Love and Vision

God said:

You see as far as you love.

Your vision extends to the extent of My love that you allow.

Vision and love go together. You love as far as you see. Or We can put it this way: Your vision blocks expression of your love.

Your life is a search to see as I do see. You have thought that your life was a search for fault. That is what you have been searching for, is it not? Have you not pounced on fault like an eager cat for its prey? Yes, you have preyed on fault, but only because you thought you were fault; you thought you were at fault, and you felt a need to let someone or someone else shoulder it for you. And so you looked to be displeased.

Now that you know this, you can search to be pleased. You must do this. I give you very few musts, but this is one.

You can turn the angle of your vision. Squint a little, if you have to, in order see favor over fault.

Know this: Even in your tragedies, there is something in your favor. Nothing happens to another and not to you. You are part of the equation. There is blessing for you. Each new step you take is blessing for you. And sometimes you have to make a step, and sometimes you are forced. Mostly what you are forced is to look beyond where you have been looking. You are given new awareness. Certainly new awareness is a blessing.

What needs to be shedded is shedded? You come to new conclusions. Usually not correct either, but you can only tread water so long. It is better not to draw conclusions. It is better to draw new sight and keep looking further.

Set your sights higher. When you look into a closed room, you are not likely to see further than the closed room. Open other doors then. Go out onto the horizon. Go to the edge of the Earth and look beyond it.

You look at a chasm as something you can fall into, but it is something that will allow you to fly. And you will soar. An eagle sees far and wide. You can even rise above the mountaintops. You can fly anywhere your eyes will take you.

Glasses may not help you to see. They may help you to see more precisely, but you are looking for expansion, not precision. It will be well for you to look beyond where you can presently see.

Brick walls do not exist. Brick is not more than wood or glass or air. They are all light. It is not brick's fault that you cannot see beyond it. It is only being brick, and you are only being shortsighted. Brick is not the master of you. You say you sometimes hit a brick wall, but that is because you have seen brick.

Too much focus on obstacles! Focus on clearing your path. You can walk through walls. You can walk through Elysian fields too. Or you can step over or go around. Obstacles are of your making alone. When you can take responsibility for that — not blame, but responsibility — you will indeed have passed a hurdle.

When I say responsibility, I am not laying blame. I am saying, it is yours to deal with. Responsibility is another name for responsiveness. You respond. That is taking responsibility. Debating where the obstacle came from and what it looks like and how big it is is a kind of irresponsibility. Responsibility, like everything else, is in the present.

Sometimes, only sometimes, it is necessary to ignore obstacles and keep going. When you feel discouraged, you have been paying too much attention to obstacles. It is necessary to put your attention where you want to go, and then you will get there. When you put your attention on obstacles, as if obstacles were the very meaning of life, you will indeed have obstacles.

You have viewed obstacles as faults. Now you will skip over fault and obstacles alike. You are coming closer to Me, and I see neither obstacles nor fault. I see light.