Jack and the Beanstalk

God said:

Beloved, sometimes you feel so good. You feel you are on the verge of something almost too wonderful to be true.

You don’t exactly know what you are on the verge of – but just wonderfully on the cusp of something oh so fantastically amazing, something almost – well – death-defying, something out of this world that could hardly be waiting for you. How could it be? Something almost like waking up one morning and finding that you are a new species or, you hardly dare say it, that you have transcended into the happiest of human Beings or angels on earth that have ever been heard of. You do not want to outdistance yourself in dreams. No, never, do you want to disappoint yourself. Can there really be something beyond your dreams? You don’t want a carrot held out ahead of you further than you can reach.

You may feel a little bit like an old story of a poor old man who had a meeting with God. God asked the the man for his biggest wish. The man was timid about asking for something too good to be true, so he shyly asked:

“God, could I please just have butter with my bread?”

Everyone loves this humble old man for his reticent wish. I would like him and you to receive the message from Me that there is nothing that can be too good for you in all humility to ask for. How about this?: Whatever you desire cannot exceed your reach. There can’t be anything too good for you to desire. Accept that there is nothing too good for you. Try the seeming impossibility of your ever asking for too much. Come closer to the idea of rewarding every dream.

Know there is no dream too good for you. I am telling you that you have not yet had all the dreams you deserve to have. Hear Me, please. You have tended to put a top on your dreams for no good reason. You deserve to speak your dreams. Speak up!

Never do I want to hear you say you have to be totally realistic, for this seems to say you are not worth gold. Let Me not hear you cut yourself off at the top.

As I see it, you cut yourself off too short. Find out what your dreams are so that We can make your dreams come true once and for all. Take a big bite of dreams. You haven’t yet dreamed your fill of dreams.

Dreams are meant to come true. Yes, you are to fulfill your dreams of flying! Why have such worthy dreams without their fulfillment? Dreams are meant to come true. Think great big dreams. Think extraordinary dreams. Have the idea that all the dreams you can think of are yours for the asking and are meant to come true.

There isn’t one dream that is not within your reach. Beloved, the purpose of having dreams is so that they will come true. Dream bigger dreams so that bigger dreams may come true.

Sure, it is splendid that the old man was modest in his dream of asking for butter with his bread, but look at his dream that had already come true – God was talking to him right then and there! After that, what dream can be too great to come true? I ask you to have big dreams, for no dream is too big to come true for a child of Mine. Do you hear Me? No dream is too big to come true for you. I wish to say this to you loud and clear!

At the same time that all your dreams have the capability of coming true, it isn't for you to demand that your dreams must come true or something is the matter or you are being denied. You are not to stamp your foot.

In the English folktale of Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack climbed a beanstalk all the way to Heaven. It isn't that you must have your way. It is that you must know everything is possible!