Like Holding Hands

God said:

Speak to Me with your eyes. Beautiful Beings, look up at where you think I am. Look up at where you think I’m not. Wherever you look, I AM. I am not hidden from you. Of course, I am not physically visible unless you come to see Me through the images of other human beings before you. In fact, all the physical others also happen to be you.

The physical is a mere drop in the bucket, and you do recognize more than the physical. I am Eternal as you are Eternal. Your body is not eternal. Your body is a trifle that fills in for a while, for an interlude in which you see That Which you already know intimately. You do know Me. You do know yourself only you think I am across from you.

A human body is a beautiful thing and, yet, it is a passing thing. The Reality of you is eternal. In that, Our Spirit is the same. If souls were eagles, then We are eagles. In any case, souls fly. There is nowhere that human souls cannot reach, even though there is no such thing as space to reach in. Nevertheless, if you wish to think of Me as a soul, Our souls do move. We are touched by each other. Our souls love, and love means Oneness. Not the illusion of Oneness. Oneness is true. Multiplicity is an illusion. The expression One God takes on a new meaning.

But what do We care about illusion? Why consider illusion a diversion when illusion is also loved? Let Us simply be aware of love, and We can be aware of illusion and love illusion too.

You are a comfort to Me. It comforts Me to think of you. Thinking of Me is a comfort to you when you are comforted by thinking of Me. I give you solace. And what is it that I give you solace about? Your acquaintance with Me reminds you that there is more to you than the human covering that encapsulates you. My presence within you and your awareness of Me remind you that you are far more than what the eye can see. This awareness reminds you of Our Solidarity. This is the very reminder that there exists a field beyond the physical where the living is easy. This is the real field of life. That which you see is a hasty sketch. That which you truly live in is not hastily drawn.

You can consider, if you like, that your life on Earth, in the guise of a human being, is like an escapade in a dream. The dream seems so real. It seems real, and yet it is a fraction of a dream when you are Allness Altogether.

In the dream of life that I speak of, you wake up slowly. It takes a while, yet, little by little, you wake up to the immutable evidence of life beyond the physical. There is a heart beyond the heart that knows Reality, and this heart lives Reality wholly.

You have a soul. Your soul is your true radar. Everything in human life simply signals the often overlooked Reality of your soul and its travels to Heaven where the soul truly abides.

You are a Heaven Being. However, the physical occupies your attention. It takes your attention off the essence of your soul. The life of your soul more than matters. The life of your soul is far more than matter. The life of your soul is your life. Your soul is the essence of you. I grasp the soul of you deep in My heart. We are inseparable. Our souls meet, and Our Oneness loves. This is the story of your life. Our souls hold hands, as it were, and We love to hold hands.

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Speak to Me with your

Speak to Me with your eyes.
Wherever you look, I AM.
I am Eternal as you are Eternal.
We are touched by each other.
Our souls love, and love means Oneness.
I grasp the soul of you deep in My heart.
We are inseparable.

This Love Letter is simply beyond words. It was so difficult just to select a few sentences...
Amazing and overwhelming, thank You Father.

A Notable Question to God and Answer from God

You have a soul. Your soul is your true radar. Everything in human life simply signals the often overlooked Reality of your soul and its travels to Heaven where the soul truly abides.

This quotation from this Heavenletter is a lead-in to a notable question from David O'Neil who posts on this forum often and God's answer, God Who gives us His heart. This is a singularly important question to God, and, as unlikely as it is, God may have exceeded Himself in His answer:

January 5, 2013 David O’Neil to God:


You have taught me that "divine justice" is not an ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Rather, it is RELATIVE. In absolute truth, lack of love is an ILLUSION and everyone is PERFECT. Therefore, there is no NEED for justice. Justice is therefore only a DIVINE ILLUSION, it lacks absolute reality.

However, there is justice RELATIVELY SPEAKING. My question for you is about the NATURE of this divine justice.

You have taught me that no one has to "pay" for "sins." No one will be "punished." People make mistakes, and that is OKAY and even PERFECT, and no one will be judged or condemned for those mistakes.

Fair enough. I acknowledge the truth of what I just said with joy and gratitude.

But there's more to the story. It is still true that RELATIVELY SPEAKING, we have the ENTIRELY JUST outcomes of our choices.

Jesus says in the Course, "God's laws are always FAIR (or "just") and perfectly consistent; BY GIVING YOU RECEIVE."

In other words, what we do comes back to us, and that is FAIR, or JUST.


My step-mom was raped by some lunatic. Now, it is LOVING to tell her that the man who did this to her will have the JUST PENALTY for it, is it not?

People want justice. I want justice. When I'm trusting in Your justice, I feel at peace, and I can even forgive. But when I'm not trusting in Your justice, I often have a very difficult time forgiving.

