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Living Zen, cooking in Zen

Leek, Courgette and Eggplant in a Pommery mustard Crumble

Cooking is so meditative, Zen like being, my only remaining passion.
There is a centre in us, where all love arise and encompassing us,
Spreading its fragrance, reaching to everything manifested.

When love is spreading its fragrance, evoking compassion, it’s aesthetic to avoid meat.
Not because it’s wrong to eat meat. Meat ceases to tempt us.

Here are some simple recipes, for your loved ones.

Leek 100 Gm – cut into small cubes
Courgette 100 gm – cut into small cubes
Eggplants 100 gm – cut into small cubes
Shallots 20 gm – finely chopped
Garlic 1 clove – finely chopped
Blue cheese 5 Gm – Optional
Butter 1 table spoon – Or olive oil
Double cream 100 ml – if cream not available
Reduce 200 ml milk into half.

Sauté shallots and leeks in the butter, add garlic. When roast fragrance of leek and shallots arise, add rest of the vegetables. (it will be better if the eggplants are deep fried separately, then add) Stir till vegetables are soft. Add cream and cheese. Reduce to a thick consistency.
Vegetables are ready to serve if you want to avoid bread crumble as gluten free.

For the crumble
Three slices of the white bread – finely chopped
Grainy mustard (pommery mustard)- one teaspoon
Mix the mustard with the bread thoroughly. Transfer the cooked vegetables to a baking bowl or casserole pot. Top with bread and mustard mix. Bake till golden brown, before the bread getting burned. Be careful the bread will turn golden brown too fast.

Cutting this vegetables to small cubes and enjoying the beauty of this lovely looking vegetables is a meditative experience, totally captivating your being to here and now.

I hope you beautiful people out here will enjoy and appreciate this recipe, which I wrote with my love.

Love, love and love

Thank you, Deveswar, I will

Thank you, Deveswar, I will try it. I am a supporter and appreciator of healthy food and high cuisine. The greatest recipes are the simplest ones and you know what "simplicity" is for the Zen, it is the most refined stadium of existence. I agree when you say that to avoid meat is aesthetic and not a moral issue. But why pork is so good ! Do you know "Pata Negra"ham, the spaniard one? Oh, its scent of acorns and mediterranean woods!

Thak you emily

thank you Emily for your kind reply,
and the beautifully phrased words "most refined stadium of existence"
i am glad, that there are many out here who are appreciating my humble efforts.

i am planning to add more recipes and interact with people who enjoy the recipes.
so i could ask their feed backs, may be their preferences and suggestions.

love love love

"Love is nectar of life, Love is clay of creation"

I want samples of all your

I want samples of all your recipes emailed to me immediately! :)

Deveswar, your recipes will find a great compatriot in Heaven Admin!

Sure i will :) Thank you,

Sure i will :)
Thank you, compatriot LOl


"Love is nectar of life, Love is clay of creation"

I see I wrote that I wanted

I see I wrote that I wanted recipes emailed to me! I didn't mean that!

I really meant I want all the food cooked from the recipes delivered to my door! I mean I want to taste this delicious food. I wish there were a way!

Not necessary to email me, for I see everything posted on the forum

Perhaps you can include photos?

Are you going to give us

Are you going to give us more great recipes!