Love Is King

God said:

You are here on Earth to give love to one another. Love gives solace to hearts that are longing for love. The solace you give to one another is a token, beloveds, of My love. You have all the love in the world and in Heaven. You experience, however, that you need solace. You may not even be aware that you need solace, and then someone does something kind, and your heart softens. You may even cry, and then you know how much love your heart was aching for.

So this is the solace to give to others. This is not sympathy, you understand. You are merely giving the love that is yours to rightfully give. In the realm of Heaven, there is no such thing as solace. What could there be in Heaven to be solaced for? In Heaven there is love natural and overflowing. In Heaven, love is King.

Yet on Earth, where there is all the love in the world and in Heaven, the love has been stopped up. It has been restricted. Somewhere along the way, caution about giving love arose, and hearts became cramped. The world became wary about giving love. It became suspicious of giving love and suspicious of receiving love as well, so love flew under false colors. Love became, if not a business, a commodity. Many of My children, have to shop and buy material things in order to boost their hearts.

How do you disentangle yourself from restricted love? Simply give it, and don't think about it. Give friendliness. Be the first one to give love. Be the first to welcome everyone to the world. And this is how you welcome yourself.

Sometimes you have thought you are here on Earth in order to survive. You may have thought that life on Earth is something to avoid or to fight. Life on Earth is not meant to be either. It is meant to be a place to give and accept love. How simple are My directions to you. Instead of coming from a place of holding back love, come from a place where love takes over the world. Come from that place, and you will light pockets of love everywhere.

Love is love. Your love does not have to be big. Your love can be little bits of love and lots of it. Light up matches of love and leave them everywhere. Do not discriminate. Even a little bit of love is stunning. Keep your attention on the giving of love and your attention off getting love.

Love near and love afar. Rather than pray, just give out love. Even one candy of love is sweet.

Do you not agree that what the world needs most is love? If you agree then, give it. If you don't agree, give it just the same. The world needs love much more than it needs money. Money is a poor substitute for the fullness of the love in your heart.

Stop resisting love, beloveds. What a silly thing to resist! I ask you to multiply love, in your heart, and everywhere else. Deny love no longer. Spill love out everywhere. Let your path be made of rose petals of love. Be a rose or a fruit tree that strews its petals for all. It is natural for roses and fruit trees to leave their petals lying around.

Unlike roses and trees, you can keep giving out your petals of love without waiting for the next season to replenish your petals. You have a heart of Mine filled with so much love that it automatically refills itself. It is a maxim: The more love you give, the more love you have. Nevertheless, don't appraise the love in your heart. Just give it.

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be willing to give love but

be willing to give love but also be cautious because you dont want to allow yourself to be exploited.There are people in this world who are truly scum and will stop at nothing to get what they want so be very very careful who you choose to give unconditional love to

Thank you Mehran. Can we

Thank you Mehran.
Can we possibly be exploited if we do not give our love, but God's Love?

Dear Mehran, I'm not sure

Dear Mehran, I'm not sure that I really understand your comment. Self-protection and self-security is one thing, unconditional love is something else. Conditional love is a mental and emotional system of security/defense for the Ego. The Ego exploits everyone else and is exploited by everyone else. That's the name of the game. But Unconditional Love does not need any "security or alarm system". Conditional love is based on fear. Unconditional Love is self-sustaining and totally self-confident. For God there is a straightforward and simple principle: "Everything is good across all the Created World".

Yes, and no! I have a

Yes, and no!

I have a different idea about what unconditional love is than I used to.

Gloria's thoughts on Unconditional Love

Gloria sweetest one my thought about unconditional live is that the very word is an oxymoron.

Love and God have the same spelling in Spirit.
Love suffers long, but pays it no mind,
Love keeps getting hurt but doesn't keep account.
Love does not know how to say yea or neigh it can only respond with "I didn't see anything, I wasn't looking, honest to Me."

Saying unconditional love is like saying unwet water. You just can make that case with a straight face.

Oh, our vocabulary has places that suggest we have to forgive and forget and blink away the tears.

Love says: "What's that you say? Oh, they don't know what they are doing." " It's all ok Father." To be love, it can't hold conditions of any kind. EGO say: "You gotta be kidding!" Love says: "But that's the Name of love. It's My Name. Deal with it.


Fear means we don't pass go

Mehran, your words delight me with their open clear way of seeing the way you see.

Darling Emili sees her way and Norman sees his way, Gloria her way. You see the way you see.

Just remember sweet one, you always get the sum of your seeing. "As a man thinks, so is he."

Life's a game very much like "Monopoly" which tells us so clearly if we land, with our thinking on a certain square, we get the "don't pass go, and don't get the $200 dollars. Sometime we have to stay in the jail we have made.

Mehran, keep reading, and keep writing.


My dear George, I'm so

My dear George, I'm so gratefull to know you. Tonight I will go to bed with joy for your words and your wisdom.
What is my way in unconditional love? I will tell you when I will reach it. Well, unconditional is unconditional, but is better don't pretend so much from umankind. This doesn't keep me to give everything I want. By now this is my felling about it.

Pitta Darling has a deep voice.

Your words Pitta make my heart dance with joy. You please and bless me.