One writer said that the idea that there is not justice, that there is not a just God who will set things right, creates VIOLENCE in people. You see, it's like people have to take matters into their own hands, if You are not just. As the Bible says, "Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord."

But I'm somewhat confused because You've told me that there is no punishment for wrongdoing, and that no one has to "pay" for anything.

My question is, is it true that, RELATIVELY SPEAKING, there IS a NATURAL, ENTIRELY JUST, "reward" for loving and doing good, and there is a NATURAL, ENTIRELY JUST, "penalty" for wrongdoing?

It is that God said through Neale Donald Walsch that what we give comes back to us SEVENFOLD. Basically, my question is, is that JUST, relatively speaking, and is it ETERNALLY TRUE?

It would help me tremendously if You would answer this question, because I don't seem to be able to trust in the answer that I already believe in, which is that the answer to this question is yes.

One more thing. You told me through Cris Loesser that in the PAST, everyone "sowed and reaped," seeming to imply that, in the future, that would no longer be true. But if by "sowing and reaping" one means that what you do comes back to you, and that that is "just" (relatively speaking), then people will "sow and reap" ETERNALLY. IS THIS TRUE?

Thanks, God. I just want to know the truth.


God said:

Beloved David, I would like My answer to you to be heard from the rafters.

It is like this: Even the same question can have two or more true answers depending upon the angle taken. And yet each answer can deserve greater explication which may make the answers not so different after all.

The issue of your question really is about responsibility, yes? Is everyone responsible for his actions? The answer is a strong Yes.

You want to know what is the reward for doing what is seen as good in the world. If people are rewarded for good deeds, are people rewarded equally for bad deeds? Should not the reward or punishment fit the deed, or, in some cases, the crime? If everyone flies right to Heaven whatever his or her deeds were – well, how can that be right?

Just like a diamond, there are many facets. And so are there many facets to a question.

Can the human being on Earth who has diminished memory fully grasp an answer I give? Does a human being perhaps give credibility to the answer he wants at the time? Answers do depend upon the consciousness of the questioner. From that perspective, there is more than one answer to a question. The answer can be both yes and no with many unspecified degrees in between.

One question that can be asked that may blur this issue for you further is: Is there consensus on what is right action and what is not? Are matters so cut and dried in the hereafter as they seem to be in the human world?

Another question that can be asked is: What is the good of punishment? How does it serve? What does it serve? Whom does it serve? Whom does it serve more -- the punisher or the punished?

Would an omnipresent omnipotent God see value in blessing one and not another? Can a God be vindictive? In mythology, gods can be, yet mythologies are myths. They make points, yet can they be taken literally? Deeper levels of interpretation do exist, and are they not also true? The same text can be understood in many ways. Is God in translation always accurate?

Why would a God want His children to judge so mightily as to wish anyone to go to a dark place and call it just? What is it with the human heart that would wish ill to anyone and consider it right?

Would a God want to mete out punishment rather than help the one who hurt another see in a new light? How does making a punishment fit the crime help the one who committed the crime against humanity see differently? How does punishment teach anyone to love? Is it justice to punish someone who is in shackles? Is it justice to kill someone who killed another? Is it justice to punish a man who rapes? Who but a sick man would commit these offenses?

Who is more innocent, the one who hurts another judiciously, coldly by law or the one punished who hurt others through choler. Perhaps in both cases, the judge and the criminal are acting from a sense of justification.

What is My answer to Cain’s question: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

I say: “Yes, you are your brother’s keeper.” I also add: “Beloved, you ARE your brother. Your brother IS you.”

If, as I say, We are One, how would I sentence Myself to a non-ending torment that I can never get out of?

Would I be so inhumane to an ant let alone to a human child of Mine? Would a parent in her right mind punish forever her young child who stole a cookie or broke a dish or played with a loaded gun and killed his brother?

If I should go by the common understanding of an eye for an eye, perhaps a murderer or a warmonger is going by his understanding of an eye for an eye as well.

Would I not want My children to model themselves after Me? If I were to see acts as black and white and nothing in between and act accordingly, why wouldn’t a human being in pain act accordingly? If God can do it, why should not he?

There are other realms of understanding that We can raise. Is it possible that what the world considers a bad deed could have good grow from it? As hard as it would be to understand how a heinous act could ultimately be serving the world, can you rule out the possibility? Wars are seen as good by those who see the need for them, and are send as bad by those who are opposed to war. Perhaps you have cheered from the sidelines.

Is someone to be sentenced to eternal punishment because he thought differently from someone else? Beloveds, how do you always know the good guys from the bad? How do you know the good that can come from even the acts of a madman? How do you know what goodness may be wrung from the hearts of others and even yours? Could not even
a madman be acting for a later good that you cannot even imagine now?

In the name of justice, there are many points of view. Who can throw the first stone, beloveds, and know his aim is correct?

