Joy Is Right Around the Corner

God said:

What is going to give you joy today, and what joy are you going to give?

Do not go to bed tonight without having given and received joy. If you have no time to receive joy today, then give joy, and you will have killed two birds with one stone.

What if I were to tell you that there is only giving anyway? Would you be disappointed? Joy just can’t be given without being received all by itself. This is the rule of the game. Even a helpless baby is giving joy. Certainly, a baby gives the opportunity for joy.

What more can anyone ask for than opportunity for joy?
Well, opportunity for joy is all around you. Begin to think in terms of giving joy. Let your heart be a town crier who calls out his wares: “Joy today. Samples of joy. Freely given. Generous samples. Take some. Take some home. Take some home for your friends. Help yourselves. Come right up. Take all you want, and come back for more.”

Joy enjoins joy.

It is inevitable that you will give out joy. It is easier to give out joy than anything else. It is easier than grumbling. It is easier than instructing. There is nothing easier. You just haven’t been in the habit. Get into the habit now.

It is your birthright to give joy. You are here on Earth to be a deliverer of joy. You are like someone in a supermarket who passes out samples, only you are always on call. Certainly, receivers of joy can find you, yet you are also free to roam. You will discover that there is no joy like giving out joy. You can let joy slip out almost imperceptibly. Joy does not have to be announced.

How giving out joy works is that, like love, its paramour, you can’t give it out without the wind’s blowing it back to you, a fabulous outlay of joy and all that goes with it. Joy is going to hit you in the face, beloveds. You are going to enjoy a whirl of joy, a cyclone of joy, more joy than you have ever known all at once. You are going to be caught up in a vortex of joy, never to return to what might be called a joyless state. You can never return there again. Once joy overtakes, it won’t leave. Joy likes to be with you. It wants you to keep it. It wants you to keep it lively.

No matter how much you give joy away, it will boomerang back to you. You have been caught in joy. Joy is a balloon that takes you with it.

Joy is joy for joy’s sake. Joy, like love, is not to be repressed, held back, made to conform to a preconceived idea. Joy is always at hand, and joy likes to be structuredless. Free-form. Joy loves to be free-form. It will fit anywhere anytime. It has only to be allowed. It’s a pity, but joy needs your permission. Permit it. Permit it now. Give joy license. Imagine a joy license in your wallet.

Look, joy will find you regardless. Even if you are a confirmed grouch, joy will find you. No matter where you hang out, joy will find its way to you. You might as well give in now. You can’t fight joy forever.

Wherever you may stand now, joy is right around the corner. Joy is ready to leap to you. Joy will bop you on the head. It will tickle your ribs. It will start you laughing. It will make you laugh. It will be hard for you to stop laughing, and why, why, would you ever want to stop laughing?

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In the moral well-being within the scope of happiness-oriented!

In the moral well-being within the scope of happiness-oriented, not short-lived happiness.You will know Chinese, do not know that only a moral happiness, is a long time, I want a permanent happiness, understand? I is not instant gratification, understand? That happiness is perishable, leaving behind empty. China has a saying that goes "have behaved, do not impose on others", must try not to hurt good people under the premise of happiness so you need to understand the joy will be directed moral happiness. My habit is not complaining, but thinking about how to do a lot of people happy on the most favorable, you understand?

I think I understand

Rebecca, I think I understand what you are saying. I think you are talking about true happiness which is not based on our limited ego desires. Instead I hear you saying that true happiness comes from intending to spread joy to as many people as you can reach. This makes good sense to me.

Many hugs from the U.S.,



Gosh, I am put off by the "killing 2 birds with 1 stone" comment. Startled my heart. Clashes with the celebration of joy which the letter was about, which I couldn't appreciate as much. I don't think God would use that phrase ever. Might I please just express the idea that this message, as all of them, wonderful, and inspiring, and seeming from beyond our dimension, is not from God, per se, but from a very wise and loving entity who is closer to our level than that of Creator. Perhaps a god being, like us, but a big brother. And yet I read a recent godletter which said, "don't make the mistake of thinking you are God -- but know that I am YOU." God perhaps in his love of mankind, steps down to his level in these letters. Wish he wouldn't. I strive to rise up to HIS.


Twojays comment

When I read this God letter I too felt like, "how could those words come from God, killing two birds with one stone?" Several years ago I started to use a different version of that phrase - "Feed two birds with one seed" My daughter has adopted that version as well so when we hear someone say "kill two birds with one stone" it sounds brutal and insensitive to the loveliness of birds. Just wanted you to know that I appreciated your comment and your preference to rising UP to God.