Jewels of Glory

God said:

Do even Jewels of Glory in the world become old hat? Is there any love or delight that does not seem to reduce itself to commonplace after some time? I suppose this could be referred to as your becoming used to good news, and, therefore, even the exalted rose may lose its glow, and you, perhaps, feel left by the wayside.

When you first opened your eyes to Me, you were exultant. You were at a peak of life. We could say that you were high on the hog. Then, after a while, you felt a let-down. Seemingly, I faded into the background.

Therefore, you present yourself with an occasion for a greater rise in vibration. And so, the extraordinary has begun to seem ordinary, for, from this relative aspect in the world comes change. You search for this change because you are always meant to change and grow. Sometimes the change seems harrowing for you. You would prefer that your life stayed in place and did not change, at least, not yet.

You had understandably been on Cloud 9, and now, alas, you just don't feel this Lightness of Being any longer. Somehow, you may feel heavy-footed.

When you reach the peak of a mountaintop, you know you have gotten somewhere. Then the contrast seems to fizzle out, you are left wanting more, and more and more. More and more always exist, and you want this more right now. You are supposed to want it. You are supposed to have it. You must have it, and, so, contentedness leads to discontent.

Of course, change is a component of the world at large. In Truth, there is not change. You are the Glory forever and ever. In Truth, Glory does not get spent. In Truth, Glory rises like the dawn. In Truth, Glory is like the dew on the grass, yet, in the world, the Sun seems to dry the dew until the next morning when the dew rises ahead of the Sun.

I am telling you that, even in the world, there is good in everything. No matter how suspicious you may be, there is a rainbow right before you. Love this world that rolls before you. No longer scathe it. Bless it. Bless the world before you because it leads you forward. Even as you ponder, the world leads you forward. Whatever the world looks like to you at a given moment, the world is taking you by the hand. It is asking you for a dance. The world may seem like an oaf to you, yet the world will lead you to Greatness.

Where can a hero be if the world as it is were perfect in everyone's eyes?

When you are on the High Road, the world will appear quite differently to you. Seen from above, the world is not the same. And, so, the world is seen differently depending upon where you stand. Get onto your tiptoes, beloveds, to see what you can see.

The world, no matter how erratic it may seem to you, is on its toes. The world may seem to go down a dusty road, yet the world and the dustiness you perceive urge you on to Greater and Greater. What you may see as obstacles, what you may see as downright misadventure and even as the world seems to be breaking apart your sense of Self, the world is also breaking boundaries for you. You can be on Earth and yet above Earth. In fact, you always are beyond potholes and such. While your feet may be on Earth, your heart and soul fly in Heaven. Heaven and Earth will meet. They do meet.

They meet in you.

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world is also breaking boundaries for you

God, you clearly understand the predictiment we as Humans undergo with our own personal experiences
It is not that contentedness leads to discontentment. I am contented. I am very contented but still desire to explore more. Indeed Heaven and Earth do meet in the Human.
Glory be to you Forever and ever.
Blessings to every Heart
Blessings to all Creation