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Love is out of the closet...

Now love was never in the closet to begin with....except in our illusory minds! There are so many moments and opportunities to love...hmm. I'm going to start now by loving myself...both of me: Jim and Jimi. Did you know that shizophrenia can be fun? I love me, both of me... all of me, for being the being that I am...and having the courage and openness and innocence to receive the love of God, to be the love of God and to share the love of God with you. When I look back at my life, there were many things that I did not feel good about...and I was really not very loving toward myself and consequently toward others. And things did finally shift so that I could begin to see some good things about myself...and begin to feel a little better about myself.

Years ago, I remember entering an old vacant Catholic church and bravely...quite bravely lit just one little candle for myself. Isn't this sweet? just do a little kind thing for myself was so sweet...and of course I had no idea what would result from this act...cause I really didn't believe in God at the time. But I lit the candle anyway. Such a simple little gesture...reaching for a match, choosing a candle...and lighting it. A tiny, personal little act...a little ritual. Hmm. Somehow, maybe this was a reflection of a tiny candle being lit in my own heart. So consider that we all have light in our hearts...perhaps from a tiny candle...lit by God just for us.

I like envisioning this...that all of us have light from little candles in our hearts. You know, inspite of everything... there is a lot of love in the world...and maybe it comes from these candles in our hearts. I love the love in Jim(i)s heart...and I love the love in your heart.

Yes...I believe that love was never in the closet in the first place!

Loving and blessing you always...jim and Jimi.

Sweetest Jim(i), I had to

Sweetest Jim(i),

I had to laugh when I saw the title !!

You right I feel about being nice and gentle with ourselves and from there share the love in our heart with everyone. we can't give what we do not have, and when we don't have love for ourselves how can we love others ?

So tender the vision of you lighting a candle for yourself, it was a wonderful act and I love to say that the small candle is by now a huge sun of love, radiating love rays on everyone.

Yes, I think we all have this light/love/joy in our heart, many meditations are about visualizing light for instance. Often when I pray and send love to people I see a white light showering in them, like a waterfall, only it's light, most of the time white but also golden. It is love and peace and joy.

Let us all light the lamp of love in our hearts, in our whole being and feel the warmth of love in us and expanding to all those we love, to everyone, to those who have hurt us, to those who we did hurt maybe, to the whole Earth, animals, plants, oceans, seas, lakes, stars, planets, universes, galaxies........

Love and light to all here !

Yes Berit...I thought you

Yes Berit...I thought you might laugh at the title! And thank you for your words..." the lamp of love in our hearts..." to gently acknowledge the warmth and love and kindness that we already be soft with be kind and gentle with ourselves..and to others such as You! Loving you....Jim(i)

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Such Love, Joy, and Beauty,

Such Love, Joy, and Beauty, from two very beautiful radiant angels! :)

I love the title too,
and yes, we are all tiny sparks of The Divine Eternal Flame of Purest Love

May The Light of Love continue to shine and grow in each and every heart,
'till the whole world is re-ignited as One huge flame within The Divine Sacred Heart of Love Itself.

So be it!