Know Your Intentions

God said:

If the idea of loving everyone and everything is too much for you to take in, then think along the lines of creating Good Will instead. This may be more palatable for you. It is well within your scope to create Good Will. It doesn’t seem so far out to you as loving everyone and everything and believing that you can.

Whatever you may be dealing with, consider creating Good Will. Give yourself a chance. You don’t have to be perfect in this overnight.

Now, be sure you know that this advice is not saying that you are to pander or to cater to anyone. We are speaking of far greater than building egos. You are not trying to win points. You are intending to contribute to Peace on Earth and Good Will to All the People on Earth and to all of Earth itself.

Be gracious to the land itself. Love the Earth itself and all of nature.

Everything can be included within this framework of graciousness and your setting the tone of grace in the world.

Be kind and generous. Desire to be gracious. Be gracious with your family. Be gracious with those who are not specified as your family. Be gracious with employers, and be gracious with employees as well. Be gracious with the animals on the land and with birds in the air. Be gracious to all living things on Earth. Be gracious to yourself as well. Be gracious.

Be gracious when you are a customer. Be gracious when you are customer service. Be gracious when you are the bus driver, and be gracious when you are the rider on the bus. Be gracious wherever you are. Be gracious when you are happy, and be gracious when you are sad. Host the Universe.

Graciousness is no more than opening doors and windows, letting the fresh air in. This is graciousness.

What else graciousness gives is the honoring of all, respecting all, and setting everyone free, including yourself. Graciousness does not hoard resentment, nor does it hoard space. Graciousness always moves over so that others can also have a seat. Graciousness lets go of all that which is extraneous to peace. In graciousness, smallness does not enter in.

In graciousness, no one is impatient. Graciousness is patience.

This is, of course, the Golden Rule. The word rule is not widely loved. Many rules contract you. They imprison you. They are against your will.

I have the idea that it is exactly your Will to circulate peace in the world, to consider peace, and to contribute to it. I have the idea that you desire peace more than you desire battle. I have the idea that you are more than willing to let go of past squabbles. I have the idea that you would like to be a true friend and befriend the world to the betterment of all. I have the idea that you are done with animosity. I have the idea that you have seen and heard about abundance of animosity in the world, and that you are tired of it. I have the idea that you crave peace. Even a little peace is peace.

You can do it. If anyone can bestow peace, you can do it. You can give up your arms of defense gladly. Everyone can set aside ego. Ego is not intended to be the master of you. Good Will is. Choose your allegiance. Declare peace to yourself, and then make peace true.

Pass peace on silently. There is no need to form a formal group and call attention to yourselves. Be at peace. Be peace.

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Peace lives inside my Heart in how I feel about me. When I allow, accept and embrace my Innocent shadows I can then radiate Peace to All.