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Jan 8 continuing ed

Yes, our continuing ed session was wonderful. We discussed questions that Gloria had pre-planned for us from her radio show and it created a liveliness and intimacy in the group that was very special. I felt God's presence in a deeper way. It was good to discuss how we each felt about our own Godwriting, where we feel it is coming from and what it does in our lives.

I feel it helps connect my mind, heart and soul with my body thru the writing. I reconnect with the Source, with God, which is always connected but I may not always be aware of. The time together felt like a sacred gathering, as if we were "attending" to the Presence Within. We realized that we thought that Godwriting could take us deeper and deeper to the Source within ourselves so that we could feel that on a more regular basis. It is just a matter of letting go and letting God flow.

Psalm 46:10: Be still, and know that I am God.
Socrates: Know thyself.

This is what Godwriting helps me to do, to know God better within and to know myself better within, which ultimately is the same thing.

I had done writing many years before taking a Godwriting workshop. I joined the group because I wanted to connect with others who did something similar so that I could participate in the world on a deeper, purer way, to form relationships with others and myself that were more meaningful.

Godwriting has done this for me. I always feel nourished in my heart and soul after a continuing ed session.

Thank you to Gloria, Jacqueline, and George for sharing the sacred space with me. I look forward to the next one.


Beloved Laura, Each

Beloved Laura,

Each Godwriter who attends is a special facet of a God-given diamond. God talks to all of us at once -- all the time, always available. You have definitely sold me on Godwriting workshops, Laura!

Love ya,