Light a Flame That Brightens the World

God said:

You do not want to be beside yourself on Earth. Beside yourself, you are distraught. You want to be beyond your small self. Yes, get beyond whatever limits you have set for yourself. You can go way beyond yourself into the farther reaches of the Universe.

What can stop you? What can stop you from transcending your outer limits except for timidity, fear, fear of boldness, fear of being disappointed, fear of failing, fear of being ridiculed. Most people mind very much what others think of them. It doesn’t even matter who it is, a stranger on the street, anyone innocently or not so innocently who sets a lesser worth on you. Tell Me, please, what is there you cannot be afraid of when you set your mind to it? What are you afraid of?

Of course, you don’t want to pander your life to anyone, flotsam or jetsam, or anyone notable or worthy. You can love people without having to please them. Consider all the people in the world who have surpassed discouragement, stuck to their guns, and struck a milestone.

Who dares to say to you that you cannot do that which you desire to do?

What is all this that you must have your feet on the ground as the world purports that to be? What a dreary process. You can have your feet on the ground any day of the week. Why limp around when you can fly?

Maybe this is all I want to say today. Maybe this is all that there is to say. Yet I think of something more, yes, for you to take in.

If you do not go for what you want, is someone going to go after it for you? The nectar you extract yourself is the sweetest.

There are those matters that may be here for you to do. They are actually here for you to do, yet you may not grasp this.

Of course, someone will always say that someone else will do it if you don’t. Probably so, yet what does that have to do with you? By the same token, you could stay in bed all day long. You could. Why would you when you can get up? You could even soar.

Everyone once and anon, take a risk and not a sure thing. Sure bets are a dime a dozen, yet how much do you relish sure bets? Do sure bets get your juices flowing? Do they knock your socks off?

If you don’t try for something wondrous right now, when will you? Later? Why later? Why not now? What’s the matter with now, right now! Why tarry?

Of course, you have to want something a great deal in order to stem the tide of ordinariness. Ho hum.

Today We talk about enlivenment. Enliven your heart. Enliven your life. Enliven the world for yourself, and so you enliven the world for everyone who lives on the planet named Earth.

Rather than protest, light a flame that brightens the world. You will never know what you can do unless you give yourself permission to give it a whirl.

There comes a time when thinking about something isn’t enough. There comes a time when daydreaming isn’t enough. There comes a time for you to meet yourself more than halfway. There comes a time for you to leap and leap again and leap higher and higher.

In Earth terms, as I see it, you are here on Earth for a minute. Make your passage worthwhile. Worthwhile means going for something. What would you like to go for that you may have held back?

Just the going for something that means something to you may bring rewards in the world - or it may not. If you never get through the first lap, you will never know. If you have a shot at something, what are you waiting for? Christmas? The 4th of July? An auspicious day?

This is the day before you.

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Worthwhile means going for something

I would like to fly with You across every Galaxy and Realm while still on Earth, my Father.
In Oneness, I know this is happening but this is not enough for me to know. I would like to know,to see, to actually be in awareness and consciousness of this happening event.

I desire to leap higher. I desire to becoming a Bright living Sun while still possessing a Body to explore and marvel at the creation of Beauty.

Let Love be full in every Heart of every Human
Let Peace and Kindness be the conversation of All Humans
Let Love be seen and felt upon every acre of our planet
Let Love be seen and felt in All Creation
Love Love and more Love