Love Travels Faster than Light

God said:

When you feel joy in your closeness to Me, imagine the joy that is Mine when I think of you. You are in My constant awareness. My joy in you has all the power of the Universe. Consider the Vastness of My joy in you. You cannot even imagine. Multiply your love for Me a million-skillion times over, and you conceive only a millisecond of the love that is Mine for you. No wonder I never sleep. With such joy that is Mine, beloveds, I stay awake in you, for you give Me such great joy, such reverberating joy, such happiness that it overflows the Universe, such happiness that it can be called bliss, can be called infinite, can be called the love of the century, only it is love beyond measure, endless love, deep penetrating love, love that surmounts everything else.

My love is non-specific at the same time as My love focuses on you. We can put it this way. I am immersed in My love for you. There are no valleys in My love for you. My love for you overtakes everything else until there is My love and My love alone. It is you who blesses Me with your love. Your love for Me resounds through the Universe. This is the reverberation of love. It boomerangs, and your love scores My heart, and My love scores yours. Our love is searing until love knows only love, for love alone is.

No longer is there My love or your love. There is simply love, love all encompassing until there are not even the slightest detours from love. Love is the subject, and love is the object. The twain meet until there is naught else but love shining, love unarmored, love shining, love oozing and slipping everywhere, love engulfing love, love free to be, love overtaking everything. Love travels faster than light. Love is. Light is.

Love is an adventureless adventure. You are plunked in an Ocean of Love from which you can never escape, never refuse, never get out from under. Love is the ruling force. Nothing else is. Immersed in love, you are ruined for anything else. Nothing else will suit. Nothing else will do. Only love will do. Only love is, and love is marked in your heart forevermore.

There is no break in love. Love, warm and malleable, flows in and out of your heart, and love from your heart fills every crevice of the Universe until whose love it is, no one knows. Love alone is. Therefore, it is no one’s love. It is everyone’s love. It is One Love. It is love anonymous. It is love everywhere. It is love absent from nowhere. It is love as love is meant to be, must be, belongs to be, fulsome love, love the conqueror of all, love simple, love vast, love stirring the hearts of all, no heart unstirred, every heart strung out in love, intoxicated with love, drugged with love, immersed in love until there is nothing else but love under the sun, love shining through the firmament, love to beat the band, love expanding and welling up to fill the Universe with love and nothing else but love, love no longer drawing a line between Heaven and Earth but love, so filling, so endearing, that that is all there is, love bold, love no longer shy, but love filling hearts the way stars fill the night sky, only love is more and yet more, and there is no end to the love that fills hearts and the Universe without distinction, all love the same, and love the concurrence of love meeting love and embracing it right now.

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Is God high ?

Is God high ?

What do you mean by high,

What do you mean by high, dear Robbie?

fill the Universe with love

God is on the Earthplane at this time.God dwells in your Heart. Don't miss out to fell his LOVE. Talk to him in your Heart and you too will find Him.Don't be disrespectful.If you don't go to Him how else would he come to you.
Let us create more LOVE to spread thick on all God's children everywhere and bring some peace to their anger and troubled lives at this time.

Love to our Father
Love to all his Creation
Love to all his Children


I love this image you give

I love this image you give us, Victor, of spreading our love thick on all God's children everywhere.

There is one thing you said that I differ with. Is that okay, dear one? It's when you say: If you don't go to Him, how else would He come to you!

Of course, it's wonderful to go closer to God from our own initiative.

I think God comes to us right and left. I think He puts himself in front of us so that we can trip over Him!

So many years I had no inkling of God, and then God got me to notice His Presence. It was a lovely surprise.

But now as I look back, I can see where he was perhaps pursuing me. I can see threads of my life weaving me in God's direction that I had no idea of at the time.

I just had to say that my feeling is that God can throw His lasso and rope us in!

Blessed Gloria

Love like you are breathing.

Please share how Father came to you. Do you have that story on your website here?

Yes, darling, I do.

Yes, darling, I do.

Thank you for asking. Looking forward to more from you, Monica Star Gazed.

Mysterious magical workings of God

Yes dear Gloria.
I cannot speak for our God.
Remember, there is more than meets the eye.
When the stadium is built, players and fans will come to enjoy the game.
God works his magic in mysterious ways as the "Good Book" says.
Our Father is constantly tapping and opening our Hearts to gain our attention.
And this observation is only from my own life experience.
What God does for me he does it for all his children.Or as this mellinium unfolds, it is said that what one person achieves will be the same achievement shared in everyone.
I bless you my friend.


LOVE !!!!!

Oh Yes Love is all and All is love. If we can not get our brain around Gods Love. Do not worry just enjoy Gods love for All . When your intention is to foster love Gods, help is there to increase your love and it gets more and more daily till such time that we finally reconnect and become one with God ,then we only love. Wow, That is what I believe even if I do not understand it fully. Am I worried ? No !! As I do know that I am looked after and God will guide me there. Oh by the way heaps of Love to All Jack