Living on the Beach of Life

God said:

You favor the concept of more and more. You live this concept of more and more. There is something you can't quite put your finger on, yet you crave it. More wealth, more food, more stimulation, more sedatives, more and more "something", and yet nothing seems to satisfy. Whatever this more and more you crave may be, you don't have enough of it. Something is missing -- something you are meant to have and you don’t see that you do.

You know you don't want to slough off on Life. You don't want to be idle in Life. Perhaps it is a High Purpose that you are missing. You don’t exactly want to drift from day to day. Oh, you might wish to be at the beach every day, basking in the Sun, yet you don't even live near the ocean, or you may even drive by it every day on your way to work where you feel cooped up.

It's possible that your Life on Earth is simply a search, yet what you are searching for, you don’t quite know. No one knows, yet you keep seeking.

As you desire more and more, even as you don’t know what it is, you are seeking it. What you crave could be more of Me, more closeness with Me, yet you may find yourself stuck, unable to establish yourself in more of Me. You wish, yet you perhaps feel that your pocket of God has a hole in it. No matter how you wish and how you try, you are not aware of More of Me. Unwittingly, you just haven't had the deep pleasure of Me. You would if you could.

Whatever it is that you crave, you haven't grasped it, and you really don't know its name. You may live with this sense of not quite touching that which you are supposed to have -- or supposed to give.

There is something about Life that you want more and more of. No matter how forlorn your present Life may feel, you want to live longer and find this buried treasure you are seeking. Somehow, no matter what, you just can't seem to get enough Sun, even when you lounge at the beach all day.

Everyone is at the Beach of Life. There is no absence. There is the Ocean, and there is a shore, yet you feel you are not quite where you belong to be.

Your search is for more of your Self. You eat, yet not enough of the Fruits of Life. Perhaps Love passed you by. No matter how much Love, it is not enough. You are seeking still and left wanting.

There has to be more to Life than what you have, probably more than you seek. You see hints of this missing factor. You have had glimpses, yet glimpses are not enough.

What is it that is not enough? Not even satisfaction today is enough, for you know there is greater satisfaction.

Well, dear ones, perhaps Life itself is the Chase of a Lifetime, and you chase a dream. Beloveds, you are supposed to dream. Dreaming seems to be as close as you have come. How would you seek unless there were indeed something to seek? You are designed to seek more and more Joy until you discover that you are the Joy you seek.

Dream your Joy, and so call it to you.

You have held the idea that you are supposed to have Endless Joy -- and you are right. Pull yourself closer to Joy. Get Joy. Satisfaction is not quite enough for My children. Yes, it is Joy you seek, Unlimited Joy. Joy is Truth. Despite yourself, have Joy. Give yourself Joy. Big Self, little self, give yourself Joy.

Joy is in this moment, Beloveds. Take Joy in this Moment of Infinity, for you reside in Infinity.

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In each new moment I choose to see through a lens of Innocence and Potential. Life is precious on magnificent Earth.

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