Knowing the Difference

God said:

It is from the depths of your heart that the high notes come. In your heart is where truth lies, and truth is always a high note. By truth I do not speak of accurate details, but of the ultimate truth that sustains all life. It sustains you. That which you call reality, you know by now is not. That which you call reality is the shimmering surface. You have a firmer foundation, and the shimmering surface need not take such a toll on you. The changing world is not your ballast. It does not keep you on an even keel. It rocks you.

Your toehold is far deeper than the surface. The surface is so little of you. But you forget that. You think the surface is all of you, as if that little bit of activity could be the whole of you.

If a star fell from the Heavens, you would think it was another rock. So much for insight. The world has fooled itself. It certainly has fooled itself about you. It doesn't know your significance. The world doesn't yet fathom that you are the Way, for Christ spoke for all.

If the world had a clue as to the Being that you are, it would dance in joy. If you had a clue as to the Being that you are, you would never stop dancing. Your delight would be so great that there would be nothing else in the universe but delight, for you are My delight.

You lead two lives, one with your feet on Earth and the other with your heart in Heaven. You lead more than two lives, but those are the major ones. You also have your inner life and outer lives that you purvey to the world, one life at home and another at work. You lead many lives, and you have choice in them. Whose choice would your life be if not yours?

But, all the while, your heart is in Heaven. Take note of what messages your heart receives. They are not to be shunted aside.

I understand that it is sometimes difficult to know when it is your heart speaking or when it is your mind. But life gives you the opportunity to learn the difference between impulse of heart and impulse of mind. Part of your tour on Earth is to learn them. Of course, if you always knew the difference, you would follow the heart. As it is, you only sometimes know the difference, and even when you do, you often choose the mind's tales. But you are learning to follow your heart. Thoughts have gotten in the way.

In life you are buying apples (heart) and you weigh oranges (thoughts) instead, as if you could not tell them apart.

Your mind will tell you to do something or not to do it, or it will waffle. But the heart beats only one beat, and it is the beat of love.

Your mind may tell you to do something that your heart tells you will hurt another, but for the sake of the mind, you go ahead nevertheless, and later regret. But your heart knew all along. Unless an act is kind, don't do it. Unless it uplifts, refrain from it. If you cannot seem to refrain from it, refrain from it for one day, and by then your heart of truth will kick in.

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