Love Always

God said:

Behold, I am God. I am your Provider of Everything. Everything you have, everything you know, everything you are came from Me. I am the Source of Your Existence. Love is My Name. And that is your name as well.

We are well-named. May it be so. Love is your first name, middle name, and last name.

This, love, is your heritage. This, your Being. Love is.

In the world, it often happens that love comes last. Preoccupied with other matters, you forget that you are love. You get caught up. You snag yourself in life. You get runs in your stockings. You slip on ice. You forget your true name. You abscond without love, maybe don’t even think of it until later.

Let love be first. Let love be your environment. Let love be your mainstay. Nothing else is. Harbor love, and your ship will sail, and your ship will come in. Nevertheless, you do not love with a reason in mind. Of course, it is unreasonable not to love. To love is fundamental. Be a fundamentalist of love.

Let all your arrows be love. Love here, love there, and everywhere, for love is the Truth of Existence.

You are not only love – you are My love. You are My love circulating on Earth. You are at a Great Ball. The music played is love. The dances danced are love. Everyone is love. Not everyone knows it. Some think they are worry or woes. Where can worry and woes exist when there is love, love exultant, love sweet, love brilliantly lighting up the world, and the entire Universe, too.

What else can enter where love is but more love?

Love comes from My heart, and I have given it to you, not to squelch it, not to refrain from it but to make love from your heart a rainbow across the sky. Love, however, unlike a rainbow, does not require rain before it appears. With love, there is no rain. Love to beat the band. Love morning, noon, and night. Love ever-present. Love in the ascendant. Love the crowning glory of life. Nothing else is.

If you are given the choice of a mountain of diamonds or a cup of love, choose the cup of love. Consistently, the way a dime is worth more than a nickel, so is love worth more than anything else ever in the world. Not a jot of love is to be traded for anything else. Honesty and love go together. No fooling. Cleverness has no place with love. Cleverness ejects love. Cleverness rejects love. Cleverness dances alone and considers itself smart.

Love wins all battles. With love, there are no battles to win or to lose, because love is all, and all is love, and you are made for love and not for anything else. Anything else is less than love. You are not to accept anything less than love from yourself or from another. See love, and love will appear. Think love, and love will occur to be thought. Be love yourself, and that is enough. Love is good. Love is good enough. Love is enough, for, in truth, love is all there is, behavior not withstanding, ignorance not withstanding, anemia not withstanding.

Love is good, and you are love, and love is everything. Nothing matches love. I am talking about real love, not facsimile of love, not love parroted, not love surmised, but love in its pure essence, love inescapable, love pouring out like cream from a pitcher, love shining in your eyes. Withdraw from love? Never. Put love aside? Never. Love gets top billing. Love before all else, not later, not sometime, not once in a while. Love always.

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anemia = amnesia?

Dear Gloria,

in this Heavenletter #4300 Love Always is a word that puzzles me, because it means a blood disease and do not think that God would write about that...??

'Love wins all battles. With love, there are no battles to win or to lose, because love is all, and all is love, and you are made for love and not for anything else. Anything else is less than love. You are not to accept anything less than love from yourself or from another. See love, and love will appear. Think love, and love will occur to be thought. Be love yourself, and that is enough. Love is good. Love is good enough. Love is enough, for, in truth, love is all there is, behavior not withstanding, ignorance not withstanding, anemia not withstanding.'

Is it possible that it is amnesia instead of anemia???

Looking forward to hear from you,


love and light, namasté, Anneke

Beloved Anneke, thank you

Beloved Anneke, thank you for your thoughtful question. I do see what you mean.

Here's what I think this paragraph means:

Even if we are ignorant, love is greater than ignorance. Even if we have any kind of what is called a disability, love is greater.. No matter what, love beats everything else. There is nothing that matters more than love..

It's possible God is also saying that love is the greatest healer.

As for anemia specifically, there is something called pernicious anemia that may be serious. There may be others as well. I don't know.

Plain anemia, as I understand it, means low iron. It's not -- again as I understand it -- a disease at all. It's an iron deficiency. It's so easy to fix. Eat iron-rich foods, and/or use cast-iron pans/take some iron tablets/ B-vitamins of one kind or another if I remember correctly/get enough sleep!

For a short period of time when I was in college, I was anemic, and it was no big deal.

Anneke, it is important that you, especially as a translator, ask your questions. Please never hesitate. You may be sure that I welcome your questions.

Thank you, Gloria!!

Dear Gloria,

thank you for explaining this paragraph to me. I know the difference between pernicious anemia and anemia caused by iron deficiency. But I think they are both diseases. You have to treat it, because you need enough red blood cells to stay alive.
My mother had both. When she was younger she had to take iron tablets. She had to have vit. B 12 shots (because taking tablets did not work anymore) every 6 weeks later on, I think she was 55 then, she died at 82 years in 2003 (heart-attac).

I need a lot of love to be healed, most of all I have to learn to love myself... and a good night's sleep would be wonderful.....I really can't remember a night that I slept well.

But I have to accept and love what is. Heavenletters are a great help.