I can understand what you

I can understand what you mean, dear Mehran, very well. someone told: innocent like doves, prudent like snakes. But unconditional love can be given by the thoughts. Sproud love everywhere and nobody would hurt your heart.

Heaven Petals

We are coming, dear God.

Where we come from when we come here, all is love. Where we go to when we leave, all is love. In between, it looks a little different. Apparent physicality and mortality are a real challenge. We get hurt, we get sick, some of us die what looks like grim deaths. Even when we understood that no one ever gets sick or dies, the illusion of a hurting body hurts. Even when we agree that in reality no one ever gets beaten or yelled at or shamed into contraction, even then our heart knows fear, little in some, much in others. And where there is fear of any kind, loving looks like something very difficult.

We are coming anyway, dear God, strewing ourselves as petals. "What, if love looks like something difficult or even impossible?" Is that what you wanted to know? There can only be one answer in the end, of course, but this has been a thrilling play I must say.

Reply to heavenletters

I Thank God for the man in the park. He gave me a small paper with heavenletter website on it. I have been enjoying reading heavenletters everyday. Heavenletters has brought knowlege to me. Once again, thank you.

Beloved Valerie, Where do

Beloved Valerie,

Where do you live? What is this small paper! Who is this man? Is he some kind of angel?

Will you subscribe to Heavenletters? Will you send a candid informal photo of yourself?

Let us hear from you more.

With love and blessings,


Oh Valerie, this is a

Oh Valerie, this is a wonderfull God's way to have you here!! Welcome.
I hope hear yo again.

Up the Curtain, let the Play begin

Jochen you make it sound the way it IS. I bless you


God's mind is softhearted.

Yes Jochen, I agree so much that the apparent problem lies "in-between" and probably exactly in between our two cerebral hemispheres. The perception of duality arose when the two hemispheres started working separately and independently. And as you so appropriately recalled to our memory "The meaning of Justice" Heavenletter (#2198), «we agreed to be on Earth with the free will of our consent, and we agreed to forget on the conscious level and find out for ourself that which has never changed.» The only way we could forget was to create a physical separation between the female and male constituents of our brain. What was originally complementary became separated. And we agreed to be part of this discovery. Because free will is the experience of rediscovering our real Self through the adventure of playing what we are not, which means that we are not separated from each other.

Our challenge is to give up our human mind, which is also our human personality, to adopt the Divine Mind and Personality. We have to give up our false sense of free will to adopt Freedom. Heavenletter is undoubtedly about Love but let us observe how Love is expressed with such an enlightening Logic. Divine mind is softhearted, it HONOURS all beings, is a SIMPLE system, while human mind as a tendency to become complex. Very often, intelligent people like to be complex personalities but one day or the other, they become very boaring, and very unefficient...

God's mind is not a database, it does not use the past to look at the future. It is tremendously self-confident and can easily say about anything and everything: "Nothing really matters". God's mind is seeking to explore rather than protect. While our human condition and mind is desperately seeking Security and Self-assurance, God's mind does not really care about it. Protect from what? From Love?.

So we cannot be really trapped into a reality. We are sovereings. To attain that sovereingty we have to give up our human personality and our human mind. And that is where we have to make a decision and every one will have to make this decision, one day or the other.



Yes, the best counsel, as YOU SAY , is not to appraise the love in our hearts, but


Love's minefield

Carefully picking my way through this extraordinary divine minefield I came across a very explosive mine that had a name.

To my surprise it was labeled: "GLORIA", another had the name "HEAVENLETTERS" and then my mind got sort of lost in the Jochen, Chuck, Carmen, Santhan, and then I lay down in the midst of all of them exploding into my consciousness at one time.

Talk about waking up out of a trance! Now I can dance, my mind.


You forgot me, beloved

You forgot me, beloved George! You will forgive my ego's cry, I am not yet lost in God.
Loving you.

Dear Emilia I believe George

Dear Emilia I believe George did remember us all... see he says

I lay down in the midst of all

You are always in God and never lost.


Nimekuwa words

Sweet friend I think I may of given Jochen credit for your dear words to Emelia. Some times my mind move across the street.


Beloved George it is nothing

Beloved George it is nothing to worry about, after all what is in a name. Besides Jochen writes such wonderful words.

Steve you have your bright lights on

Steve I would like to know more about your role in this higher consciousness climb that the world seems to be doing.

Your words to me parted the water so I could walk across on dry land but when I got across I found myself in a spacious, beautiful river.

I felt like Sidhartha looking in wonder at the glory of the coming of Truth.

I've spend a lot of time in England but as an educator looking over the needs of lots of American Kids. Thanks for your kind words. Love


Darling Amelia to forget you

Honey, "to forget you" is totally impossible for me.
Sweetheart, this is not your EGO's cry for attention because you think you're "not lost in God."

That's the impossible thing to think. You may feel not lost in God, but then you're not 85 like I am. It's so sweet that your Spirit said: " I want attention from that old man who seems to write to others." Jochen got it exactly right! He said that I said: "all"

He knows my heart.

Now you do darling Emelia


2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said love is love
A little bit is stunning
It is a maxim

God said just give it
Be the first one to give love
How simple is that

Love, Light and Aloha!