Like Colors

God said:

This is the state of affairs you find yourself in. From the Fullness of Love have come limitless combinations of both sublimity and inanity. You, who are overflowing greatness, experience great smallness and enormous ego and other worrisome fretful things.

We are noting now the difference between what you are and what you experience. In truth, you are an observer. Only you identify with experience and call it yours. You cling to your experiences.

When a train passes by, you don't think you are the train. When a thought passes through your mind, let's say an ungainly thought, you become squeamish with the thought, and you confuse the thought with yourself. You implicate yourself. You have abetted the thought and so found yourself guilty of it.

There is the Holy You, and there is the fantasy you. Let the day come soon when you forget fantasy. Guilt is fantasy. Hurt feelings are fantasy. Aggravation is fantasy. Disturbance is fantasy. Anxiety is fantasy. Fear is fantasy. All that you don't want is fantasy.

The Holy You is irrevocably present. Your fantasies do not overcome it, but they hide your everpresent holiness from you. They take it out of your awareness. Your thoughts become like a bright color that your attention goes to, forgetting the background color that runs through it all. You see bright red when you are angry or you feel blue when you are sad, but your true color is neither. Red and blue are facades.

We can say that your true color is the yellow of the Sun or the white of the Moon, but closer to the Truth is that your true color is the colorless substance from which color comes. Your true color is Oneness of color that is beyond any of the magnificent coloration applied to the world. In terms of the world, We have to say that the most colorful of all is colorless. There is a foundation from which color comes and there is a foundation upon which color is applied.

Today, for example, is ready for you to paint it. What colors do you choose to use today? From your palette of colors, which do you wish to apply today? All the streams of color wish to remind you of the quietness from which color streams, the Source of color beyond color.

The paintbrush is in your hand. And you apply it to today. And yet today does not really exist. Eternity does. So you paint today on Eternity. And the paint you apply will wash off.

The Underlying underlies everything.

From the depth of the ocean you came. When you think you are only on the surface, you have lost your bearings. That's all that has happened. You are not lost. You cannot be lost. You just don't know where you are.

And so you grasp at straws that you call thoughts and cling onto them as though they were your dear life.

Many of your thoughts have been indictments. To be sure, they have been judgments.

Consider now that thoughts are separate from you. They are not yours. They are something you have rented for a short while. They are a drink of water from a stream. You cupped your hands, and you drank, but you do not try to hold on to the water that remains on your hands. You wipe it away or you let it evaporate.

Anything less than Holiness is only make-up that has been applied, perhaps garishly. Make-up can be washed off. Holiness cannot.