Love Overflows

God said:

The use of money tends to become a rote thing.

The energy money represents has often been forgotten. The receipt and use of money may have become like a race, only you've forgotten where you are racing to. Caught up in the race, you run in many directions. Where you run to is no longer in sight. Running seems to have taken precedence over what and where and why and perhaps how.

Today do something with money that you have never done before. What can it be?

Fill up parking meters for those whose meters run low.

Leave a dollar on the sidewalk for someone to find.

Send someone you hardly know a gift of yourself in the form of dollars.

Send it anonymously so you know you are the giver.

Think of giving money rather than spending it.

Let your heart rejoin money. Surprise yourself. No one will say, "Thanks, Joe" to an anonymous giver, but how you will thank yourself! How the universe will thank you! How enlightening you will be because your heart extrapolated the money.

Contrast this with the usual paying of bills. But now extend your heart to bill-paying.

Appreciate what the utility company gives to you. Be glad for the energy it delivers. Be glad to reciprocate. Bless those who bill you. Consider that you pay, not because you owe, but because you give. Choose to give.

The suit you buy, the suit you sell, let it all be in the name of love.

Give full value, and then more with your silent heart.

Value yourself enough. Recognize yourself as an agent of God even in transactions of money.

Let money become equated less with power and more with love, and you will know that love is great power. The one who extends love is indeed powerful.

In the exchange of money, remember that your hand is connected to your heart. Your hand is an extension of the heart. The heart has to beat in your chest. But your hand delivers the message of your heart.

Counting on your fingers is closer to truth than an adding machine.

When a cashier gives you change, and your hand accepts it, know that your hand accepts on behalf of your heart. Count yourself a willing receiver. Something is being given to you. Givingness is being given to you.

What makes you Human is your heart. The medium of exchange is a mechanical concept, but giving and receiving are not mechanical. They are inspired. It is a Human thing to give, and the heart of man is inspired by his giving of it.

Great deeds come from the heart. The smallest deed from the heart is indeed great. From where can greatness come but from the heart? Let the majesty of nature remind you of the majesty of your heart. Notice how the majesty of nature overflows. Everything in nature gives of itself abundantly. How fast your garden grows!

Do not supercede the jurisdiction of your heart. Do not become crafty.

Your heart is not meant for craft. Cleverness is not what your heart is for. Your heart was wise long before you interfered with it. You cannot make your heart wiser, but you can open it to its own wisdom. All you can do with your heart is open it. How long do you keep it before you do?

Bend your heart. Let it bend to another's. Let your heart fill up the universe with itself. Let your heart flow. There is more love in your heart than you could ever give away.

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