Let Go, Let Go

God said:

If you find yourself annoyed a lot, perhaps nagging, then you know there is something you have to let go of. Your focus dwells on the present annoyance, but your annoyance comes from the past and not the present.

Annoyance is very surface. If something really gets to you, know that it is the rubbing of an old wound. You are annoyed at something else. You are actually nagging someone else. You echo an attitude that was portrayed to you.

If you are ever displeased, it is a sure sign that someone was displeased with you, and they, too, were never pleased with themselves. They positioned themselves awkwardly in the world. They picked on you. They foisted their dissatisfaction on you. And that which you abhorred, you adopted. The tone of another became your own. You continued the nagging for them. You took over. But you displaced it onto someone or something else. Now someone else is the object of someone else's annoyance from your past that you doggedly perpetuate.

You have made someone in the present responsible for your annoyance, but it is your annoyance. You are the one annoyed. It comes down to the fact that you are annoyed at someone else's anguish from the past and you, in turn, are pasting your anguish onto someone else vulnerable to it.

The present situation is not what has to be undone. There is something deep within you that you must let go of. There is some unforgiveness deep within you that must be looked at and done away with.

You don't need to keep your scars. They really were someone else's. They don't have to belong to you. You have just been carrying on a tradition, a family one, or a world one, but carrying it on you are. You have. You can stop now, if you would rather be free of it.

To be free of it, you must exorcise it. If it is ingrained within you so deeply that you cannot dig it out, then ask Me to help you, and I will help you. Ask Me, and then it will be done. Meanwhile, help Me.

It is too much weight for you to carry, the burdens of the past. Desire to be done with this past being acted out in the present. Forgive the ghosts from your past. One by one, forgive them. Melt your heart instead of hardening it.

You were ignorant once. You thought it was incumbent upon you to push away what bothered you, and you pushed it away for fear of your anger. You fear your anger still and let it out in dribs and drabs called annoyance and nagginess. You used to be vulnerable and were afraid to acknowledge an unfairness to you. But you are not vulnerable now, and you can acknowledge the unfairness and that you loved those who were unfair to you. Forgive yourself for that.

They gave you great attention, or you would not be giving so much attention to little annoyances. You would not make the little annoyances big unless more was going on than meets the eye.

Now look at what you must. You know who these people were in your life. You can excuse them. You can let them go. You don't have to harbor the past in your heart. Isn't it time that you let go of these streaks of an unrepentant past and unbind them from you? Do not rip them out. Casually unwind them.

Bless those who hurt you so that you can stop hurting others. Let them go. Let them go, and they will let go of you. Do not hold the past to you. It is not worth holding.

Keep tenderness, not sentiment. Keep recognition, not attachment. Abandon your hold on past impropriety. Let the grievousness go. What does it matter now what was done or said to you when you were a child so many years ago? What does it matter what was a minute ago?

Release past grudges. No matter how merited, you begrudge yourself and those around you. Ungrudge your heart. Give forgiveness. Forgive ignorance. Don't make it yours.

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