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Canim Gloria and Canim all,

what do you think about the sentence below:
"...................points of love in a world that sees not Our Light, fears it is not, this world staggered by the light it itself is."

Infact the whole sentence is a very big paragraph and I could not get the last part clearly enough to translate...especially the part saying "...the light it itself is"

love you all
thank you all

As I understand this, it

As I understand this, it means that the world sees Our Light only as dots of love, the world fears that the Light doesn't exist and is astounded by the light the world itself is (because everything is made of the Light of God).


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Canim Paula, thank you TI

Canim Paula,

thank you

TI AMO :thumbup:

Canim Engin, No need to

Canim Engin,

No need to knock! You can come right in!

Let me see if I can kinda translate the meaning here into my own words --wow, this is one sentence!

God's light is Oneness. Oneness is Oneness and can't be made into little pieces.God's light does not start and stop. There can't really be bits of light.

Yet, at the same time, despite the Reality, we humans do not see the bright light of Oneness. We see little sparks of here and there.We could call these sparks points of light.

Mostly, we don't see people as Oneness. We see them as separate.

The world doesn't recognize our light, does it? The world, in general, sees only what it sees. It not only doesn't see our light, it doesn't believe in it (fears it is not). The world is truly made of God's light yet seemingly has no clue. And so the world staggers as if it were carrying a heavy burden instead of the holy light it is.

Then God said: "What an imagination has man! Imagine all the non-love the world has made up, truly a fiction that configured itself and that all bow down to...:"

The world (we) seems to believe in ugliness more than it does beauty. We headline wars and not peace. We tend to focus on where love is lacking rather than where love is. We bow down to the stories we have made up in the fiction we call real.

Does this help or make it worse! Paula, Jochen, everyone, where are you?!!

Canim Canim Gloria, Thank

Canim Canim Gloria,

Thank you indeed.

Paula did this so much

Paula did this so much better! I didn't simplify. I complicated!