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Love Is Our Essence

Love Is our Essence
Our Essence Is Love
Born of our Mother
And Father above

From Love we all came
To Love we return
Our Life Force Is Love
For Love all Soul’s yearn

We search far and wide
Seeking its Light
But its flame lives within
Radiant and bright

It flickers and glows
And quietly doth wait
‘till we realise
That we hold our own fate

For true Love exists
Within your own Soul
You need not another
To make thyself whole

Companionship yes
Sharing love with another
But first love yourself
And your Father and Mother

For God gave us life
A gift so divine
To be lived in great joy
And with Pure Love to shine

So rely not on others
To fulfill all your needs
Be content in your Self
As your Soul on Love feeds



Thank you Mary for this

Thank you Mary for this beautiful rendering of Love. Loving you...And have a beautiful day! Jim(i)

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

...and thank you too Jim &

...and thank you too Jim & Jimi, for your 'briliiant' world tour!

Keep on shining and spreading Love's Light!

Love Mary