Limitless Heaven

God said:

Beloveds, will you look at the beautiful world around you? Look out the window. Look up at the sky. And if you live on city sidewalks, look at the weeds that push themselves up through cracks. They seek the sun no matter what. Admire their courage, and emulate them.

And if you are confined to bed and cannot go outside, then, from your bed, simply look upwards. See beyond the ceiling so arbitrarily above you. See further. See beyond dimensions. Raise your ceiling.

Surround yourself with beautiful thoughts, and beauty be. You can go as far as your mind and heart will take you. Go further. Set no limits on your mind and heart. Let them be free. Let them walk through the woods of Eternity.

Pull the whole world to you and abscond with it. Take it into your heart, under your wing. Open its doors. Fling them wide open. How fortunate are you who knowingly abide in Truth.

Be a tourist. Be a tour guide. Explore. Be on a safari. Be an explorer of consciousness. What else is there to explore, beloveds but the terrain of your own consciousness? There is no end to it. There will be a feast every day. You will slide up mountains of consciousness and go inside. In so doing, your consciousness will burst forth like the blossoming of a gigantic rose, and the whole world will be a gigantic rose far beyond what the eye can see. There will be no direction to your beautiful consciousness in bloom, no path to it nor from it one way or another. There will be Consciousness, and you will discover in bright color what you have always known inside of you, that you are love. No other way about it when it comes to your consciousness. It is love. You and I are love. We are love. Oneness cannot be broken up into parts. Oneness is a sea that cannot part.

Goodness knows Oneness can appear to break up, as seen in the appearance of the whole world. But the world is not in smithereens. It is in Oneness, just as We are, the Oneness of Oneness, Oneness Supreme, Oneness overlapping, Oneness as vast as the Infinite, Oneness galore, Oneness insurmountable, Oneness surmountable, Oneness as finite as the head of a pin, Oneness as innocent as the expression on your face, beloveds.

It is Oneness you crave. So have it then, beloveds. Make it your own. Adhere to it which is the same as to say to let go of it. Fling Oneness to all four corners of the imagined world. Become Oneness in your summation as well as in fact. Speak Oneness. Look upon Oneness. Rise to the height of Oneness or to the miraculous depths. Let everyone else stand on your heart so they can reach that which is the making of them and the making of you. Reach the pinnacles of what I have made and served to you from the glowingness of My heart.

What would keep you away?

You have sought your destiny, beloveds. You have no other. Leap into My heart now. Wrap yourself in My love like a huge down comforter. Feel the softness of My love. See it encompass you.

See yourself walk right up to Heaven, fly up to Heaven, peel away a cloud that you only imagined existed, and find yourself deep in My heart and deep in the center of Heaven, surrounded only by Heaven and all its simplicity. Even while you feel circumferenced by the extant world, you can find yourself bouncing in Heaven, exercising your lungs of joy, crying out with an extended Oh and with an extended Ah that comprise the music you make when you surround yourself with limitless Heaven. Wait no longer. What do you think Heaven is for? It is for you.