Love Pulls Ribbons Down from Heaven

God said:

Divine love is the only love there is. That is what is so wonderful about love. It is from above. Love keeps you in touch with yourself, and it keeps you in touch with Me. Love pulls ribbons down from Heaven and casts them on earth.

Love is the greatest thing you know.

You are bombarded with love, your whole existence is love, but you have to pay attention to it. You have to single out your awareness of it.

You pay so much attention to lack of love or poor demonstration of it. Now pay more attention to the love that stirs in your heart.

Love is like ink. You can stamp out your life, but without the ink of love, your life is muted. Love makes its mark. You think the material is more decisive, but love is; the material is effervescent.

The material is vacant without love.

All material is token. But love is the real coin.

Consider your heart a sun that emits its light in outward-going rays. Consider your heart a fire in a hearth, and you are the lighter of it. Fan the love in your heart. Perhaps you have been dampening it.

Perhaps you have been reserving your love for the right time, for a great occasion, or for when it is safe.

Love is its own harbor. It is its own safety. It needs no net.

Love is not a propulsion of thought. It is a propulsion of itself. It needs no rudder. It needs no brake. It needs nothing but itself.

Consider love without an object. It is its own self to display. It needs nothing to come to it. It needs only to go out like the rays of the sun.

Nothing gets in the way of the rays of the sun. They radiate out in joy. When the rays fall to earth, sometimes a tree or twig or leaf shades it from reaching everywhere, but the light crawls in there anyway from another angle soon enough.

There is no place where the sun cannot enter and illuminate. It may need to be let in.

But in the case of love from your heart, it has only to be let out. Your heart is heaped with love. Let it overflow.

What do you spend your time on Earth with? What do you consider your merit?

Let it be that you radiated love wherever you walked. Let it be that where you walked, you made a difference. You lightened the step of even one other. Let it be that perhaps you were not noticed, but the love you left was noticed. Let it be that something wonderful transpires where you are. You do not need hoofbeats to resound your love. Only love resounds itself. You do not need trumpets or banners. You need only your love to leave traces of itself everywhere. Leave love in your wake.

Love is not spectacular.

Love is everyday.

There cannot be too much of it. There has been too little because it has been restrained.

Love does not have to proclaim itself. But love has to be proclaimed. It does not have to announce itself, but it has to be announced.

Love is like perfume. After you have left, a remembrance of your love is still there. Love was there. There was love, and you embodied it.

Do not disguise your love. Do not embellish it. You cannot make love more. Let love be. Let it radiate from your heart.

Your heart is many-rayed. It is fully-rayed. Your love goes out 360 degrees. It does not go out big in one place and little in another. Love must shine out, that's all. Do not be particular where your love emanates itself. Do not be snobbish about where your love goes. Your love is not an airplane that you steer. Be neutral in your giving of love. Just let it go.

Let your love be a flag you raise that all can see. Let it wave in the breeze. Let your love unfurl for all. But no one has to notice it. You are the one who must unfurl it.