Laugh More, Cry Less

God said:

You complain about the contrast in life, yet the contrast, at present, is also what gives you joy. If you were never hungry, even the best meal would not heighten your heart nor appetite. If you were never hot, how would you know what it is to be cool? You have heard this argument.

Of course, contrast is a mystery to you. You wonder how there can be war and peace in the same world. How can there be such beautiful heart-warming people in the world and yet also those who are unkind and heartless? How can there be, at the same time, greed and generosity? How can joy and pain co-exist? The list goes on.

The day will come when the attributes to life on Earth that are not happiness-building will simply fall away. There just won’t be the negativity any longer. This is happening now. You may not always see evidence of it, yet there is a growing field of all that you desire for yourself and for humanity. There will be no need for extremes. The world will have equanimity, and you will laugh more and cry less. All tears will be wiped away.

You will be able to appreciate without any need for contrast. Contrast will be old-fashioned thinking. There will not be the need for marked contrast nor will there be any perceived merit. There will still be colors and tastes. There will be enough contrast without a need for opposition. Contrast will be welcomed and loved, and no one will be set apart, and nothing set apart, no country set apart from another, for the world will practice its natural state of Oneness in full bloom. It will be springtime for the world of men.

Without greed, you will not eat too much, and so you will enjoy food. You will not eat too much nor too often. You will leave room for appetite. There will be food enough for all. There will be balance in every area of life rather than marked contrast.

There never was a need for war. The perceived need for war is diminishing. Desire for peace and abolishment of war is not just rhetoric now. No one will need war for the excitement of it. No one will need to make war, nor make a statement for war. The world will see more clearly. The world will be more at peace with itself. There will be no perceived need for uproar. Uproar will be seen as the foolishness it is.

Competitiveness will have left. Companionship will have gained. Cooperation and collaboration will be the lay of the land. Nothing else will be considered. Goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. Nothing but goodness and mercy will occur to anyone.

All the goodness from hearts will pour forth. It is that simple. There will no longer be travesties of justice. Justice will not even be thought of. Love will be thought of. No longer will Human Beings imprison others, for they will know it is themselves they imprison.

When Oneness prevails, who would cut off his own head and call it justice? Common-sense compassion will fly its flag. There will be a consensus of hearts. Minds will not be stuck on themselves. Hearts will not be swayed. Angry minds will no longer exist. And if they did, no one would follow them. Puppies wag their tails and follow along, but man will follow the highest in his heart. That will be the only thing on Earth to follow.

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These really are good news

These really are good news and we are already heading in that direction!

Thank you, thank you God/Gloria for the uplifting and encouraging words. I am eagerly looking forward to the day, when we will laugh more and the tears will be those of joy! Actually, why not start now?

Big smile on my face, :big

Your beautiful smile already

Your beautiful smile already reached from Canada to Iowa. :)

Beloved Xenia ~ just BE

Beloved Xenia ~ just BE now!
As you are, so you radiate!
You are a vibrant Light.
Keep shining brightly Dear Heart,
and don't even think about us 'heading in that direction" ~ you/we are there NOW!
LOVE IS ALL THERE IS ~ just be your LOVEly Self!!! :)

Love and hugs to you and everyONE




You are so right, dearest

You are so right, dearest Mary! I forgot...............again. :Rolleyes:

Thank you for reminding me!

Still smiling :big

Hey Gloria...I am so glad to

Hey Gloria...I am so glad to read this latest Heaven Letter. I have thought this exact thing for so long...and yet.... all I keep hearing and how we need the contrast. I felt that in the next level of evolution...we do not need the suffering of the contrast.....and can enjoy and create even higher levels of life. I have been frustrated that no one else seemed to sense this and am so glad to hear you say this. Actually....I endeavor to create everyday from this very create a new earth....heaven on earth. I envision this everyday..well as much as I can ..and am becoming more and more successful at staying in this mindset. I try to radiate it everywhere I all that I meet. I BE the thing I want in the world. So....thank you...thank you...thank you...for this huge and wonderful validation! You've given me a great big boost forward! Love, Lynn

Beloved Lynn, it is God we

Beloved Lynn, it is God we thank. I have nothing to do with God's message except to receive them. I, too, was so happy to hear this. It has been so strong in the world that, well, we need the contrast. Joy itself is enough!

Gloria said: "I have nothing

Gloria said:
"I have nothing to do with God's message except to receive them."

You do in a way, because you are intrinsically connected to God, you are not separate, are we who read these messages and resonate through our heart with them.

We are in all this together.

Coincidence? Serendipity?

Coincidence? Serendipity? or.................God smiling?
I just visited Michael's contribution:

Now, I really know that we are in all this together!

"Your heart knows that I Am

"Your heart knows that I Am the speaker and I Am the one who hears"

"Honour the greatness within you"

"You are Myself. All are Myself"

"You are learning that you are your own Father"

I could quote many more, but I think you get the picture!?! :Rolleyes:

...and we all love you dearly Beloved Goddess Gloria!



Dearest Lynn, you have

Dearest Lynn,

you have expressed so well what I feel and what I want to be and share. That which we focus upon we attract, if we focus upon it with emotion we attract sooner and so I want to focus on love, gentleness, compassion and companionship. I do not feel this much need for contrast, I'd love to move on where contrast is no longer needed.

