Letting Go of Attachment

God said:

Attachment is a big issue for you. Now I shall tell you what attachment is: It is putting your will before Mine. This may sound contradictory because I have told you that your will and My Will are the same. But your hanging on is not My Will and, therefore, it is not yours. Attachment is a manifestation of need, and a need to need is based on the phantom fear. Do you not depend upon fear? Yet, if fear is not really yours, its pursuer attachment isn't really yours either. Why would you hold on to events and circumstances and people for dear life unless you feared you were at risk?

Fear is not your natural inheritance. You were not born for it, and it is not My Will that you have it. And yet you fear to let go of your fears. After all, what would you hold on to if you did not fear that you would be less or less loved without it in your grasp? It must be that you think you are better off with fear and attachment or you wouldn't keep them by your side like loyal soldiers to protect you. But how can you be more or less than I originally intended you and made you? I made you of greatness, and what can possibly be greater than your being Mine? What possession, trinket, toy can you be greater because of?

All your attaching is based on false premises.

One of your deepest attachments is to your ideas. With all due respect, your ideas are not worth holding on to. If they were worthwhile, they would come to you without being held. Your holding on is adamant. Would that your letting go could be as firm as your grasp of ideas dear to you.

But that's just the point, isn't it? Letting go cannot be firm. It cannot bolster you. It loosens you. It loosens you from the boundaries of your mind. Freedom has no attachment, but how precious to you your boundaries of thought have become. They have been with you a long time and you are used to them.

Your fears and needs and old thinking are guards that lock you in place. They are false guards because whatever protects you, the selfsame pens you in. Do not be guarded. Let go of all your previous thoughts and beliefs. Rather than your possessing them, they possess you. They hold you in chattel, and you have agreed to be held. But cannot you unlock yourself any time you dare choose? Why, may I ask, does it take daring?

Perhaps you have hopped from one confinement of thought to another. You may have caught a different train, but still you are limited to the track the train is on. Perhaps it is time for you to find your own path rather than ride on what has been set before you. What train of thought have you been riding? What beliefs have you adhered to that are not your own? Established thinking is not innocent. It may have fooled you into thinking that you are on your own path and have already reached your destination.

Certainly, be grateful for wherever you have been, but remember that you are a traveler. When it comes to thought, you are not a homesteader. Collected thoughts and beliefs are not the key to your life. Openness is. Unlock your heart from attachment to old fragmented ideas that you have held holy. Accept wholeness. That is the same as to say to let go of attachment.