Joseph’s Good Fortune

God said:

For those of My children who struggle, can you not do as you do without the struggling part? What is struggle? It is trying too hard. Do as you do and release trying so hard, and you will not be struggling.

Of course, there is struggling and struggling just the way there is trouble and trouble. A broken fingernail can be trouble. Not getting a good mark on a test can be trouble. Having a car accident is another breed of trouble.

How related is trouble to worrying? You decide something is trouble, and perhaps you add an overtone of stormy weather. The world does not turn dark because you are anxious, yet you see it that way.

You live in what is called the relative world, and relative means that everything is by comparison. What if you didn’t compare? Then, worry would leave, trouble would not claim ownership. If you could know ahead of time that all that occurs doesn’t really matter, that what occurs occurs, what doesn’t occur doesn’t occur, and that all is well regardless of anything in the world of up’s and down’s. In that case, what would you identify as trouble and struggle? What would you refuse to admit to the entrance of your life when it has already barged in? What would you kick away?

What would you dismiss when you do not as yet know where it is taking you?

In one sense, there are no accidents. Then, if that is the case, everything is predetermined. In another sense, even that which seems to be predetermined can be your Free Will. It is not so easy to call the shots.

Which one of My children knows what is providential? Which one of My children knows what is his good fortune? May I become Biblical for a moment? What a terrible deed when Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, yet, look what good fortune it turned out to be for Joseph and the world. This is a story in many forms that happens every day. Something that befalls that you resist turns out to be propitious. By the same token, something that you welcome may turn out to carry dismay or perhaps what you perceive as disaster with it.

The importance of good attitude has been talked about. Some might mock optimism in the face of the unwelcome, yet which of My children has the key to an outcome? All the signs can read one way, and yet the denouement is another. What is the bright side to pessimism? Is there one? What is pessimism worth? Does it have a value? All I can see to pessimism that is positive is that you can then smack your thigh and say you were right, that you knew all along that no good would come from something.

If you want to be prophetic, be prophetic on the sunny side. Be mistaken if you have to be. So what? Err on the side of good news, beloveds. It’s worth it to stave off disappointment until the end, and, even then, you don’t know that the story is over.

Lean toward the idea that nothing is wasted. Doesn’t science say something like that? Do not think that receptivity is wasted. Do not think that welcoming life is wasted. Do not think that loving life is wasted. What occurs in life is what occurs in life. Your outer life is by far not the whole story. There is a stream of life that runs in an unseen stream. The world can call you a wastrel if it likes, yet the world does not know all that much. In My realm, you could be a hero. You yourself don’t even know all that you are doing for the world. How, then, could anybody else know what to tag you?

In the world, there is assuming and presuming. All the while, there is a basis that the world does not see very well. It is not for you to underestimate your purpose in the world and the quality of your life nor to underestimate anyone else’s purpose or quality of life.

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Josephs good fortune.

Wow, Lots to consider. One thing to be-- LOVE. God I Love You,You ARE Myself. Pretending to be alan.


I AM Grateful and Happy to Be Who the Source of All Created Me to Be. Thank You God for this Grand Life. I Welcome the Sunshine into My Loving Heart.