Let Go of Having to Have

God said:

Need is a word you don’t need. Needing is an affront to yourself. When you feel you need, you are feeling needy. Feeling needy, you put yourself in a weak position. Needing is not in your best interest, beloveds. If need is your position in life, then change your position. There are much better places for you to come from than need. Need is the last place you want to come from.

Once you get off your need kick, the whole spectrum of your life will change simply because you changed your outlook. The time has come, beloveds. Get up off that Needy Chair and sit in the chair marked I Have Everything.

Without question, you really need to feel that you have no need. You have wants and desires but not need. Needing puts you in a false position. It is a kind of reverse fairy tale, for the ending is not happy. Stay away from need. It is the last thing you need.

What is wrong with needing, you might ask. What is wrong is that it puts you in the position of a beggar. If you see yourself as someone needing love, for example, you will pick up crumbs of it off the street. You will believe that you are dependent upon a handout from someone else, perhaps even anyone else.

One who feels needy will become a taker, a user, yes, even you. With all your good intentions, as one who feels needy, you take, you contrive ways to be given what you feel you must have and have not received. How much love is enough for you? How much do you feel you lack? How much do you feel you have to have? Change your perception. Turn your life around.

You are not so dependent upon love from the outside as you seem to think. It is from yourself that you need to find love. You already know that I love you with all the love on Heaven and Earth. When you can feel nourished by My love, you will hold more love for yourself. Loving yourself, you will not be desperate, beloveds. When you say you need, you are saying you are desperate. Do not even be desperate to give love. Give love, but be not desperate. Come from a position of not needing.

Perhaps you say you need a job. Fine, go get a job. You will get a better job faster when you do not come from a place of overweaning need. Come from a place of confidence instead. Who needs a needer? Be a giver. You have something to offer.

It comes down to this: Do you see yourself as someone worthy? If you do, you won’t be grubbing. You won’t be a money-grubber. You will not be a love-grubber. You will not be an attention-grubber.

So long as you see yourself as needy, you will be a grubber. As you see yourself, you are.

Better to see yourself as a rich man. This is why you NEED to count your blessings. You want to start seeing yourself as a possessor of good fortune. You want to start seeing yourself as fortunate. You are fortunate. You are reading My words. You are listening to the beat of My heart. You are a Being of God. I am your Father. I am your Blessor. I am your Fortune.

Memorize your blessings, and you will never have to think about need again. Everything is within your own power. Your power is not outside you. It is within.

You say, “God, can it really be so simple?”

I say, “Yes, it can be.” I say, “Yes, it is.” How you perceive yourself is how you are seen.

Those in need grovel. You are not to grovel. My child does not have to grovel. He has only to know he is blessed.

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Should be read over twice a

Should be read over twice a day so that we might always remember that being God's child and being loved by our divine Father/Mother there is nothing else we need.
As God told us in another Heavenletter: when God approved of us long ago, what else do we need ? We have all the love of the Universe, we have/are God/ONE, we are rich beyond our wildest imagination !

Love to all and many many thanks for this splendid Heavenletter

Yes dear one Berit...this is

Yes dear one Berit...this is really a beautiful...and powerful message...one really to take to heart!! Jimi.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Gosh I really NEEDED to hear

Gosh I really NEEDED to hear this message! just kidding! But the message here is so, so beautiful. Yes, just sit in the "I have everything chair....this chair is much more comfortable! Loving you cause I want to!!! Jimi

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said so simple
Sit in the everything chair
And come from that place

God said life will change
As you see yourself you are
See someone worthy

God said Beloveds
Your are a Being of God
It comes down to this

Love, Light and Aloha!

Thank you Aloha Light for

Thank you Aloha Light for your beautiful summary of this important Heaven Letter! jim and jimi

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...



While I agree that focusing

While I agree that focusing on our blessings is helpful, I believe we are all to help one another, and that includes being able to say what we need, and even moreso to respond to the needs of others. This letter seems to discount that a begger might read it looking for spiritual perspective that applies to him or herself. Poor and homeless people do use library internet and seek spiritual comfort and guidance just as less needy folk do, you know. And this letter supposes that all persons have the means of obtaining their basic nessecities, where the truth about this is, such opportunities depend on us all caring about one another and sharing with all until all needs are met. The real issue isn't to drop the sense of need, but to look where great need is among our human family, and respond to those needs from our blessings.

Beloved Joanneb, you make a

Beloved Joanneb, you make a good point, and you reveal your love and concern for the people of the world. It is for us to fulfill others' desires. If we did so, indeed no one could be left wanting.

