You Are God's Promise

God said:

When you come to realizations of things, you are merely removing another layer of disguise. You have been disguising yourself from yourself. Whomever else you fool with your disguise is incidental. You don't disguise yourself for others, although you may think you do. You disguise yourself for yourself.

First of all, you have the misguided idea that there is something you must disguise. In other words, you have a mistaken premise that there is something of you that cries out to be hidden. I am telling you that that which you think you have to cover is the glory of you.

Whatever you think your fatal flaw is, the truth is the reverse of it. Think about what I say.

You feel tarnished. Or you feel mis-made. You feel that you are lacking something, and you do not recognize who you are. The lack of anything can only be an exterior thought. It is an add-on. It is trying to fit a label on that doesn't match. Change the label.

Better yet, remove all labels.

One by one, remove the labels that have been pasted on you. You do not need to keep them. I tell you that they are mistakes. They never belonged to you. They never should have been put on you, nor should you have accepted them. No longer let them adhere.

I am trying to say that whatever labels you have let stick to you can fall off. Or you can pull them off. At the least, you can pay them no mind.

Illusions were pasted onto you. You were marked down. A price was put on you that was far less than your worth. But you do not have to go by that price tag. You are worth far more than any label in the world can give you. You are beyond price. You are beyond any stamp of approval the world can give you.

How the world has regarded you has been inadequate. But you thought you must indeed have been inferior. Well, you were inadequate to someone's belief because they did not see. They did not know. They pasted their feared beliefs on you, and so they cast you into a certain light, a certain space on a shelf and left you there. I am telling you to get off. That never was a space meant for you or meant for anyone.

Come off the shelf.

You belong to stride the earth.

I created you. I created you art. The artwork I have made, let no man put asunder. I did not create you to be made into another mold. I did not create you to be someone else. I created you to be who you are.

Be the tree I created you to be. There is no other tree exactly like you. Why should one tree try to make another appear to be the same as himself? All trees are rooted in the ground, but each has its purpose. Each must grow according to its own self.

Stand up tall for the being that you are.

You are a promise of Mine made to the earth. I said to earth: "I give you this special being. He is unlike any other. He is exactly as I made him. Let him grow to himself. Let him fill his own shoes."

Spring up.

Do not alter yourself. Come back to yourself.

Grow to the sun.

Do not grow to others' measures.

There is no limit on you.

Only your thoughts limit you.

Take new thoughts.

Unbend yourself, and you will encompass the universe as only you can.

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Free to be and to love...

There is no limit on you. Only your thoughts limit you. Take new thoughts. limit at all. Just to be and to love. That is way more than enough. Jim and Jimi