Like a Kite in the Sky

God said:

No one can lose heart. Of course, a heart can be squelched, yet no heart is lost. Hearts stay intact. A heart can be warmed up. It’s a question of letting your heart go. A heart is not for you to mandate. I have already spoken for your heart. Your heart has been primed. Your heart is not to be reckoned with. Your heart is not to be corralled. Welcome and love your heart, and then let it go. Your heart is like a kite in the sky. The wind lifts it up.

In the case of a heart, love lifts it up. Let love follow its impulses without any interference from you. You don’t know better than your heart. Your heart knows better than you. Your mind doesn’t know better than your heart. Your heart knows better that your mind. Certainly logic does not know what your heart knows. In comparison to your heart, logic is a flimflam. Logic is like a little martinet who has a schedule all laid out and wants it to be followed because it's a system and its logic is iron-tight.

Logic does not win hearts. It dismantles them. There is nothing further away from a heart than logic. Logic and heart speak two different languages. They come from different countries. Logic is logic, and heart is heart, and never the twain shall meet. Logic has its place somewhere, but heart has its place always everywhere.

Logic will side-track your mind. Logic loves to prove itself right. Logic is very self-righteous. Hearts don’t think of right or wrong, or how much or how little. Hearts are hearts and are vibrant and red. Hearts have fun. Hearts meet and hearts part, and hearts dosey-do. Hearts take big steps. Hearts are hearty. Hearts care about love, and that’s it. Logic sucks on a sour lemon, and hearts embrace or even entangle themselves and have a good laugh.

Logic has no heart. Logic fools you. Logic may be logic, yet logic is not love. Logic is a nit-picker while a heart is a free-thinker. Love sets out on its adventure and freedom rings.

Love runs circles around logic. Logic enumerates until it is satisfied. Love counts heart-beats and loses count. What does arithmetic have to do with love when love is round and cozy? Logic is stiff and clucks its teeth.

When did you ever hear Me exonerate logic? Did I ever take logic for a walk? Did I invite it into my parlor? But hearts I entreat. Hearts I pack in and come back for more. Hearts certainly don’t belong to logic.

Sometimes logic is the silliest thing I have ever heard of.

Love is always the most wonderful thing I have ever seen or heard. In fact, love is all I see. I have never been dissuaded by anything else.

Logic is clever, yet cleverness is a trap. Love, on the other hand, is a key. It is a key to everything. Love can accomplish great feats.

The world has had enough of logic. Logic can be quite a stopper. There have been enough stops in the world. Logic is like a policeman who directs traffic. Hearts, on the other hand, say to go. They beckon everyone forward.

Logic says, “Look how smart I am and how busy I am.” The heart says, “I always have time. I am never too busy to love. Nothing is more important to me than love. Love is what I love to do. What could possibly be more charming than love? What could be as charming as love?”

Love is a charm.

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Beloved Jochen emailed me

Beloved Jochen emailed me the following just now. He sure knows how to make his way on this forum! He is invaluable.

Dear Gloria,

Today's HL, Know Your Heart, needs a new title.

The older HL having that title is #1585.

Now here's how you find duplicate titles of Heavenletters already published:

Usually the address of a HL (its permanent link) ends on html . If the ending is html-0 or html-1, you know there is something, often a duplicate title, sometimes only a similar sounding tag (or "related topic" as they are called on site); in the latter case, you don't have to to anything.

This is how you find out:
- As you can see, the link for today's HL that I posted above has html-1 at the end.
- Click it to open the HL.
- In the address box of your web browser, delete "-1" at the end.
- Press enter.
- The page that opens may have one or several items. In this case they are two and one of them is the exact duplicate.
- That's when you are sure that there is a duplicate and the new HL's title needs to be changed.


This is invaluable what you

This is invaluable what you sent. dear Jochen.

Per your advice, I did change the title.

I sure hope this comes to the attention of translators who may not as yet have translated this Heavenletter.

Does the 1 or 0 appear only on the actual publishing day of the Heavenletter?

God bless you, Jochen.

With great gratitude,


No, the -0 or -1 appear as

No, the -0 or -1 appear as long as you don't change the title.

Forgot to mention: The one

Forgot to mention: The one who does the scheduling is the first who gets to know about a duplicate title. On scheduling, the system immediately notifies you when it notices that the automatically generated "alias" (that's the link for that HL, containing its title) needs to be changed because of some conflict.

Dear Gloria, today's

Dear Gloria,

today's Heavenletter was sent to the french subscribers about 9 hours ago. But I did change the title as Luus told me about the duplicate about an hour ago. On the two files where we post translations I changed the title and also the link.

Very astute Jochen. I also noticed once in a while the .html-1 but I did not pay attention to it. Yet I should know that. Computers automatically add a number to the end of a filename if it is a duplicate. And usually they ask you if you want to keep or replace the file which you have duplicated. But it might be a little less obvious for duplicated links.