My interpretation of what God is saying in this Heavenletter is:

So long as you think of yourself in need, so long as you apply the word need to yourself, you will indeed be in need. It's better not to think of yourself in need. As you think, you attract. If you think of other people in need, your thoughts are powerful too. Better to consider the person capable and fulfilled. This doesn't mean not to help. When Christ healed, he was thinking of healing and not of illness. He transcended any thoughts like "this poor sick person, he needs help." Christ, saw the beautiful light of the person before him. It was like he saw health, and so he healed.

I think it behooves us not to think of anyone as unfortunate. It makes a division, like them and us.

Does this make better sense now, dear Joanneb? Anybody?

Hello, I have subscribed to

Hello, I have subscribed to the Heaven Letters for quite some time and savor every single one. They put my life in the proper perspective as each letter resonates deep inside my soul.

I have a question: My best friend was just diagnosed with a severe illness and I am struggling to find the words to help him. Is there a particular Heaven Letter that I could forward to him to ease his fear of uncertainty and hopelessness???

Please help!! Thank you so much for your time. - Janette

Dear Janette, when I read

Dear Janette,

when I read your post, the first thing I noticed was that my heart immediately went out to your friend. Just like that, there is nothing one can do about it. I'm quite sure it will be the same for all our friends who read this. So the first thing to note for you is that your friend will be surrounded by loving, compassionate and healing thoughts.

As for Heavenletters, I think it will be hard to find particular ones with a specific "indication" for situations like the one your friend is in. I would suggest that you try to let yourself be led by your (or his) intuition. There are several way to do this. Let me tell you of the ones that I found work for me.

The first and most obvious one is to click the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator (on the right-hand menue). When I do this with a specific wish for clarification or advice in my heart, I ALWAYS get a response that gives immediate relief and often even direction.

The second possibility is to click "Heavenletters" in the top menue. You will get a three-part search box where, under "By content", you can enter key words that are then searched for in all of the Heavenletters on this site. Let your (or his) heart find the word or expression to search for. Trust. When I do this, I sometimes get so many Heavenletter titles as search results that I wouldn't be able to open them all. In such a case I just lightly scan the list, aware of my query, and make an intuitive choice. Very often the results are just wonderful.

A third way I can think of is to open "Heavenletter Archives" on the right-hand side. You will get a complete list of Heavenletters, sorted by publication date. If you click, say, June 2006 you will get all the titles of that month. Scan them with a soft gaze, asking your heart, not your mind, whether there is a title that speaks to it.

This intuitive approach may take some experimentation and some getting used to. But my experience has been that God knows what I want to know and will find ways to lead me there. I only have to leave it to Him.

Just two cents from me, Janette, but I'm sure there will be more ideas forthcomimg from other Heavenreaders. I'll try to think of particular Heavenletters that may be helpful. I will let you know if I find something. Do not srtruggle for words to help your friend, Janette. If you are helpless, allow yourself to be helpless. Struggling only makes you even more helpless. Just love and the ideas will come.

Love and blessings,

Dearest Janette, I send you

Dearest Janette,

I send you and your friend all my love. I think Jochen's reply is perfect. God will surely show you a way to help your friend and be of assistance in a most loving and helpfull way. The different ways to achieve a Heavenletter are perfect I think, I would do this kind of search for letting God into my heart and get help. The Cosmic Heavenletter Generator is HEAVEN, I simplpy love it !!!! I am sure that you will get all the strenght and help from God through these wonderful Heavenletters here.
You can put a question to God through Gloria dear Janette, I did so twice and I have no words to describe this wonderful experience, I am more than sure, that a personal question to God through Gloria will help you in a most wonderful way.

All my love and a big hug to you dear Janette

Dearest Janette, I fully

Dearest Janette,

I fully endorse what Jochen and Berit have said.
They have offered excellent suggestions and guidelines.
Just share the Love you feel in your heart.
The power of Love can heal all things.

Sending much Love and many Blessings to you both ~


"Need is likewise

"Need is likewise non-existent in the mind of God. God would need something only if God required a particular result. God does not require a particular result. God is that which produces all results.

If God needed something to produce a result, where would God get it? There is nothing that exists outside of God. God is All That Is, All That Was, and All That Will Ever Be. There is nothing that is that is not God."

Communion With God
Neale Donald Walsch
Pages 27-28

...I found this and and love it as well. The truth is quite easy... we just have to believe!
Love and light to every soul,
Lynn Claudia

"Every moment spent in unhappiness is a moment of happiness lost."
Leo Buscaglia

Thanks for bringing these

Thanks for bringing these wonderful quotations of Neale !!! I love CwG !!

Love and Light and Joy to you

There is another recent

There is another recent Heavenletter entitled Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life.

There was no controversy there, yet in the comments here, there are a few who feel, realistically-speaking, that there are needs, and we should say so.

There is a guest entry in the Godwriting blog that answers this so clearly I just had to let you know about it. You will find it here:


Right on! ~Xenia~

Right on!