Blessed Be!!
love and light, namasté, Anneke

Beloved Anneke, life gave us

Beloved Anneke, life gave us each different connotations to anemia. The word disease itself has an awful terrible connotation to me. When you read some of the chapters in The Little Things, Before and After God, you will see that the word disease has the connotation vile and evil! Just from our conversation here, dear translator, I realize how I don't like the word at all, and I run away from it! I got this from my mother!

Love Always

Love like you are breathing.

I just found out my iron level is low,

but I am not sure what it mean when God said "anemia not withstanding."

Beloved Star-Gazed, see all

Beloved Star-Gazed, see all the comments above yours, dear one! One of Heaven's volunteer translating angels had the same question as you.

I think God is saying that love is mightier than everything else. Next to love, nothing is a big deal. .

The word anemia is so

The word anemia is so bizzare in Heavenletters that it caught everyoone's attention including mine...Looks like God wants us to love in every situation and it does not matter how bizzare it may look like...Well i think we think before we love...May be God wants us to Love before we think :) and he also says to think Love...though I am not sure how to think love !!!

I think you are very wise,

I think you are very wise, Asim.

A lack of vitality and courage

Anemia represents a lack of red blood cells circulating and/or a lack of hemoglobin due to this. This is the simplistic version because there are several types of anemia...and yes they may be related to a reduced amount of iron circulating...what then happens to us?
We have a lack of vitality...and possibly lack courage due to the lack of vitality...It is possible that the anemia was mwentioned to capture a variety of conditions both physical and spiritual; or those physical conditions which affect us spiritually...Love prevails.notwithstanding....or Love prevails despite a lack of vitality...or despite a lack of courage...just a thought....heather


I should add the previous interpretation fits with the whole sentence in Heaven Letter 4300 ' Love is enough, for, in truth, love is all there is, despite the witnessed behavior , despite the witnessed ignorance , despite the witnessed lack of vitality and/or courage in daily life."
This is how I interpret the sentence. Heather

I am also entranced by the

I am also entranced by the word COURAGE you use in the title of your post. Interesting, how our language expresses so much. When we say "red-blooded person" we mean someone with courage. What an insight, Heather.


Thanks for your reply to me Gloria...I must say though I do not think it is much insight as experience with myself and patients...children and adults...that when energy decreases for health reasons...physically and does the courage...and sometimes it is only the recognition and feeling of being enveloped in love which will demand the will to surpass this feeling...Heather

So beautiful, Heather. You

So beautiful, Heather. You observed from your experience. Maybe that's what insight is.


As love is so important get ready to make love your goal. Every deed you do is either an act of love or an act against love. Think and only act in love. I gave that lesson once in Sunday school, when I could not possibly teach what the teachers book told me to teach. Years later God asked me if I still rememebered what I told the children and when I anwered in the affirmative, God told me" Hey Jack why do you not try it yourself sometime" Since then My intention has been LOVE and everyday is better then the previous and thus I came to the conclusion Yes LOVE is the KEY ....So Love To all Jack

Sailor Jack, you are very

Sailor Jack, you are very much love and show us the way.

Dear Heavenletters Yes, I am

Dear Heavenletters
Yes, I am now beginning to know
where LOVE comes from. And where to
go to get more..and putting into practice
by the living of it.
Sometimes I am of two minds, the mind
of the 3rd dimensional
world I'm in, and so I go outside of myself
to get answers
and validation, and to feel being loved.
And then there are other times when I have walk over the
bridge of the 4th dimension and allow myself to use the greater
Mind that I am and have available to me, to see and
that it's not for us to DO love but to BE love.
The mind of the world has taught me and
programed me that I
need to show how lowly and sinful I am to
the face of the One,
and to pray consistently to be saved and be worthy and
deserving perhaps someday,
maybe, or when I die that Grace will be given to me.
I have found nowhere in those teachings where it reminds me
that I was created in the ISNESS and LIKENESS of the One
means I own, are, and have everything, everything That One
has to co-create with.
Sometimes I have gone about DOING all I thought was love
with the expectation and outcome of being rewarded for it.
After I allowed all of my deep and buried beliefs and personal
truths to surface for me to see what I hold in me as truth, I allowed
myself to understand and choose again and heal what is not the Truth.
In the process
I am crossing that bridge into a greater knowing which comes automatically
when I clear the space to receive it.
There may be a time at the end of crossing when I have one
foot on the bridge and the other foot off into the greater vibration and
I am using two minds. The mind of the world of which I go outside of me to get
what I seem to need, or the mind love.
It is for me to grow into the knowing of where to go and what to
choose as my desired experience. And grow stronger and more solid
in that.
I now choose to begin my days choosing to BE joy. To BE happiness,
to BE Love. And I watch my thoughts to see which mind I'm working
with. Because it is very much felt when I am off the beam.
I am practicing and being dutiful as an observer of myself, and allowing
myself to be directed by that part of myself that wants me to know
Yes That One I call God loves me beyond my
knowing or imaging at present. As It loves
me, you, everything, everything because we are all It is. And that it is
available for us to experience as ourselves if we allow it to....
Thank you for giving me this place to express my thoughts...

Beloved Carmilla, Greater

Beloved Carmilla, Greater Mind and Greater Knowing, and a heart to go with them! I am so happy that you persisted in posting so we could read your expression of yourself which is universal. Thank you, dear one.

What a blessing it is for me to wake up and find such beautiful comments as the ones here on this forum.