Love That Lasts Only for Awhile

God said:

You love, and you squabble with those you love. Love becomes acrimony. Love becomes acidic. Love is covered up with fussing and fuming. Love has been wasted.

Declare peace. Move on. Get past the smallness. Return to Greatness.

You love, and then you undo it as if love were a spool, and you unwind it idly, as if the unwinding of love were more important than the Presence of Love. How many times have you undermined the love in your heart? It is like you protest love. How many ways and how many times can one human being shove love away and turn it into annoyance, frustration, and refusal to love?

Why practice negativity in the Field of Love? Why turn Light into darkness?

You may say you can't help it.

Be humble and value love. Acknowledge love. Acknowledge the Love in your heart.

Don't think of your love as skinny. Fatten up your love. Uplight love and not dissension.

Oneness exists. Must you nag at love and thwart it?

How many times are you to strike out at love? You tell yourself that Love can be lasting and that you don’t have to heckle at your love, yet, bewildered, you ask yourself how many interludes of love can you spoil in one lifetime?

You tell yourself, if you must separate from love, then separate amicably. What good can love that turns into dust be?

You used to think that you had all the time in the world when love right now was your occasion to love. Love did not have to be torn into shreds, yet it was.

What smallness is it that would cancel love?

You and a loved one once kissed hello, and now you agonize in disavowal of love you once held, or did you hold it? Deep in your heart, you wonder if you ever loved. Was what you thought was love only dissembling?

Love cannot be futile. How can what seemed beautiful not stay beautiful?

You have an issue with love. You want it and don't want it at the same time. You want to be in love, yet you may not want to be consigned to love, as if love undone is more romantic and powerful.

You look around and you see that some people stay true to love. Is this by chance, or what do other people know that you don't?

You may give lip service to love, yet you may not feel freedom in love. You see shackles that bind. You argue with yourself a lot. It is always yourself that you argue with.

Okay, were you pretending the love to yourself, or are you pretending the dissension? When did you sell yourself a bill of goods? Previously the sun seemed to shine. Now you flounder in troubled waters.

I do understand that to you it never seemed you had a chance. You loved while you did, and then the sun set. The sun set too early.

Can love that turns sour ever have been true? Perhaps you only knew how to kid yourself. You would love for there to be some great meaning even in your flailing around.

You would always be in love if you knew how. Perhaps the best you can do is to have moments of love. Otherwise, you have failed at love, and you feel this deeply.

It is as if something in you wanted to get away from love. You may have greater belief in a short run of love than in love everlasting.

Sometimes you wonder if love is a matter of luck, and your luck just wasn't good enough.

You don't want to fake lasting love. You don't know how, and you don't want to.

You worry that you are missing a love gene, as it were. You may come to the conclusion that you never loved. You never knew how. You sought love and couldn't manage it. You see now that you were doomed from the start. Love was just not for you.

Might you have spared yourself and others pain if you had only known this ahead of time, or not? You had never even speculated that you were not only loveless yet also incapable of True Love as it is known in the world. You wish you had known long-lasting love. You wish love had stayed and not come and gone.

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Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter! It's rare to find someone who writes about love in such beautiful way. I wish you could write more about "love as a matter of luck", I don't believe this ever happens but I'm curious what the others think.

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