Every Character in Your Story

God said:

See life from a little distance then, so you may enjoy it. This is not disassociating yourself from life. This is putting yourself closer to it. You see more clearly. Sometimes amidst the fray, you are not seeing. See from a little distance.

I will go so far as to say that you have a spectacular life. You are mistaken if you think your life is hum drum. You are mistaken if you think it is ordinary. Each life on Earth is extraordinary.

Look, you are surrounded by colors and all sorts of things. Even if you go in and out the same door every day, it is an adventure. Who is it who goes over the threshold? Where is he going and why? And how does he get there? What did he leave, and what does he find outside his door? Take an interest in your life, and you will see the fascination it holds.

You are a character in a movie. Your life is what Broadway plays are made of. As it is, you are on the stage of life. You are the star of your own life. And you choose the role you will play.

Perhaps you have chosen to play the role of a yawning hero rather than a swashbuckling one, but I assure you that there is drama in your life just the same. You are the writer and reader of your autobiography. You keep turning the pages of yourself.

You have led an interesting life. You cannot in truth say, “Nothing happens.” Life happens, beloveds. You have put together hundreds and thousands of plays of your life. You have followed your evolution. Your whole life is an excursion, beloveds. You have your life as an explorer. You have your life as a twiddler of thumbs. You have your life on amusement rides. You have your life as dancer and singer. You have your life, this life bequeathed to you for your enjoyment.

If there is great drama in your life, it may be because you enjoy drama. If there is great comedy in your life, it may be you are developing your sense of humor. If your life is full of accidents, perhaps you like emergency rooms.

The same events in life can be written many ways. The same events can be drama, or comedy, or adventure story. The combinations are endless. There is no conclusion to your life. Death is not. Death of the body is the beginning of another adventure. All is your life unfolding.

You are unfolding your life. You open it up. You are an accomplished author. You certainly have lived some great stories. And now you are making new ones. You do not really know the story that you will live this day. You do not know what will pop up, what new characters will be introduced, what the dialogue will be, what car you will get into, who will be driving, and where you will get dropped off. Why, you are in a novel of suspense. You are living a mystery story.

Or perhaps you live a children’s story. Perhaps your life is neat and clean and simple with lots of white space and illustrations.

Perhaps your book has little print or big print.

Perhaps your book is opened before you. Sometimes it is not clear whether you are reading or writing. But it is clear that pages are being written and that you are the main hero.

As a matter of fact, you play all the parts. Every character in your story is key to the mystery of you. Each character is telling part of your story on or off screen. Even the settings are evocative. How would you describe your life today?