Let Your Heart Speak Freely

God said:

If you are not presently generous, learn to be.

Within the word generous is the root word gene. Being generous is recognizing the Oneness of All, and treating all as you would like to be treated. Generous is the Golden Rule. Generosity starts with you, dear ones. You may well have to be the first. Of course you do, because your vision is greater. Here is the thing: when you are generous to a seeming other, you are bequeathing upon yourself. The more you love yourself, the easier it will be to give. Giving is not meant to be something you have to learn. Being less than generous is something to unlearn.

You are letting go of attachment. It is not attachment to give. It is attachment to keep.

When someone asks you to do something for them or give them something, lean toward saying yes. It really doesn't cost you. Every time you say no, whether in words or in your heart, you create a speed bump, and the flow of life is interrupted.

Sometimes you feel to give, and sometimes you don't. The more times you give, the easier it will become. I am not asking you to be a fool. No, I am asking you to be wise. Have the wisdom in your heart to know that you can give and not give much thought to it.

However, you do have to give with some love in your heart. To give without joy does not feel right, and you do not receive the blessing, nor does the one you give to.

Nor does this mean that you must give and continue to give where what you give is not valued. In giving, you are not to deny your gift respect, yet at the same time, you do not wait for respect, even a simple thank you. Waiting for appreciation is like holding out your hand the way a beggar may do. You are not to be a beggar. You are meant to be a giver. So give and don't need. At the same time, if you have need, don't deny it. You are a worthy person too. And yet there are times when giving is a false statement, and you are not to make false statements. You are not always wrong not to give. Giving too much is not giving. It is taking.

And yet you are to give. Give as much as you are able in your heart to give. You are not yet ready to give away all your possessions. There is still a little dam in your heart that blocks your love. Remove that dam, and you are ready to give, and you are ready to receive. All this comes from the opening of your heart.

So the message is to open your heart. Your open heart is what lies behind giving. Generosity of heart is open-heartedness. Open and open your stuttering heart. Let your heart speak freely. Let it speak for you.

I do not ask you to pay someone's rent and not pay your own. Yet I do say to not always put yourself first. When you must always put yourself first, you come from weakness and not strength. As My children, come from strength, beloveds. When you have a Father/Mother God such as I, why would you ever come from less than strength? Why would you ever come from the shuddering of fear? You have love to come from, so come from it. Do not deny the love in your heart. One of your deepest needs is to give, and what is there to give but love? What else do you really have? What else is yours forever and ever, and what else is Mine for you to give, but love, Love Almighty, love flowing from your heart?

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I am the vessel of God's

I am the vessel of God's LOVE. I will let His LOVE flow through me and Bless the world.

mary Oh how beautiful... "It


Oh how beautiful...
"It is in giving, that we receive".
And so it is

Mary :)

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said you have love
Forever and ever love
Love Almighty love

God said to be wise
Have the wisdom in your heart
To give the blessing

Love, Light and Aloha!

Yeah, but, what if you have

Yeah, but, what if you have a help syndrome and don't know it and you give so much that you do harm to yourself?

Beloved Patrick, I know I've

Beloved Patrick, I know I've been there! There are other Heavenletters that do talk about what you are saying.

What is especially interesting to me in your comment is when you indicate that some people don't know they're hurting themselves. Or maybe they do know and somehow are compelled to overdo it.

You raise good questions!