Birds in Flight

God said:

All that you learn you want to put to good use. When you learn a greater understanding, you want to use it. It is like when you see a flight of stairs, it's good to see it. But to climb the stairway is to use it, and only then are you higher. Seeing the flight of stairs by itself does not put you are at the top.

Look for opportunities. Have in mind to give a little more of yourself. When you hear a knock at your door, answer it.

It is not enough to know that you are boundless. You do not experience your boundlessness by staying the same and keeping boundaries. To find your boundlessness, you have to venture forth. Break a boundary or two. The boundaries you break are within you.

Have just a tiny awareness that you can see something differently, that you can understand something differently, you can act differently. There is nothing artificial here. You can rise to the occasion, not as you think you should, not as someone else would do, but as you are, as you are, only you with fewer boundaries.

Start saying yes to your own heart. Stop saying no to it.

You do not have to be exemplary in life. You are not setting standards. You are going beyond them. The standards of the world are too low, and you do not allow them to keep you down. You have already risen higher, and now you have to know it.

The past is no longer useful to you. It holds you back. You do not need to use it as your reference point. It is no longer your reference point. What the past has done for you, it has done. It has brought you to where you are, but now you have surpassed the past. Leave old shoes behind.

Listen to the present. Have you not been rewinding or fast-forwarding? You have lunch on a tray before you. While you eat it, you pay more attention to what you ate at breakfast or what you are going to have for supper.

Time is a boundary.

Everything you knew yesterday is a boundary. When you dig yourself into boundaries, it is as if you are done and there is nothing more to learn.

Throw away all your accumulated knowledge. Start anew. Right now is the opportunity you have been craving.

Trees change. The seasons change. Weather changes. Temperatures change. The angle of light changes. And you, the you that lives in the world, also changes. Have you not held on to yourself and tried to stand still?

What is the fear that holds you back from letting go. Resistance to letting go is the same as staying where you are. Attachment means not going forward, or perhaps tilting forward with a full tank of reluctance.

Turn your thinking upside-down. That will straighten you out.

Consider that you are a three-way bulb who has stayed at one setting. The bulb is dimmer than it is meant to be. Unless the light is turned on, where is it?

You are not building a nest. You are not tearing one down. You are flying. You do not yet know which limb to fly to, but you start by flying. You do not need to know what limb you are flying to. You just need to fly and alight somewhere. Wherever you alight is only a perch from where you will spread your wings again.

Just as birds are meant to fly, so are you.