All Joy to the World

God said:

Beloved, from where do you think all your talents and skills come, if not from God? Like Godwriting, shall We say, gifts and talents come through the love and wisdom and benevolence of God. I bequeath them to you. Be overjoyed. You are meant to be overjoyed. Never do I ever want you to be underjoyed. Accept My blessings loud and strong. Most heartily, accept My blessings from the fullness of My heart, for you give happiness to Me.

“Ah, yes," I say. Here’s this and here’s more that I bestow upon you. Yes, you serve and you enjoy the inner and outer joy. This is a long-lasting gift of joy I give to you. Take it out whenever you wish and complete the light for the world before your very eyes. Joy to the world every way you look at it, for you have joy abounding to put before the whole world and back again.

Hallowed be Thy Name. Made by God, you are ready for the Joy of God, all of life sublimely brought forth for God’s Joy. Let’s say it! Yes, for God’s Pride and Joy most humbly. Who can create joy as well as I do? It is I Who sings My Joy to the world through you.

Of course, My Own joy centers Me. I am forever grateful today for this sacred joy you send forth for the joy of the entire world. You light up My heart. With every brush stroke, you accumulate joy to broadcast to the world and from now on forevermore in circles of joy. World talent means joy. You are a joy-seeker and a joy-finder. You are a sorter of the world’s happiness. All who create are. You are the whole world’s joy just the way God is meant to be known through you.Through whose fulsome joy would My joy be known through? All talent and artistry come from God’s blessings for all. Joy is to be unbounded. Yes, I expressly indicate that My joy is to be multiplied.

May joy from your heart be like spring rain falling so sweetly to the encircling Universe for all to gaze upon. Hark to the joy God has made manifest to the world now and forever through you. Where do you suppose joy is to come from?

There is such goodness in the world. I am grateful to this world as it arrives. I create this world, and I am the recipient. This world is for joy that Creation blossoms forth so spontaneously the easy way a hat falls off. You are a world-supporter of joy. You may not have realized how sumptuous is your participation in life. It is about time now that you get the right slant on why you are here on Earth.

You are the sunshine in My heart. I brought you here to sustain Me on Earth. Think well of the joy you bring to Me. I am grateful to you. We are here to mingle joy for all and for all time. You heard it all from Me and for all time, and you hear Me. Now you know.