allow you to live the life you want, but hey, that's their blessing! To show you the way to what you want!

Change is the name of the game here! Everything can and will change, as soon as we :

1.get clear on what we want (that's a big one....and we're alone in this)
2.take action to create things the way we like and we deserve them to be. They're not going to come home by FedEx.

Some useful reminders here. We are extremely loved! Ho ho ho! Invisible guides, teachers and friends are in front of your face right now smiling at you, Mike! We came with the mission to remind by our example to our sleeping brothers that life is not a struggle but a play! We came here to play with the plastic that is called Energy. We are wizards! We are meant to be happy poets!

Sometimes, we seem to forget all about that because the past has to be healed and a lot of work is done inside and throughout all of our ancestors line when we are down and out of sorts.But soon we remember our true identity and the pendulum stays centered away from the negative-positive polarity. It stays centered to the Truth, that there is no veil and that the veil that still exists in our minds will be torn soon!

I can't tell you what to do with your job or your relationship, because that would be contrary to the Universal Law of Free Choice and aside from that, it would be a huge indiscretion!!!! :big You are the pathfinder.

However,what I am allowed to say is that you shouldn't oppose to what you dislike because you give your energy to it. You have the option to stay where you are, if you can see it in another way and stay focused on its merits,you have the option to leave from the place you now are and your third and last option is to change the way things are.

I know it's very easy to preach and talk. Mike, if this is any consolation, I remind you that all people on Earth deal with the same issues like you do. But, you, a committed Lightworker and a Master of Love know better than to lose your sovereignty over your vibration, know better than to treat bad your beautiful and divine self . Knowledge is power! You know so much more than the majority of people!

Here's an ispiring scene from The Lord of the Rings that reminds me to take my power back from fear. Remember the White Wizard, Gandalf shouting at the beast "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!"? (Brrrr... That phrase makes me shiver).

Whenever I think "What if I don't make it?", "But...I'm not ready. I need more time to prepate myself, "I can't do this! It's easy to say but it's SO difficult to change a habbit by the power of the will" etc, Gandalf hits his staff three times on the ground and shouts at the low frequency : "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!".

Death or Victory, Mike!



very inspired, inspiring

very inspired, inspiring words, Maria...thanks for taking the time :) it's all so real and true and to live it, ohhh to live it is perhaps the greatest poetry of all...but expressions like poems are also the noticing of ones life, the sharing of whatever it is we see and feel and in this sense it's all perfect as it was, as it is and then from that point of acceptance comes freedom of movement and ease...thanks for caring...i'm never really looking for someone to help me solve stuff (although every little bit helps) as much as i'm interested in the subleties of giving and receiving, again of sharing, like what takes place in a tear allowed to fall, a hand to hold and perhaps a hug, whether it be cyber or "real"...much love to you and all, in joy...mike :)

Yes, Mike, it's so nice to

Yes, Mike, it's so nice to share! I like loneliness, it has its beauty but I could not be a hermit! No way! I would talk to a ball like Tom Hanks! :big

that was funny...the 1st

that was funny...the 1st thing i saw as i looked at your reply, Maria, was Tom Hanks name and i thought he was joining in on our discussion...that would've been cool but no more cool than hearing from u...and i just wanted to kind of clarify that i never want to give negativity or sadness an excuse to continue on but a balance need be had between speaking the truth of joy and love and not denying the one that may be sad...the way to divinity in gently "working" with our humanity...:)'s mike

What's so funny, Mike? I'm

What's so funny, Mike? I'm Tom Hanks and my nick is Maria-Greece :big :big

By the way, Tom Hanks is married to a Greek and spends 2 weeks every summer in a most beautiful of the hundreds of beautiful islands in the Aegean sea. (Indirect sales pitch about Greece) :big

Seriously now...I totally agree with you, Mike, about the fake denial of sadness in our life. I couldn't agree more with you! You know how much I personally owe to the bad things in my life? I'm so grateful to every physical pain, to every feeling of jealousy and anger, to every minute of judgement on the lives of others, to every tear that I have cried....for if it hadn't been for them, I wouldn't have been here writing now to you. Without them, I would have no motive to change and ask for the opposite conditions, I wouldn't appreciate nothing, I wouldn't have the chance to know myself better.

You see, we all , more or less, fall into the trap of identifying God only with the good things in life. We parrot things we've read, such as "God is all there is", but we don't fully know what we're talking about! Thank God, a gleam of illumination comes at times and we open our eyes to the Truth : God is the "evil" things,too, because there's nothing out of God...

So, it's ok to be grumpy. It's ok to be sad. We don't have to be merry all the time. Look at the babies. They cry the minute they're pissed, they let the anger go, have a nap and then live the present again. Dogs do the same, too! They sleep when the feel sleepy, they bark at others dogs when they feel fear etc. All the animals are great teachers of Mastery because they don't resist feelings. They go with the flow.

Thanks for making me remember all this useful things, Mike!


Tom :big

Dearest Mike, never could

Dearest Mike, never could you bring negativity or sadness, you are a delicate flower of God, most beautiful. You brought life dear Mike, that's what we are on Earth for, life is made of many aspects, we are here to find our way, there are many many things in our life and they all influence us in some way. Don't deny that there is also sadness and all the other emotions which belong to us as unique human beings. I am not one who has her personal emotions and feelings fully and completely under control, I mean I sometimes feel like God is really squizing my heart, for what ever reason that may be, this just to let you know that have apprecciated very much all that you have shared with this Heaven family. If there is anything I might do for you pls let me know dear.
Love and blessings

(Milan, Italy)

You are very sweet, dearest

You are very sweet, dearest Berit...TY for your beautiful heart...u've already done so much for me...u are one of the most open, accepting people i've ever met and i wish u such a blessed life...and in the meantime, it's quite nice to ponder on the blessings that We Are, As Life Inviolate, uneffected by time :) each one a most brilliant shining star, even if all we can think of is peace slipped or slipping away, or afar...still, We Are That We Are as the I Am That I Am...playing, even when circumstances don't feel as a joyfilled game...TY again...michael:)