Just Love

God said:

What is there for you to do but to love? What else is there that can equal giving love from your heart? Love is worth all the jewels in the world. What reaches so far as the giving of love upon Earth? Love alone reaches to all the Far-Reaches of Existence.

The Earth soaks up love like the rain that falls from above. What enchantment! What resolution! What art! What transformation! What an Earth human hearts reach!

Earth is good, and your heart is good. In one fell swoop, you give and receive love. You have noble work to do to hold the Universe together. You hold everything together. You are the connector between Earth and Heaven. You perform miracles upon Earth. You come from Heaven to uplift Earth to the High Heavens. What a privilege. What a gift you are from the Universe to the Universe.

Is not love a miracle? Is not one apple seed a miracle? Are you not a miracle upon Earth? Your very existence is a Grand Miracle. All of Earth is a miracle of Great Majesty.

Everything you do or don't do is a miracle. Opening and closing your eyes is a miracle. Swallowing is a miracle. Digestion -- a miracle. Physical life is a miracle. There is nothing that is not a miracle. One miracle begets another.

It is one kind of miracle that in the midst of splendor, you may pout!

The interconnectedness of all life is a miracle of supreme proportions.

An Orchestra of Life appears before your eyes and ears and all the senses. There is music. Imagine, such a creation as music. I outdid Myself. And everything is perfectly orchestrated. What a dance is there in that which is called Life.

Life on Earth is fictitious. And what fiction! Un-put-downable. Multiple layers and flavors of fiction. One Truth comes out unscathed. Love is the Truth. Oneness is Truth. Love and Oneness are One.

I am an Amazing Creator, and so are you. You are created, and you create. Creation is interspersed. You mix and match Creation. Creation is equivalent to Miracle. The world is populated with nothing but Miracle upon Miracle. What did you think you were? Leftovers?

What juxtapositions I make. What Unity. What variations all within the One.

We speak not of transitive verbs just yet. We speak of the intransitive verb of Being. We do not speak of verbs of doing first because Being comes before doing. From your Being emanates your doing. Your Being is primary. Your Being is prime. From Being emerges action. Action is secondary to your Being.

If a ladder represented your State of Being, the rung of the ladder you stand on marks your State of Being. Actions come from your State of Being. Actions may indicate the Height of Your Being just as the size of the pitcher that holds water designates how much water can come from the pitcher that holds it. Another way to say this is that the depth of your consciousness flows into action according to the rung of the ladder you stand in. You perform according to your State of Consciousness.

At the same time, there is a proviso. You can also represent yourself beyond the rung of the ladder you stand on, or, you can be misinformed as to which rung you stand on. You may be the last to know that love has no bounds.

It is a Truth that you can also exceed the rung of the ladder you stand on, for you are unbounded. Love knows no bounds. You are well-capable of surpassing yourself. Do not count yourself short.

Forget measurements. Just love.

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Thank you

I can Feel my Heart Opening with Heaven Letters. This one took the Innocence by the hand and showed her how big she can build her castles with Love and Clarity. I am grateful.

A contradiction?

It has always seemed to me that if life on earth is imaginary, then it couldn't be all that important. But this letter clearly says that it is both imaginary and quite important. This got me to thinking and I wonder if a metaphor of comparing life to a great novel makes sense. The characters in a novel are just images from the author's imagination, but a well written novel can move our hearts powerfully. How it makes us feel is real and unquestionably adds to our lives. Maybe even in some permanent way.

This helped me, maybe someone else may find it useful.

Love to all,


I find it useful, Chuck!This

I find it useful, Chuck!This strikes me as a great metaphor.

We certainly are aware that our lives here on Earth and the lives of our loved ones matter most of all to us.

Just love

Yes...just love...so sweet and so complete...