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Message of the Day
Beloved one, each day brings you opportunities to abide either in love or in judgment. Practice abiding in true forgiveness, giving love for any and all potential judgments. It is the way to peace. It is the way of the awakened heart. It is the way home. Come Home, beloved one.

Thank you for this beautiful

Thank you for this beautiful sharing Mike!

I'll check out the website properly later!



Yeah, Mary...i imagine

Yeah, Mary...i imagine Jeshua speaking with His disciples, which were more than 12 and/or whomever, who are also disciples...and this sweet rush comes over me...such truth...such beauty...such love! such admiration and respect and He would know this is how He Sees us too! and "just" to do it, to Be it...such indescribable Peace is He....Are We...michael:)

Sweetest Mike, thanks very

Sweetest Mike,

thanks very very much !! I love it !!

God bless you