Kiss the Earth

God said:

I am your dear God. That’s it! What did you think I was? Did you really think that I am a despot who delights in making you dance through hoops?

In one sense, there is only one choice I give you, and that is the choice to grow. Willingly or unwillingly, you will grow, and you will grow higher and higher like Iowa corn. You will grow even higher than Jack and the Beanstalk. Not even the sky is the limit. There is no limit to the heights you can climb. There simply are no limits. In other words, you are limitless.

This is a wonderful thing, yet you fear it. You may protest the ground that you walk on, yet you don't want to let go of it. What do you think I would say to you?

I say to you: Kiss the Earth beneath your feet and kiss the Unlimitedness of your rising higher and higher. You will not have to stand upon your tiptoes. You will get off the ground and fly. You will fly. Do you know the happiness this is?

Has not everyone had dreams of flying?

Dreams come true. You will soar. You will fly beyond your wildest dreams, and dream anew yet Great Dreams, and they will also come true.

I have heard you say: "There has to be more to Life than this."

How right you are. Shakespeare penned it: "There are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Yet you have dreamt them all in your psychology.

It has been said that I have wonders to perform. True. And so do you. Think of how it will be when you reveal your True Self to yourself. This is not a wonder, for it is natural, yet it will be wonderful and magnificent. It will be true.

You are going to step out. You are going to take a leap. You will find yourselves dancing in the streets. You will find yourselves dancing in the sky. You will find yourselves dancing in all hearts, for where I am are you.

I do not stand alone in a High Tower. Never am I alone. Never is there a time when anyone is alone. There are trillions of possibilities -- correction – endless possibilities -- Infinite possibilities. To be alone in the Universe is an impossibility. Nevertheless, you have experienced a woeful sense of being alone.

Dear Ones, each of you desires to rejoin consciously with your Self, which is to say with Me. There is nothing hard about it, for Oneness is natural.

It is natural for you to hear Me. Therefore, it is easy for you to hear Me. You will find yourself hearing Me as naturally as you feel the Sun on your face. You will feel My Presence. Feel it now.

You are here with Me now, and I am here with you. We are all here together. We are here together as One.

There is nothing in the world or in Heaven but Oneness.

I am your prerogative. You are entitled to Me. Come closer to Me, even as there is no closer. There is nothing closer than Oneness. In Oneness, We are One. Separateness is a fantasy that many have held onto as if for dear Life.

What is your reasoning? No matter. Jump in! Get wet. The water is fine.

The fact is that We do swim in the Water of Life as One. Close your eyes all you want – it is still true. There is no departure from Truth, and why would you want to run away from such a Truth as this that I give to you?

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Dear Friends,

I have been on an enforced retreat since Saturday because my internet is not working. My internet service provider tells me someone has to come out to see what is going on, or, rather, what is not going on, in order to fix it. The technician is scheduled to come Tuesday, February 7.

Without access, I am holding on by the skin of my teeth. Oh, dear, the internet connects me to all the energy of Heavenreaders and translators reflected in God’s Love in Heavenletters. In this absence, I feel marooned on a desert island. The good thing is I am aware that I feel extra close to every one of you and with God in this beautiful Oneness. .


This morning I have had an honest to goodness Miracle! My modem still is not working. It still doesn’t flash. Yippee! I am now somehow not technically connected, and yet I have full access. God is at work!

I don't care if there is some bizarre scientific explanation. I stand firm. This is a miracle, and I witnessed it. Hallelujah!

I am so happy to be back!

With love and blessings,



Definitely Gloria...I believe it to be a miracle...What is there that God cannot handle? Nothing, absolutely nothing...Faith truly move mountains...Heaven is coming closer to Earth...Peace, Love and Light to you and my heart is with you...Glory to God...

Beloved Amparo, what a

Beloved Amparo, what a glorious world we live in. Yes, Heaven is coming closer to Earth, and you generously remind us of that.

God tells us to not to try to figure out Life so much as we may do. He says to look for miracles at the same time that we don't HAVE to have them. A miracle is something we see.

God also tells us that all of Life is a miracle. He says that it is no less a miracle that the seas stay together than that they part!

God bless you.

Beloved Gloria, all of

Beloved Gloria, all of Heavenletters is a miracle! For me personally it was a miracle to find them. And every day anew Heavenletters are a huge miracle of God's unending love. Isn't it a wonder of wonders that God speaks to us every day in words of infinite wisdom, understanding, compassion and deepest love? God's words accompany me through the day. And thousands and thousands of people alike. What a marvellous, blessed time we live in!

Thank you, Gloria, for all your service to the world! And, of course, thank you, dearest God, for your being with us! Thank you!
Love, Clemens

Yes, it is a miracle that

Yes, it is a miracle that God speaks to us all the time. This must always have been so! It is infinite -- endless -- the miracles God heaps on us.

I'm going to say that when God points at us and says: "You!" we have no choice but to serve. Suddenly translators appeared -- we have about 22 active translators in 10 languages now -- and you are one of them. Soon you took on more responsibility and you have been giving tremendous service to God in so many essential areas. You have taken on so much that I wonder how I ever managed the administrative side of Heavenletters without you. We have a great Heaven Team, and you carry a lion's share of the day to day responsibility. Grateful to you and all the Heaven Volunteer Angels.

I can only say, "Thank You, God," for the service you and all the others whom God tapped on your shoulders and who now give so much to Heavenletters.

Business continuity has been increasingly on my mind. This time I was without access for only two days, the Heavenletter World went on flawlessly. May Heavenletters have full self-sufficiency and, more and more volunteers. Contact us.




Dear Gloria,
My computer has been acting up too and I think I will have to replace it. Each day that it comes on I give thanks for the miracle of the innernet. We are living in the miracle zone and I am grateful for every Heaven Letter.

'Not even the sky is the

'Not even the sky is the limit. There's no limits to the heights you can climb. There simply are no limits... You will fly beyond your dreams. And dream anew, yet Great Dreams, and they will also come true.' Love this, love the idea, the fact...the blessing, of limitedless. And growing, growing, growing... Thank You, God, for everything, and for the Love You give us.