Knowing the Boundlessness That Is You

God said:

You are drawn to beauty, aren’t you? What can be more beautiful than My Creation? You are My Creation, and I Who Created you from My Very Self am also beautiful. You are soul. Remember, your body is only a covering, yet, My children, how much you tend to equate yourself with your physical dimensions, as if the physical body is the sum and total of you. The physical body is an outline of you, yet you are not confined within that outline. The physical body is like a sketch made on paper with a pencil. You sketch an outline of yourself and sign your name to it. The Truth is that you are dimensionless. There are no borders to you. There are no limits to you and no limitations. I am God Who tells you this, yet, for all intents and purposes, you say, “Yeah, yeah,” as if I speak only to hear Myself talk. I am giving you the straight goods. Sit up and listen.

What keeps you from knowing the boundlessness of you is a disbelief in yourself and Me and what I say. For the most part, you don’t take seriously what I say. You feel so far from it, and you may think of Me as an old grandmother who goes on and on with old memories and imaginings. I do not imagine you. I know you. I know you truthfully as Myself. I know what I created, while you see yourself as flotsam and jetsam. You look here and there, and your eyes do not settle on Truth. Your eyes keep looking at shining tinsel that waves in the breeze in the fields of illusion far and near. You miss the boat.

The boat you miss is within you. Look within. I am speaking of your looking at the real goods instead of made-up charades. Your awareness seems to be that of the dancer on the top of a music box as she twirls around on the cover as she is cranked out, as if the music does not come from deeper than from the cover where the dancer twirls on her toes.

You know enough to get the kernels of a nut out from within the shell, yet, when it comes to you and your soul, you may count the shell as King. In terms of a walnut, you know the shell is for you to discard. Yet when it comes to you, you may never mind what is within and focus on the shell which is without and disposable anyway and, with or without your say-so, will fall down and return to the soil.

You love glitter. You love the glitter of a moment. You love what is obvious, and you miss out on the subtle. You look for élan; you look for the display and array, and you forget the wherewithal that lies within the heart of you and the heart of Me.

If you were a car, you would see yourself as the leather seats and the style and the shiny painted color of the car. You are so stuck on appearances of all kinds that you forget that it is the power of the engine that drives the car, not its sleekness. You forget there is a gas tank to fill. You forget about the heart of the matter and the soul of the matter, all the lovely unseen within. Just the same, your body sleeps, and your soul may travel untrammeled by the weight of your encasing body.

Your soul is not a passing fancy. Your soul is IT. You ARE your soul. Your feet on Earth, your soul travels where it will rise to higher domains than your legs can take you.

Today I give tribute to your beautiful soul. Long may it wave and bring your awareness to Me. No longer need your awareness forget the Reality where your soul, the essence of you, comes from and abides, for you are your soul. Your soul is your True Identity.

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A favorite song by India Arie "I AM Light" speaks perfectly to this Heaven Letter: "I AM Light, I AM Light, I AM Light, My SOUL inside is All Light" I am so sorry Sweet Soul that I forgot about YOU with all of the distractions of believed conditioning. I NOW Lovingly set you FREE and in Your Freedom I AM Also Free to BE an outpost of Divinity having an experience on a beautiful planet named Earth. Thank you Soul for Shining Your Light in Me. I AM blessed by the awareness of Soul Light and I AM no longer afraid to turn My Light On and Share My Light with All.