I am speaking now in the name of rightness, not compassion. This is not a case of feeling sorry for anyone. It is a case of What is justice after all?

There is something else to consider. Just as within the question is the answer, it may also be true that within the deed is the reward or punishment. Blood on your hands is blood on your hands. Loving is its own reward. With love, honey runs through your veins. Hostility is its own punishment. Hostility turns blood into vinegar.

It can be said that life is its own reward, yet to everyone in life, there has been reward, and there has been pain and sorrow. There is hardly a way to measure with exactitude. In life, there is no black and white. All have joy, and all have suffering. Who has not had enough suffering? Should more be added in what is called the afterlife?

Here’s another way to look at it. Let Us for the moment agree that someone has hurt many people, murdered many needlessly, hurt remaining family members terribly, has created havoc in life and has no conscience about it. Where would he or she learn goodness and mercy? In a place with other merciless people crying out in a burning fire? Or would he not better learn goodness and mercy housed with Christ and Buddha and Mohammed and all the Great Ones in a place filled with love? Truly, where would the bad guy learn to love? Is there something else he needs to learn? Does he have to learn that he will be squashed? And if the bad guy were your loved one, where would you consign him to be? And if you were the bad guy, where would you grow to a new definition of yourself and your role in the world?

You, David, and all My children are all that is. It can be that you have been luckier than others, and therein lies your goodness. Take care of yourself. Excel in love now and forever. Give peace. No one is more righteous than another, even though the world says so. Who has not had thoughts of hurting another for one reason or another? Who has not held murder in his heart at one time or another? Instead of killing, he blessed himself and another instead by not acting on what was in his heart. How can anyone be sure that his thoughts were not picked up by another who then bears the brunt of punishment that is not solely his. Humility is in order.

I ask all My children to come from a higher place. I do not see what peace or virtue grows from the stoicism of punishment. Everyone on Earth is imprisoned in his or her consciousness. Let Us create together a world that sees greater horizons than imprisonment or death by injection or burning in a fire that will never go out. The fire is anger. May humankind be done with anger. Let Us together put out the fire. Wish everyone well. All are My children.

Thank you for your goodness and mercy.


Dear David and Gloria,

wow, what a question and what an answer. Thank you su much for sharing!!!!!

from heart to heart, namasté, Anneke


wow its so goodt of answer to David from God,
thank Gloria, you wriiteng this of answer from God to David,
dear Gloria you think i can take of coupi of this letter,?
so i can send to of my spisial birth pleace?
thi is the briliante of God anwers to david and to as
so people the know this of answer of God,

I also add: “Beloved, you ARE your brother. Your brother IS you.

Thank you David for your deeply awesome question!
This is what I pondered: If we are One, then menkind could be seen as One Body. And if a part of the body gets ill, what shall the One Body do with it? It is truly the best to take care of the unwhole, hurt and sick part even if another part gets sick too. Taking time, healing care, attention, giving love will show the ill part what it was before: whole, unhurt, healthy, loving...
God bless you and the One Body we are! Uta

Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this amazing question and answer, I feel it is right now so important and it helps me so very much. I can't even take it in all at once I must confess, so I will read it again and again ...... often the things that happen make me really sick beyond words and I thank you so very much for sharing God's answer to a question that was quizing my heart more and more...

What I really most felt was God's remark "Answers do depend upon the consciousness of the questioner." because this really make the point, doesn't it ?

Oceans of love always

You really really bring out

You really really bring out a great point, Berit.

we just like we holding hands

dear God heavenley father,
thank you your messeges to as
and thank you so much explein to as soul of life
on earth
and thank you of solace you given,
befor am begein weck-up in the morning
my mind its you first, and thank you of your
messeges to notice me my everymorning,
what i understan of your messeges today
we just like we holding hands
thank dear God you remind as your messeges today,,

Always, beloved Carmen, send

Always, beloved Carmen, send Heavenletters to anyone anywhere you like. Thank you for sharing Heavenletters and your love of God, just what God would want you to do!

"In the dream of life that I speak of, you wake up slowly."

In the Subject line, God is trying to tell you who you have always been. It does take some time to awaken from our of thinking that we are, in fact, just human beings designed to live struggle and die. We are eternal beings of light that know no birth or death, on the shape shifting qualities of our mind. God tells us: "You are a Heaven Being. However, the physical occupies your attention. It takes your attention off the essence of your soul. The life of your soul more than matters. The life of your soul is far more than matter. The life of your soul is your life. Your soul is the essence of you. I grasp the soul of you deep in My heart. We are inseparable. Our souls meet, and Our Oneness loves. This is the story of your life. Our souls hold hands, as it were, and We love to hold hands."

Having read God's summary of who we are, it is necessary to give it much thought and lots of meditation. God wants us to know who we are and always have been.