You DO readiate it dear Lynn !! Thank for being here with us in HEAVEN !

Much love

"There is no one in the

"There is no one in the whole wide world but Me. You don't exist. You don't exist as you have speculated. But I exist. I AM."

The Beat of One Heart: Heavenletter # 1659

And isn't that wonderful,

And isn't that wonderful, Danilo! No more need to be concerned about anything or anyone. It's all God anyway. God with His zillion times zillion faces, and loving any single one of them, wanting every single one to be there and to imagine they are something in themselves, seeking truth or whatever. Through this heart of His called Jochen, He feels and savors the sheer wonder of it right now.

Thank you, Danilo, for reminding "me" once again!

Yes, dearest Jochen. In

Yes, dearest Jochen.

In fact, it's a very Go(o)d idea! BUT we are always TWO.
It's necessary to be in two, to think, imagine, conceive Oneness. Oneness could not exist without duality, since It would not be distinguishable from Itself. Duality is the mother of Oneness. The Creator doesn't exist without creating separate from Himself. If God is the only Speaker, He always need someone to talk to. And because God cannot fail to speak as cannot fail to create, then creation is most powerful than Creator, because creation is cause and reason of the Creator. In absence of what God is not, never God can exist. In absence of His Creation, Creator doesn't exist, He may never come to know to be. In absence of that we are not, we don't exist. Being is always two, so that it knows to be. Nothing has not been separated, can be united; nothing is separate, can be united. But "this" and "that" is, what is the one, is the other.

My beloved friend Jochen, the fact that we exist is the cause of all: any perception, all concepts and emotions. Beyond this being, this awareness of being, this feeling to be, there is nothing. Everything is here, in this temporary presence aware that tells us "I AM". Everything depends on this. Everything is "I AM", everything sings "I AM". Without this being, whithout this presence, there is nothing, not even God.

I think I can see what you

I think I can see what you are driving at, Danilo. And if I compare this comment with some of your older ones, it seems to me that you are starting to find some peace in this line of reasoning. I would be so happy for you if this was true. So, once again, I will just cheer you on: Go on, Danilo, and keep telling us where you are.

But, you see, there are different mentalities and mind-sets. What is called western philosophy started with something like this, "Being is. Non-being is not." When I was a student of philosophy many years ago, I thought that was interesting. I followed that ancient thinking up to today and found it was about what is "fundamental" and then about what is really fundamental and then about what is really, really fundamental and on and on. Today, when (in my work) I read about ONENESS or DUALITY or PRIMARY REALITY or TRUTH or some such, I look up and see God roll over laughing until He gets a hickup and has to resort to disciplined deep breathing. He is not ridiculing anyone and I am not. But I am through with big fundamental truth if it is not the truth of this moment between you and me or me and God. I only long to laugh with God. I only want whatever I find truly nourishing.

But as I said, there are different mind-sets and I remember very well the times when clear, precise and honest thinking meant everything to me. This is now a little different for me and I feel it is for many of us. It's over and the one thing left is this burning desire to find our way home, back to where we came from, back to love.

Much of this love for you, Danilo

Thank you, my dear brother

Thank you, my dear brother Jochen.

Currently, I must say that I enjoy!

I feel deep in my own blood and my own breath, that everything is just as it is ... becoming forever, and I don't exist outside to be able to stop or understand. I just feel everything I always wanted, it's to love. I love everyone and everything as myself, because wherever I may be, I find myself, I find a being, a living being. To be alive is enough already a miracle, and I don't feel need to safe me, to find an explanation and a justification to everything, to God, to me.
I am here, and, with me, anything else. I cannot go out from here and now. All are welcome, all are free to come and go.

I am, here and now, tremendously happy, even though I don't know anything, exactly as before, although not know God, I don't know life, I don't know myself, just as before.
I am fed, I have had enough. God has caused all this, then it is God who will notice them.
Today I put myself aside. Today I get out of the way myself. I am tremendously happy. I am with everyone. I am with all things.
I don't know who I am, because I am not.

Much love.

Well, this must be one of

Well, this must be one of the most beautiful posts I have ever seen.

Thank you for sharing, Danilo!

Yes, I agree, beloved Jochen

Yes, I agree, beloved Jochen and Danilo.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said for the world
Compassion will fly its flag
When Oneness prevails

God said in Oneness
Only love will be thought of
It is that simple

Love, Light and Aloha!

There will be a consensus of hearts

The world will have equanimity, and you will laugh more and cry less. All tears will be wiped away.
You will be able to appreciate without any need for contrast. Contrast will be old-fashioned thinking.

Thank You for this beautiful Heavenletter ..

much much love

"Competitiveness will have

"Competitiveness will have left. Companionship will have gained. Cooperation and collaboration will be the lay of the land. Nothing else will be considered. Goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. Nothing but goodness and mercy will occur to anyone. " (Heavenletter #2624)

Speaking about timing, serendipity or coincidence....................
Yesterday and today the "The Conscious Convergence...A Wave of Unity 2010" is being celebrated around the world. To see more click on:

In Unity, Oneness and Love,