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Love letter to God

Dear God
I hope that this letter that I’m writing to you is on a positive note.
I wanted to focus on my business – my fashion jewelry. I thank you for helping me to find my investor so that I can venture in my business and cleared my credit card bills.

I know that God is with me all the time, I hope he will be with me forever.
God is my only hope to setting up my business if not I really dunno where to start.

God, please be with me all the time, send signals to me always so that I know, or can hear, listen to you…. I need your advice, guidance always.

I wanted to build up my business real fast because I’m 30 years old already, and I still feel that I’m a kid hoping to depend on someone….. I don’t want to depend on anyone….. I want to be successful with God’s help…. At least my parents especially my mum will be proud to have me as her daughter.

My only problem in life is money issues. I thank God so far for taking great care of my family members and friends and I have a very good husband who’s always by my side no matter how badly I treated him, he’s always with me.

I thank God for sending me so many earth angels to help me…. My “earth angels” I’m sure you know who you are….. You are the ones who are responsible for making me grounded, I admitted that I can be a bit spacey sometimes…..

I always dreamt that my jewelry will go very far…. My jewelry will be on international runways, appearing in international magazines, sold worldwide…..God, please help me to fulfill this wonderful dream of mine…..

I not only wanted my business to be well, I hope to help the animals and children all over the world, perhaps set up funding for them…. Although there are many help setup around the world, but how many actually get thru to the real ones who needed our help badly…… Dear God, please help me to fulfill my dreams to help the children and animals.

I must apologize for what I have done in the past, please forgive me…. Dear God, please always be by my side to give me support, and encouragement to help me up…. I get down easily….i get despondent easily…. I’m tall and big but I’m fragile in the heart…. Sometimes I hate myself for that… I wish I can control myself emotionally…..i have this bad habit that when people criticized me I get upset easily…. I gotta follow Gloria’s word, to look up the sky always, and hope will always return to my side.

Dear God, please be by my side always….. I love you!

Dear Jurae, You really

Dear Jurae,

You really opened your heart with your letter to God! You shared your hopes and dreams, your longings and also your gratitude and none of it goes unnoticed. Just realize, that God is not 'out there' or 'up in heaven', he/she is in your innermost heart, always with you, never leaves or abandons you, always loves you and never judges you. He/she is the best friend you could ever have! Relax, and open yourself to his/her advice and guidance by what your heart tells you. There could be something that you read or, hear in a song, or see on TV or movie, or, something someone uttered......... and suddenly...........your heart jumps in recognition,...... that is the moment God communicates with you. You can practise by reading the Heavenletters, much love and wisdom and truth is contained in them!

I greet the God in you!

Beloved Jurae, just a

Beloved Jurae, just a reminder that Heavenletters are not my words. I am a learner just like you.

I believe God says that our lives, our happiness, are not dependent upon our success in the world.

God bless you, beautiful soul.

With love and blessings,