Love in the Form of Ideas

God said:

You will soon be able to feel your own generosity of heart. You will unleash it.

Generosity of heart comes from knowing the unlimitedness of love. Because you know unlimitedness, you are not afraid to give. You know that there is abundance without thinking about abundance. Abundance abounds, but you are not thinking about enough or not enough. You are not thinking if I do this, if I give that, I might run out. You are not thinking about Infinite Supply either. You simply are thinking about giving. You are not even thinking about giving. You have an impulse.

From the impulse erupts an idea, and you simply start following the idea. You begin to make your idea manifest. You think of how you can help another, and you begin. You are not thinking about yourself. You are not thinking how wonderful you are. You are not thinking about being a Good Samaritan. Nor are you being modest. You are not thinking along those lines at all.

You are not even thinking about giving service to the world. You are not following the directives of your mind. You are not asking yourself whether it is wise to fulfill your idea and the need you see. You are not asking yourself how it will look, what someone will think of it. You are not asking your accountant or your accountant of the mind whether you can afford it or not. You have an idea of a way to give, and you give.

All your creative ideas are grapes you pluck from the vine of My heart. My love in the form of ideas flies to Earth, and you grasp My ideas. You are not afraid.

When you go to an art class, you learn techniques of drawing and painting. You cannot be taught to be an artist, however. What makes you an artist is beyond technique and skill. It is something within you that comes out. You allow it to come out. You do not manufacture it. You are not copying. The inner eye presents itself. The same way an artist portrays art (his heart), so does a giver present his giving.

Giving needs no instruction. Following a prescription of giving is giving, but it is giving as an aside. You feel better about yourself when you give in a prescribed mode, tithing ten per cent, for example, you feel it is right, you feel it gets you off the hook! You deserve credit, and you have Mine. Yet please know that you have creative giving to give, perhaps a giving that no one has thought of before, an original giving, the following of an impulse that takes you into unknown territory.

Where will it take you, beloveds? It will take you out of yourself.

Ideas for giving are to be followed. It is easy to follow an idea. You just follow it. Do not think of reasons why not to follow your idea. Do not think of reasons at all. Reasons have nothing to do with giving, for giving is a natural impulse of the heart. It is reason enough that you thought of something. Act on it.

What can you think of? Give a flower to a stranger? Mow someone’s yard? Put money in the parking meter for the one who parks there next? Buy someone a truck? Say a kind word?

See a need and fill it. Make happiness.

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Giving, serving, tithing –

Giving, serving, tithing – how nice to have them put into perspective this way.