Life Is a Soup

God said:

The world disappoints you. Soon or late, it lets you down. You know there is more, and you want to have it, and you have been disappointed because all the goodness you deserve and have worked for has not come back to you enough or at all, let alone tenfold. And you blame that on Me, or you question Me, or you shake your fist at Me, or you denounce Me.

That which you thought you had perhaps wasn't really there when you begin to notice it has vanished.

The friendships, the team spirit, the camaraderie last only so long, and then, as in high school, you graduate and what once was no longer is except as a longing passing thought of the past.

You yearn to hold this passing parade of life to you, at least for a little while longer, at least until you are ready to dispense with that which you had thought you had for a time.

Perhaps you even feel that those are the lucky ones who didn't have what you hoped you had, thought you had, for they were not bereft. They moved from sense of lack to sense of lack, and their hopes were not dashed because they didn't hold hope. Any ray of light that came their way satisfied because it was more than they expected. They do not seem to be discontent with life, as you are. The day-in and day-out of routine do not seem to disturb them as it does you.

You expected something from life that it did not give you, and now you flounder.

Consider this: if you did not flounder, would you find your way?

Be assured, there is a way for you. There is another way for you. You are looking for which way to go. You are seeking your purpose. This is just the point. Your dissatisfaction tells you that there is more for you, and it is calling to you. The more waits for you.

Happiness as it is in the world is a fleeting thing. You have sought and sought and seek again for that which cannot sustain you. You depend upon the undependable. Happiness is yours, but it may not have been where you found it, thought you found it.

You are not in troubled waters. You are in calm waters, but you are flagging your arms and kicking your feet, and you unsettle the waters. All is calm. Float a little, and be not dismayed.

Do not have a tantrum with Me because you do not control life.

That which you wanted, thought you wanted, has not come upon you. Consider that good fortune, for now you will be awake to the blessings that are yet to come.

If you miss one train, perhaps there is another one that will get you where you want to go faster. Perhaps the first train would have derailed you.

Consider that perhaps it's a blessing that something passes you by.

There are so many turns in the road. You cannot possibly figure them out. Getting what you want is not always a reward.

Take disappointment as a good sign. Do not let disappointment grow into bitterness. Your life is sweet right now. Admit it. Admit that it is. Do not throw away the goodness of your life because that which you wanted did not come upon you. You depended upon something that could not be depended upon. Don't blame yourself nor Me for that.

Life nudges you along as best it can.

You are making a soup. If you lack an ingredient you counted on, you can still make a good soup. Soup is not dependent upon any missing ingredient. Perhaps you will make a better soup than the one you had intended. You never know how the soup is going to come out until it's done cooking and cooled down a little.

And you are not done. Your life is not done. There is no cut-off line. Your life is still cooking. Stir it a little, and taste.

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God said consider
Getting what you want is not
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